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Welcome to the Legends of Terris Wiki

Create your own legends. Blast giants and hydra with massive lightning bolts. Lead the legion of war into battle while flourishing your two-handed sword. Rise to the heavens themselves. Join the Legends of Terris.
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ImmortalsThese are the divine of the land. They cannot be killed by any mere mortal and serve at the grace of Deori
HeroesChosen by the Immortals they are stronger than mortals and serve in the heavens.
PeopleThis will show a list of some of the mortal adventurers that have walked the lands.

TemplesControlled by Immortals, they are a group dedicated to a sphere. They are powerless without an Immortal to lead.
GuildsThese are organisations created for like-minded people to gather.
CitiesYou will be able to be citizens of the larger cities or the smaller villages.
HouseholdsHouseholds are mortal-created groups of people that can work together outside of their guild or temple structure.

History of the LandsHistorical Stories of the Lands.

Game Information
Bestiary of the LandsThe beasts and species of those inhabiting the lands can be found here.
SpellsThe Spells of the Land.
SkillsThe Skills of the Land.
CommandsGame Commands
RacesPlayable Races
ClassesPlayable Classes
Premium SubscriptionSubscription Details

Game Administration
ContactsContacts for Operational issues and questions
PoliciesUser Agreement and AUP
OGC InformationAbout the company