Weapon Type: Slashing

Weapon type: Piercing and SlashingList of Items 
Broad Sword Long Sword Glowing Eagle Sword Glowing Long Sword Phoenix Sword Blessed Avenger of Law The Sword "Widow Maker" Sword "Blood Letter" Pramer's Wand of Fire Demonic Sword Long Leather Whip Red Trimmed Sword Gem Hilted Sword Sabre Sword Cutlass Long Steel Sword Scimitar Dull Bladed Sword Rapier Black Bladed Sword Woodman's Axe Kyria's Whip Farming Scythe Daemon Sword Snow Sword Steel Bastard Sword Mithril Greatsword Unblessed Sword Blessed Sword Bog Lash Helmer's Sword Jasper's Wand of Magic Hand Axe Skinning Knife Mithril Broad Sword Mithril Bastard Sword Stone Axe Wicked Hand Axe Nasty Battle Axe Evil Looking Axe Blackened Sabre Black Curved Rapier Reinforced Mithril Sword Black Bladed Rapier Tri Bladed Black Sword Sword 'Zir's Glory' Sword 'Lex Talionis' Sword 'Flame of Zir' Rune-Gilded War Sword Runesword Sword of White Fire Sword of Frozen Death Sword of Lightning Sword of Soothing Tones Sword of Inner Sight Unfinished Sword Sword 'Tempest!' Shiny Sharp Scalpel Glowing Bone-Mithril Handaxe Vindicator Long Sword Curved Long Sword Sharp Long Sword Thin Long Sword Serrated Long Sword Black Long Sword Curved Black Long Sword Sharp Black Long Sword Thin Black Long Sword Serrated Black Long Sword Red Long Sword Red Curved Long Sword Sharp Red Long Sword Thin Red Long Sword Red Serrated Long Sword Blue Long Sword Curved Blue Long Sword Sharp Blue Long Sword Thin Blue Long Sword Blue Serrated Long Sword Green Long Sword Curved Green Long Sword Sharp Green Long Sword Thin Green Long Sword Green Serrated Long Sword Bastard Sword Curved Bastard Sword Sharp Bastard Sword Thin Bastard Sword Serrated Bastard Sword Black Broad Sword Curved Black Broad Sword Sharp Black Broad Sword Thin Black Broad Sword Serrated Black Broad Sword Red Broad Sword Curved Red Broad Sword Sharp Red Broad Sword Thin Red Broad Sword Serrated Red Broad Sword Blue Broad Sword Curved Blue Broad Sword Sharp Blue Broad Sword Thin Blue Broad Sword Serrated Blue Broad Sword Green Broad Sword Curved Green Broad Sword Sharp Green Broad Sword Thin Green Broad Sword Serrated Green Broad Sword Rusted Machete Dream Platinum-Bladed Scythe Mandala of Fate Sword of Perpetual Sharpness Dull Runesword Onyx Blade Malicious Onyx Scythe Maplewood Dagger Troll Bone Dagger Sword of Fire Three Tailed Aquamarine Whip Wooden Sword Long Bronze Sword Sword of the Battlemages Wand of Fire Wand of Ice Wand of Lightning Wand of Healing Wand of Flight Wand of Darkness Blade of the Round Blade of Severing High Clansmans' Battleaxe Obsidian Blade Griffin Sword Blade of Destiny Sword of Elder Shadows Lightning Sword Wooden Training Sword Large Steel Longsword Serrated Bastard Sword Spiked Wolf Bone Axe Bronze Short Sword Deorimas Ribbon Carpenter's Axe Sluagh Sword Steel Bastard Sword Steel Broad Sword Serrated Steel Short Sword Steel War Scythe Cinder Wand Wand of Ice Crystals Copper Wand Snakeskin Staff Web Covered Staff Ethereal Flame Wand Ethereal Ice Wand Ethereal Lightning Wand Ethereal Poison Staff Ethereal Entangled Staff Flame Encased Wand Snowball Capped Wand Charged Electrical Wand Sickly Green Glowing Wand Staff of Woven Vines Wand of Elemental Fire Wand of Antivenom Electric Elemental Wand Ethereal Poison Wand Ethereal Vine Wand Spine of Kzelt Frostreaver Axe Ardent Defender Elemental Warblade 'Battlemage Fury' War Sword 'Benjuk's Pride' War Axe Bloodied Poniard Dull Scythe Enchanter's Long Knife Heartbreaker Sword The Blade 'Silent Death' Axe of Rending Wolf Rib Hook Barbed Whip Iron Cleaver Iron Hook Butcher's Knife Long Handled Shears Long Bladed Saw Steel Blade Steel Long Sword Unforged Sword Burning Hot Sword Black Steel Sword Old Rusty Blade Stained Iron Short Sword Blackened Iron Cavalry Sabre Unholy Spectral Sword Corrupted Short Sword Ancient Cursed Sabre Tyriana's Sword Two-Handed Sword Great Battle Axe Glowing War Axe Golden Axe Dull Axe Steel Two-Handed Sword Mithril War Axe Kelfer's Axe Double Headed Axe Mithril Two-Handed Sword Double Headed Death Axe Rusty Iron War Axe Executioner's Axe Double-Headed Steel Axe Steel War Axe Curved Twohanded Axe Lesser Morphic Sword Tri Bladed Sword 'Bifrost' Sword of Fate Berserker's Battleaxe Curved Storm Sword Serrated Storm Sword Curved Black Storm Sword Black Serrated Storm Sword Curved Red Storm Sword Red Serrated Storm Sword Curved Blue Storm Sword Blue Serrated Storm Sword Nightmare Mammoth Bone Battleaxe Hammer of Bashing War Axe 'Ultima Ratio Regum' Mortuary Sword Axe of the Barbarians Stormsword 'Zir's Wrath' Soul Cleaver Thunder Sword Great Sword of Redrun Spiked Bear Bone Axe Deorimas Candy Stick Wooden Training Axe Dread Axe, 'Perditio' Two-Handed Steel Sword Steel War Axe Steel Halberd Steel Claymore Massive Steel Greatsword Reinforced Steel Greatsword Rune Etched Battleaxe Runeforged Battleaxe 'Runecleaver' Bastard Sword 'Riftwar' Battleaxe MagiKnight's Blade Bronze War-Axe Sword 'The Kiss of Death' Mithril Two-Handed Sword "Bone Crusher", Dragon Spiked Axe Giant Maple Axe Giant Oak Axe Blade of the Wyrm Clan Trallik's Sword Iron Greatsword Hooked Hunting Glaive Pole Axe Cursed Blade 'Soul Drinker' Sword 'Zir's Song' Dwarven Throwing Axe Curved Silver Chakram Ivory-Hilted Katana Chi's 'Airsabre' Naginata Runecarver Mithril War Fan Ebony Wakizashi "Luna Blade" Steel Chain Whip Mirovian Octagon Sai Blessed Chain Blade Bleeding Heart Katana Wire Garotte Venom-Coated Tiger Claws