Weapon Type: Piercing

Weapon type: BashingList of ItemsWeapon type: Piercing and Slashing
Sharp Dagger Elven Dagger Short Black Dagger Zir's Silver Dagger Holy Dagger Baal Bone Dagger Silver-Bladed Fencing Foil Sailor's Dagger Frost Sword Aqua Dagger Durain's Dagger Dagger of the Keep Sharp Mithril Dagger Stiletto Dagger Venom Dagger Glowing Rope Knife Sharp Bone Dagger Dark Ivory Dagger Steel Infused Lance Pearl Handled Dagger Broken Spear Long Fishing Spear Sabre, "Prima Lux" Battlemage Rune Dagger Basic Rune Dagger Dread Trident of Doom Black Thorn Shimmering Blade of Dreams Large Dagger Rune-Etched Sword Razor Sharp Dagger Thin Dagger Serrated Dagger Nasty Black Dagger Curved Black Dagger Black Razor Sharp Dagger Black Thin Bladed Dagger Black Serrated Dagger Large Red Dagger Red Curved Dagger Razor Sharp Red Dagger Thin Red Dagger Red Serrated Dagger Large Blue Dagger Curved Blue Dagger Razor Sharp Blue Dagger Thin Blue Dagger Serrated Blue Dagger Large Green Dagger Green Curved Dagger Razor Sharp Green Dagger Thin Green Dagger Green Serrated Dagger Tranceweaving Kris Double-Edged Black Cutlass Long Steel Sabre War Lance of the Rose Knights Ebony Dagger of Fate Blackened Foil Black Cutlass Diamond Skinning Knife Diamond Blade Diamond Dagger Curved Emerald Blade Emerald Sabre Wand of the Leviathan Small Onyx Dagger Small Bronze Dagger Dagger of the Rogues Dagger of the Assassins Wolf-Fanged Long Spear Oak-Handled Knife Frost Dagger Stag Knife Black Dagger of Mastil Emerald Gem Sword Adamantine Short Sword Corrupted Bastard Sword Burning Hell Blade Knight's Heart Iron Tipped Pike Adamantine Tipped Lance Titanium War Lance War Lance 'Dragon's Bane' Steel Kris Ogre Bone Spear "Whitetooth", Stag Knife Rusty Switchblade Stolen Rogue's Rapier Sharpened Lockpick Sturdy Black Crowbar Jagged Dirk, "Soulsplitter" Dark Rapier, "Shadow's Touch" Old Rusty Sword Black Bladebreaker Fog Giant Sword Onyx-Hilted Stiletto Shifting Shadow Shard Bone-Handled Dagger Ebon Kris Blackened Stiletto Dagger Slender Iron Rapier Serrated Dagger Ebony-Hilted Scimitar Well-Sharpened Dirk Dark Stained Rapier Ornate Dress Sword Ruby Dirk Polished Hunting Sword Jeweled Cinquedea Dagger Black Serrated Short Sword Whispering Moon Sword Kiss of Death Katar Retribution Dagger Black Crystal Katar Hollow Kildess Dagger Kris Dagger Concealed Wrist-Dagger Ironwood Hunting Spear Ironwood Ranger Sword Unholy Dagger Three-Edged Dirk Dagger of Souls Wicked Barbed Dagger Dagger of the Thieves The Shadowblade 'Iscariot' Unholy Ritual Knife Obsidian Sai Viper's Blade Wyrm Tooth Dagger Mountain Giant Sword Marsh Giant Spear Ukied's Long Sword Lupius' War Pike Gold-Tipped Pike Dark Steel Dagger Bone Handled Dagger Long Wooden Spear Short Wooden Dagger Short Greenheart Spear Large Greenheart Spear Short Steel Spear Spectral Spike Bloodletter War Sword Shadow Dagger Stone-Tipped Spear Dread Trident of Power Adamantine Long Sword Knight's Heart Ice Shard Spear Giant Maple Spear Giant Oak Spear Giant Willow Spear Golden Long Sword Short Bow Long Bow Light Crossbow Heavy Crossbow Glowing Short Bow Glowing Long Bow Flame Bow of Berian Dark Web Bow Snow Bow Frost Bow Hand Crossbow Longbow, "Lux Aurea" Banded Sling White Short Bow Short Throwing Spear Lesser Morphic Long Bow Bow Named "True Flight" Dark Red Ranger Bow Dark Blue Ranger Bow Sacred Redwood Bow Dread Trident of Glory Bow of Truth "Reverie" Crossbow Ironwood Ranger Bow Black Bow of Fate Bow of Deadly Power Ironwood Ranger Bow Dark Dart of Death Small Black Crossbow Darklight Spear Bow of the Rangers White Yew Bow Silvery Arnth Bow Glowing Ebony Bow Bow of Nature Sharpened Moon Sai Throwing Blades Ancient Bow Bow of Ranger Pride Leopard Skin Sling Brilliant Aural Bow Seige Bow Bow of Virtuosity Ray of Hope Blazing Bow of Honor Magical Deorimas Poppers Bow of the Sun Guard Recurved Oak Bow Silver-Steel Cavalry Bow Short Oak Bow Simple Ash Bow Plain Iron Darts Deer Leather Sling Stiff Yew Bow Sleek Steel Darts Etched Willow Bow Steel Throwing Knives Sturdy Willow Crossbow Bow of the Guardian Sling of the Guardian Guardian Crossbow Elven Long Bow Elven Hunting Darts Elven Throwing Knives "Quick Death" Bow of the Stag Stag Bone Darts Sharp Bear Claws Griffin Spine Bow Griffin Bone Darts Bow of the Eagle Bow of the Tiger Runecarved Recurve Bow 'North Wind' War Bow Runic Crossbow Bow of Ael'lanar Inconspicuous Hand Crossbow Dark Crossbow, "Night's Fury" Stolen Ranger's Bow Black Bladed Throwing Knife Fog Giant Bow Serrated Black Mithril Shards Coiled Night Serpent Darkwood Crossbow Elegant Hand Crossbow Bladed Rope Dart Weighted Throwing Daggers Silk-Stringed Shortbow Barbed Throwing Daggers Recurve Bow Silver Grey Dart Light Dagger Silenced Thaless Bow Hollow Shalin Bow Bow of L'Velkyn Black Crystal Throwing Knife Wooden Throwing Star Velvet Wrist Sling Engraved Composite Bow Lover's Bow "Heartache" Seige Bow "Soulstring" Ball of Warm Mud Black Throwing Dagger Diamond Baronial Sceptre Wolf Skin Sling Tainted Throwing Axe Deer Skin Sling Mountain Giant Bow Clutch of Hookfisher Feathers Gold-Tipped Spear Marsh Giant Bow Relocov's Bow Leather Wrapped Recurve Bow Dark Maple Bow Primitive Longbow Valor Bow of the Knights Crossbow, Flight of Light Tyriana's Bow Dread Trident of Ambition Blackened Steel Bar