Weapon Type: Bashing

 List of ItemsWeapon type: Piercing
Spike-Headed Mace Three-Chained Flail Large Spade Magical Staff of Power Simple Wooden Staff Black Iron Crowbar Staff of Sorcery Small Hammer Wooden Oar Huge Club Elven Wand Mentor's Staff of Magic Silver Spoon Bloodburner Greater Magestaff Staff of Fiery Burning Staff of Winter Frost Staff of Lightning Staff of Healing Staff of the Eagle Unfinished Staff Staff of Faith Spiritual Hammer Snow Staff Zereth's Dark Staff War Hammer Great Staff of Sorcery Staff of Fiery Death Staff of Icy Death Staff of Deadly Light Staff of Healing Staff of the Bat Unfinished Staff Staff of Necromancy Bright Steel Flail Spectral Walking Stick Lesser Morphic Staff Petrified Staff Vanguards' War Mallet Red Cedar Staff Groflar's Wand of Pyro Staff of Fate Staff of Mortal Knowledge Sceptre of Essence Theft Summoned Magestaff Divine Magestaff Splinter of 'Majestic Pax' Staff of Revenge Gnarled Staff Enchanter's Wand Hammer of the Warriors Duerger Hammer Shillelagh Staff of the Spider Silver Oak Staff Small Iron Flail Bladed Steel Mace Tri-Bladed Steel Mace Huge Black Iron Mace Staff of the Warlocks Ancient War Hammer Dread Staff, 'Tenebrae' Steel Morning Star Steel Flail Short Steel Mace Fiery Apprentice Wand Crackling Apprentice Wand Static Apprentice Wand Poisonous Apprentice Wand Entangled Apprentice Wand Red Banded Oak Wand Blue Banded Oak Wand Yellow Banded Oak Wand Green Banded Oak Wand Orange Banded Oak Wand Regal Sceptre Rune Etched Hammer Chiseled Battlehammer 'Stormbringer' Warhammer Blackjack Master Enchanter's Staff Byron's War Staff Staff of Forboding Small Crafting Hammer Wooden Mallet Iron Claw Hammer Morning Star Iron Studded Wooden Club Small Club Large Wooden Club Gnarled Greenheart Staff War Staff 'Zir's Vengeance' Skull Capped Magestaff Blunt Dagger Huge Giant's Club Plank of Wood Spiked Mithril Warhammer Halberd Sword 'The Heart of War' Hammer, 'Sculptor of War' Warhammer 'Thunderbolt!' Vanguards' Warhammer Stuporous Club Warhammer 'Zir's Rage' Blood Covered Dragon Bone Maul of the Warriors Silver-Chain Mace Blackened-Bone War Axe Spiked Warhammer Dented Iron Warhammer Massive Oaken Warclub Blackened Steel Warhammer Fanged Steel Flail Bladed Warhammer Rune Silvered Hammer Warhammer 'Conflict' Platinum Baronial Sceptre Massive Ash Club Massive Maple Club Massive Mahogany Club Massive Oak Club Bear Tooth Club Massive Birch Club Ern's Club Imrr's Giant Club Erfet's Club Tree Trunk War Club Massive Oak Club Large Greenheart Club Darkened Greenheart Club Piece of Greenheart Wood Large Iron Hammer Blackened Iron Club Snowball Burning Rock Leather Wrist Sling Heavy Rock Whip Sling Eel Skin Rope "Whistler", Sling of the Stag Griffin Leather Sling Mercurial Lightning Staff Ironwood-Tipped Bola Blackened Steel Bola Lightning Bo Staff Black Welded Chain Chain of Destiny Hypnotic Gloves Red Maple Staff Dark Red Maple Staff Ruby Tipped Staff Brass Knuckles Dark Brass Knuckles Sapphire Encrusted Knuckles Squeaky Dog Toy Steel Sai Katana 'Zir's Torment' Battle Glove Broken Bottle Simple Bo Stick Calloused Knuckles Conviction Bottle of Deorimas Bubbly Piece of Steel Extended Bolo Stick Rune Etched Staff Rune Silvered Staff Runecarved Staff Battlemage Runestaff 'Lichbane' Warstaff Iron Leaf Staff Oak Bokken Broken-Glass Covered Knuckles Straight Hardwood Bo Aged Wooden Tonfa Black-Lacquered Nunchaku Barbed-Tiger Fork Ethereal Kama Engraved Oak Tonfa Twisted Metal Spikes Ruby Baronial Sceptre Eryda's Dark Staff Dark Lich Lord's Staff