Update September 2018

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Monk Guild changes
Rangers / Monks – regained Soul summon spell
Fire Giants – spawn rate decreased in parts of it
Dark Elf Dragon Rider – adjusted but still mighty strong

Monster Physical Immunities

  • Monsters immune to all physical damage readjusted to make them vulnerable to bash
  • Reduced monsters miscoded with wrong values.
    Note that some monsters are still immune to certain attacks — this is the same as the spell casters having immune creatures to certain spells.

Overall this will need to be re-examined to correct historical problems.

Bounty Gold rewards increased
Couple new types added with large payouts
Second office opened in Tranos
The number of kills / items required were changed to be less random.



  • Fixed Stunning Blow ignoring Max Stun timings on some monsters
    This has exposed some monsters as being unkillable due to very low maximums that weren’t getting triggered before. Let us know of any impossible creatures.

  • Diminishing Returns on Monster stun / hold / web / sleep
    Each use of a hold/stun/web reduces the next application until a creature is immune

  • Monsters were slowing instead of Sleeping in some cases.
    They now can Sleep you again

  • Min monster speed verification
    Monsters that would be too fast are now blocked from spawning in game.

  • Monsters that resist holds, webs etc won’t report it when concentrating to reduce clutter

  • Monster Room Spells Fixed
    They can now cast the 3 room spells. Beware the dragons.

  • Monster Abilities
    Some new abilities for monsters to charge, explode, be stronger, enrage etc.

  • Monster Healing / Group Healing
    Ability to heal themselves and their companions

  • Bleed / Poison won’t kill a creature
    A creature won’t die from bleed or poison – so the final blow must come from an adventurer that can claim the kill.

  • Fleeing
    Monsters that flee will try and avoid returning to the slaughter house

  • Innate Spells
    Monsters can cast a spell or immediately target it. It’s now possible for them to do both to mix it up.


  • Lock Traps stronger – damage will reflect your overall strength.

  • Inventory backpack filter (i )
    when looking at your inventory, you can filter the backpack by to show matching items.

  • Vasari given extra books so she can record your achievements more frequently

  • Fixed to messages
    Trying to send gold to yourself, wrong name, squelching person or full mailbox won’t cause the gold to be deducted.

Changing Attack Patterns

There are some experimental features focused on changing how combat is handled — change from a single attack that concentrates on fast stun / attack. Along with the monster changes above (randomised differences and abilities), the goal is to change to a slower, more varied set of approaches required.

Some monsters are woefully under-healthed for their intended level bracket. This will be addressed later.

Weapon enchants have a cooldown – currently set at 1 second for all.

Attacking non-existent creatures can cause you to be unbalanced (currently off)
Triggering the short spam filter can cause you to be unbalanced. Spam filter has increased its tolerance. (unbalance currently off)

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