Update October 2018

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Content and game fixes in

The strength of various monsters with high room spell damage has been reduced.
Wasp pacify changed to a stun and chance reduced.
Creatures that are resistant to a spell will report it under Concentrate mode.

“Concentrate Harder” added that reduces the output a bit more.
Concentrate is also remembered between sessions.
Vasari announcements are reduced under concentrate harder.
Nett Damage flag added (setflag nettdamage y) that will change damage to show actual done rather than done + absorbed.

Prompt command for non-wizard clients can show Percentage to next level, and percentage to next guild level (%xp% and %gx% parameters)
Prompt on its own will show the parameters and current configuration.

Message clearing after send fixed
filtering inventory ( “I name” ) fixed
Expanded to guild locker (show guildlocker ) and personal locker (show locker )

Added Spell Mastery ability – not in use yet (increase some spells through use rather than build points)

The cost of spells in build points has been recoded — should see no difference but gives us more flexibility in costings.

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