State of the Game 2021

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As with most companies and organizations, we have gone through 2020 with open eyes and tried to adapt as best that we can. Each of us have experienced the pandemic’s effects either personally or through friends or family. Even those on staff or past staff have experienced pain and loss during this time. It has forced us to re-evaluate where we are and where we should be moving. This has forced us to think in a way similar to most companies right now and is leading us to a “digital transformation” in how we do business and what we are offering as a service. It will not be a quick effort and will take a couple of years to see it all through. However, we are committed to keeping the lines of communication open and being transparent about our status and direction.

In the past year we have implemented a collaboration space between staff and players (rocket chat); which appears to be working well. While we do have a presence on the unofficial Discord and Facebook groups we will continue working on our collaboration space in rocket chat. We will also be moving forward with our newsletter to get events more consistently communicated. The below State of the Game is a high-level review of where we plan on taking the game this year. There will be additional announcements as the below programs are fleshed out that include more details.

Pricing Structure:

The first phase of our transformation was to look at the payment structure for the game. We have reviewed the pricing model for our game compared to other games and have decided to make some changes. The below changes will begin their implementation process immediately.

  1. The game was moved to “free-to-play” with the start of the pandemic
  2. The game will remain as a “free-to-play” game moving forward
  3. We will be implementing “micro-payments” to purchase credits to be spent
  4. We will be slowly adding credit packages/bundles/ad-hoc offerings
  5. Credit may include houses, merchant stalls, boosts, items, locker/pack space
  6. Additional offerings will be introduced as we move forward
  7. The subscription bonus added during the pandemic will be turned off on 3/1/21
  8. Any purchased subscriptions (complementary GM/TL provided) will be converted to credit packages

Guild Structure:

We are also learning that we have spread our playerbase very thin where it concerns the current guild structure. We have spent a lot of time to review how our guilds are setup and what the real purpose is for those guilds. Each of the guilds was setup so that it could offer like-minded characters to have a profession of services in a roleplay fashion. Over time many of the guilds have lost their identity when it comes to showing what that roleplay is.

Earlier this year we merged the Brotherhood and Monks into one guild with two separate orders. This allows a more streamlined and efficient player-leadership structure while still being able to keep separate identities as “orders”. In 2021, we plan on doing a merger for the Rogues, Thieves, and Assassins so that they are one guild with multiple “orders”. Other guilds will be reviewed for merging as needed and will be announced prior to starting the process as we will work with the GMs of those guilds.

This will also allow us to be flexible and fluid with “Orders” as they are needed to accomplish roleplay for like-minded characters. It will also allow us to make guilds less dependent upon items, skills, and spells as those are moved to be “landwide” or “profession/class” specific.

Spell System:

We have been working with some of the players and staff on an entirely new spell system for the game. This will be an “opt-in” for old players and will be the “normal system” for new players.

The new system will be getting away from the “SSU, MSU, and NSU” system and will be split to allow us to better specialize types of magic. Some spells for “Spell casters” like Wizards, Shamen, and Sorcerers will be available by default as spell casters while others will be split into the new tree system. We hope to start with enough spells to allow people to not “need” the other trees to survive but also to allow us to expand. This includes familiars, pets, golems, and animation of the dead in the future. Each of these spells will be based upon mastery and gain through use. They will be learned from both shops and quests to ensure that proper pre-requisites are learned first. This new spell systems will be the following:

  1. Necromancy: This is in testing now and will be limited to Warlocks that change their class to be a “Necromancer”. Members of this order will no longer be able to use the old NSU or SSU spells. The goal will be to immediately phase out NSU and eventually remove the need for SSU spells.

  2. Elementalism: This will be an expansion for most of SSU and will include expanded paths for Fire, Water/Cold, Earth, Air, and Lighting spell trees. We are looking to build this so that a person will specialize in one or two and will not need other offensive spells. Members of this order will no longer be able to use the old NSU or SSU spells as healing can be accomplished from casting new spells calling upon the elements.

  3. Spiritualism: This will be a new system that is implemented for the Monks and their order so that they will not need to rely on “magic” but will instead call to the spirits to channel abilities that will not make “magic” needed. Those that go this path will no longer be able to use SSU, MSU, or NSU spells.

  4. Naturalism: This will be a new system that is implemented for the Rangers that will allow them to call upon “nature” to do their bidding instead of needing “magic”. We will also look at opening this tree up to members of the Temple of Nature if we re-open that temple under a new Immortal. Those that go this path will no longer be able to use SSU, MSU, or NSU spells.

  5. Empathic: This will be a replacement for what NSU is today for the Healers. The plan right now is that “Shaman” can go this path while “Wizards/Sorcerers/Battlemages” will go into the other spell trees. This will offer a wide range of healing and those that go this path will not be able to use SSU, MSU, or NSU spells.

We are also looking at spell tree for “Conjurer” or something else that will be generic and replace much of what remains left for the world.


We will be aggressively moving forward with the transformation of our combat system. This includes damage, resistances, and defense. Already we have implemented a few new skills for fighting and this will continue as we think of other new ones. We have also removed much of the old resistances from monsters to make it easier for now.

  1. We will be looking at the base “stats” that exist and will add a couple of new ones and make the older ones easier to understand.

  2. We will be looking at ranged combat as well as melee combat to make the system easier to understand and be based more upon stats and skills and less upon the items.

  3. We will be revamping defense and resistances of monsters to allow us a better method to maintain future scaling of combat more easily.

General Questions:

  1. Is Deori still involved in the game?
  • Yes, Deori still owns the game and all major decisions go through him before we implement them for players. This includes pricing, mergers, gamewide strategy changes, etc.
  1. How do I join staff?
  • It is important to remember that being staff is not a “promotion”. It is removing yourself as a player and really becoming something else. You will have responsibilities and will be expected to meet those expectations. If you feel you want to be considered you can email Be ready to prove your understanding of general roleplay practices, knowledge of the game’s IC history, knowledge of the game’s geography, and previous game accomplishments.
  1. Can past staff members re-apply?
  • Yes, past members of staff looking to return can email These will be considered on a case-by-case situation based upon the person, their past time on staff, a review of any past issues or complaints while on staff, and their desire to really be committed and involved in the role.
  1. Will Terris even be converted into a graphical game?
  • There are no plans at this time to convert Terris to become graphical.
  1. What is the status of “crafting”?
  • We will continue pushing with the implementation of crafting for Cooking, Forging, Tailoring, Brewing, Boneworked, Woodworking, Runecrafting, and Alchemy.
  1. What are the active/inactive roleplays and how can I get involved?
  • Plague/Graling events: This will begin moving forward as Necromancy is implemented. Contact “Silk” to be involved
  • Frostfall: This is a Kingdom roleplay and you can contact “Sabel” for involvement.
  • Tranos: This is a Kingdom roleplay and you can contact “Mysha” for involvement.
  • Devardec: This is a Kingdom roleplay and you can contact “Jarenmar” for involvement.
  • Twilight: This is a Kingdom roleplay and you can contact “Silk”, “Satyana,” “Ravon”, or “Alyce” for involvement.
  • Merchants: This will continue soon and you can contact “Mysha” to become involved.
  • War: This will continue soon and you can contact “Zir”, “Hien”, “Chay”, “Kill”, or “Stil” to become involved.
  1. Are there any planned roleplays and how can I get involved?
  • Sea Elves: We are looking into something here. Person to contact still to come.
  • Dracons: We are looking into something for 2021 with an overhaul and roleplay. You can reach out to “Tashmaal” and “Silk” for involvement.
  • Dwarves/Hellegost: I am hoping for something in this space but need a strong dwarf roleplayer. Contact for this will be “Silk”.
  1. Will we have new “professions/classes”?
  • Right now the answer for that is “no”, but we are looking for ways to include smuggling, pirates, mercenaries, runesmiths, paladins, and more without having to redo the whole game. This will be a longterm strategy for late 2021 or 2022.

If there are any questions relating to this year’s state of the game you can reach out to and We will collect the questions and then provide those questions and answers for everyone to see.

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