State of the Game 2014

As has become a tradition over the years below is our annual “State of the Game”. This should cover some of our expectations for the future as well as our general thought process. We will try to keep to this as much as possible, however as priorities shift some of our timelines and requirements may change.

2013 Review:
In the past year we have seen some changes in staff, for those leaving our team as well as new people joining it. We have a better strategy around our Temple system, which has also seen some engine enhancements to setup temples for the future. This has meant that some temples have closed for good; however we have brought the Household program back to allow for like-minded individuals to still have player-run organizations without an Immortal or God leading them. We have worked hard to clean-up many of the engine bugs and typos, as well as do some reconfiguration that allow us more flexibility for the future. Combat has seen a partial overhaul, one that we expect to continue as time progresses. We have also reviewed our Skill and Spell system so that we are prepared for enhancements or additions where needed. Some of these have been noticed already, others are staging configurations for future changes. We have tried to increase our communication, using the Message Boards, Facebook, and via Emails. Our new website ( has gone live, which also allows us to quickly get information out to the public.

Future of Staffing:
One of the biggest questions we always get is related to future staffing opportunities. This is a very slippery slope for us as many people believe it is simply a Roleplay role or a Behind the Scenes role. While these are entirely volunteer positions, they do come with lots of responsibility as staff become the face for the game. We try to choose those people that can roleplay, as well as those we believe are mature enough to handle difficult situations and enforce our rules. This can be seen to be a very thankless job by some, so we also try to ensure that the people we select understand the role and do not leave the team and game quickly.

We pull our staff from the playerbase as well as field general inquiries from past players or complete outsiders. The Operations team will continue to review our staffing resources over the next year and will make changes to the resource count as we need them.

Pricing and Subscriptions:
People have been asking what the future of the Terris subscription system will be. These questions have increased as Cosrin: A New Dawn implemented a new credit/subscription system. At this time Terris has no definite plans for a complete change in how we handle subscriptions. We are closely monitoring the progress of Cosrin: A New Dawn and will take that into account for our plans, but there is no timeline for any change.

What we are doing is looking at what other opportunities we can provide as enhancements. These include things like Backpack space, Locker space, Stable space, Favor, Death, and Housing. None of these are set in stone and there is no timeline for implementation, however they are all being discussed. Any official movement on this matter will be posted by a member of the Operations team.

Content and Engine Changes:
We will continue to look at our combat system, both for how to add new enhancements as well as to work on stunning and speed issues. This may mean making changes to monsters, skills, spells, core engine configurations, and/or player abilities. As expected this will be ongoing and will take some time to get it the way we want. However, we should now be in a better position to do the things we want.

We will continue to look at all of the skills and spells as well as the general classes and races. There are some enhancements already planned that should provide unique abilities to different guilds and classes, others are still being worked on. In the next year we are also looking at other ways to re-vitalize our temple and city systems. As we continue to change some existing parts in our engine, we allow ourselves for greatly expanding out our capabilities.

Many of our content priorities will shift as engine changes are made. This may mean that some areas are left untended as we change our content to fit the engine. Some of our changes will allow us to do complete overhauls of areas, others will allow us to add completely new areas. As of now there is no timeline for any area as each is being re-prioritized.

While we know that programs such as Retrain, Pets/Familiars, and Weather have been brought to us many times, we are not ready to commit to any of them being implemented in the next year. If we find ourselves ever ready to implement these then we will make official posts.

We have no plans at this time to consolidate guilds. After months of review in 2013, it was decided that there would be too many people that would be unhappy with our choices for consolidation, so we have placed that on a very far backburner. Perhaps one day we will once again open the debate, but at this time we are not designing anything for this.

People are always asking why we restrict items using guilds, households, cities, temples, races, or levels. This is to ensure that there is some semblance of fairplay across the board. If we find that people are abusing non-flagged items we will take steps to restrict them. This is a Roleplaying game, and we do want to give the freedom for players to Roleplay, however we cannot always be enforcers of this. If Warriors or Thieves or Wizards have items that should be for just their guild, they should take steps to not hand them out to others.

Events and Roleplay:
In 2013 we did a large “Storm Roleplay”, which saw the fall of two Immortals from the heavens. While we cannot promise anything as heavenly defining as that in the coming year, we are discussing some longterm Roleplay strategies. We want to ensure that we as staff are on the same page so that we do not confuse events for players. We have already started looking forward to the year 500 to see what we would like to do to honor that historic event.

Many of the small Roleplays can be done by players without staff leading them. These include festivals, hunts, contest, etc… and while staff will not be providing the rewards for player-driven Roleplay events, we will be happy to assist where we can.

Contacting Staff:
When we implemented the new website we created contact forms for people to use. The forms can be located at /contact-us/ and can be used for character requests and complaints.
      Password Resets
      Citizenship and Guild Changes
      Bugs, Content, and Engine Suggestions
      Roleplay Suggestions
      Ban Complaints
      Game Complaints
      Household Creations

We are also looking at having some Q&A sessions with members of the Operations team, whether these occur via Facebook, the Message Boards, the Website, or in-game we have not decided. Once more plans for this have been worked out we will communicate them to everyone.

Most importantly we want to thank everyone for a great 2013 and we look forward to the coming year.

Legends of Terris Staffing Team

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