Small Shop Update

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Over the past few weeks we have been piloting a new aspect with shops around Devardec.

  1. A “Shop Owner” can now be set on specific shops by members of the Ops team
  2. A Shop Owner can place new items into a shop for them to sell at that shop.
    – Placing 1 “ale” into the shop sells that 1 ale
    – Placing 5 ales into the shop sell those 5 ales
  3. A Shop Owner can collect the gold profits from the shop based upon the gold obtained by the shop for the items sold to customers

At this time shop ownership is limited to those that historically “own” the shop (Syndicate shops are owned by Silk) and right now that is Alyce and Guise. As we identify existing shop owners we may link them.

Coming in another phase:

  1. Shops may be rented/purchased for RP activities (a few of these are already identified)
  2. Ability for others to add items to shops for the ability to make gold (design still being discussed)
  3. Shops that provide profits to their City, Guild, Temple, or Household based upon ownership instead of a person
  4. Shops that provide discounts or inflation based upon logic of the person interacting with it
  5. True “traveling” shops

We already have a shop (Koach) that changes menu based upon the time of Terris day. This type of logic change may be spread to other shops as the opportunity arises.

News on how people can purchase shops outside of RP decisions by the Ops team are still to be determined.

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