September 2013

Engine Changes:
1. Spelling
   – Changed “dissapears” to be “disappers” in the engine
2. General
   – Set it so that future front-end enhancements can pull Guild, City, and Temple exp
3. Guildlog
   – Added date/time at the end of guildlog
4. Bwho
   – Removed
5. Ads
      – Shows “Temple of Healing is recruiting” “Contact Terris Code for more information” on ads
      – Removes the recruitment post
6. Spells
   – Spells <1-10> added
      – Shows the spell list in columns
      – Anything more than 2 will need a wide screen
7. Stats
   – Now shows your Mood setting
8. Rooms
   – Now able to have larger room descriptions
   – Portals should be more specific in some cases
      – Specific items will not be listed anymore
9. Quests
   – Now able to be available only on specific IC days
10. Counters Added
   – Successful Assassinations
   – Traps Disarmed
   – Doors Unlocked (skill and spell)
   – Number of Bets, Amount Betted, Amount Won
11. Guildstats
   – “Guildleader” changed to “guildmaster” for consistency
   – “Guild Officer 1″/”Guild Officer 2” changed to “Guild Officers”
   – “Guild Vote Count” text removed (many guilds use a 1-1 voting process
   – “Guild Rank” changed to “Guild Level”
12. Households
   – These have been modified on how the game acknowledges them
   – HH Notices exist
      – HLine
      – HClear
      – HNotices
13. Temples
   – Removed the extended guild info from temple commands
   – Different levels of temple leaders
11. General
   – Game Awards Earned have been added to “Experience” list
   – Removed PSI points from the Health display

Content Changes:
1. Examines
   – Mistake in the Mural in Zir’s area has been fixed
2. Emotes
   – Added “Druids”
   – Added “Enchanters”
   – Added “Rangers”
   – Added “Battlemages”
   – Added “Assassins”
   – Added “Barbarians”
   – Fixed color scheme on many emotes
3. Items
   – Tri Bladed Black Sword removed from shops
   – Tri Bladed Black Sword raised in stats for award purposes
   – Executioner’s Axe raised in stats for award purposes
   – Temple of War Mounts, Weapons, and Armor modified
   – “Room Appear Items” or “Mixed/Broken Items” have hade their sell price removed/lowered due to people abusing them. This includes a few hundred items.
   – Book of Zir is updated

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