June 2021

See the Update Forum Post for details

  • Shop keepers race / class check
  • Last item in shop fix
  • Option to hide luck messages (currently not persistent)
  • Revoke Citizenship Service
  • KL2 innocent will list all innocent creatures slain by your hand
  • Free sub messages for TL, GM will stop now that we’re free to play
  • Fix for initial HP/SP for new characters
  • Bug/Typo commands require a message.
  • Fix for length of email address for new characters. Accepts up to 79 chars.
  • GCMP Skill fix
  • fix for translating some Wizard codes for ANSI clients
  • Guild removal service in Devardec is only available to Land Level 50 or above. This may change when HP/SP skills are revised.
  • Items in the wrong slot will be placed in backpack. This can happen where items have changed types over the years (e.g. body armor item is now outerwear, or an item was clothing but is now something else like a recipe)
  • Armor mod descriptions have changed so you should see a range of names now
  • Messages waiting message at logon moved to be after the message of the day
  • Crafting and Land changes

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