Items Belonging to Rogues' Guild

Items belonging to Rangers' GuildList of ItemsItems belonging to Temple of Death
Silver-Bladed Fencing Foil Durain's Dagger Stiletto Dagger Venom Dagger Black Bladed Rapier Tri Bladed Black Sword Double-Edged Black Cutlass Long Steel Sabre Blackened Foil Black Cutlass Dagger of the Rogues Oak-Handled Knife Black Diamond Bladed Dagger Bone-Handled Dagger Ebon Kris Blackened Stiletto Dagger Slender Iron Rapier Serrated Dagger Ebony-Hilted Scimitar Well-Sharpened Dirk Dark Stained Rapier Ornate Dress Sword Ruby Dirk Polished Hunting Sword Jeweled Cinquedea Dagger Executioner's Axe Hand Crossbow Darkwood Crossbow Elegant Hand Crossbow Bladed Rope Dart Weighted Throwing Daggers Silk-Stringed Shortbow Barbed Throwing Daggers Rogues' Guild Ring Rogue Officer's Ring Rogues' Guild Cloak Ragged Cloak Cloak of Many Colors Flowing Velvet Coat Dashing Sable Cloak Dark Hooded Cowl Close Fitting Jacket Long Woolen Coat Dull Mottled Cowl Decorated Waistcoat Patchwork Jerkin Black Mithril War Helm Stylish Chevalier Hat Snug Silken Mask Soft Silk Hood Dyed Linen Bandana Jaunty Wedged Cap Rogues' Face Paint Dirt-Covered Face Worn Talisman Rogues' Pendant Crest Rogue Crested Vambrace Black Chainmail Bracer Black Leather Gloves Webbed Gloves Skin-Tight Ebony Gloves Soft Leather Gloves Manchette Glove Soft Linen Glovelettes Leather Half-Finger Gloves Black Mithril Chain Armor Strong Black Mithril Armor Black Mithril Scale Armor Black Mithril Plate Armor Shadow Scale Armor Close-Fitting Leather Jerkin Charcoal Black Armor Rough Linen Shirt Padded Plastron Soft Linen Shirt Studded Leather Armor Laced Leather Bodice Ebon-Hued Hunting Armor Midnight Stalking Armor Lacy Bodice Rogue Crested Armor Jet Black Leggings Jet Black Chain Leggings Rogue Crested Greaves Side-Laced Trousers Soft Billowing Trousers Raven Black Leggings Dusty Brown Trousers Studded Leather Greaves Ebon-Hued Hunting Greaves Smooth Linen Skirt Thick Suede Leggings Padded Linen Trousers Brown Leather Boots Scuffed Shoes Tooled Leather Boots Black Leather Boots Tall Black Boots Polished Short Boots Soft Soled Slippers Keg Rogues' Guild Key Sly Weasel Dark Black Panther Giant Wolf Masked Raccoon Black-Footed Ferret Large Civit Cat Striped Viper Banded Viper Venomous Bat Dark Nighthawk Sable Crow Cunning Crow Dark Elven Steed Bright Green Crystal Rogues' Crest Tattoo Small Parrying Dagger Large Black Mithril Shield Hardened Leather Armguard Blackened Armguard