August 2021


Kingdom vs. Kingdom!

As the Kingdom vs. Kingdom tournament gears up, we received ads, statements, and interviews with the Heads of Kingdoms. We wish all the contestants' luck and good fortune.

The event will be held on August 21, 2021. Don’t miss it.

There will be other fun during the tournament. Hamelin and his merry men will be running a betting ring. Try not to lose all your gold, but you could win big. Beware, pranksters, pick pockets and general thieves may be increased at this time.

Large crowds tend to draw these types. Best of luck to all!

Twilight – Lord Silk

Interview by Nercino

The Kingdom vs. Kingdom tournament is quickly approaching, and everyone is wondering… what will Twilight do? So, this reporter put his horn to the street and interviewed Lord Silk! The main thing on everyone’s mind was the rumors swirling about Lord Silk. The rumors being that he may slay his team if they don’t perform, or even if they do! While these rumors seemed to have been started by his competitor, Sabel of Frostfall, they were given some credence when Alyce saying that she would absolutely heal the fallen after Silk slayed them. In order to give me some perspective on this, Lord Silk summoned both Ravon and Sylvanna to give their opinions.

Sylvanna was quick to demure… would Silk go out of his way to kill them? No. Would Lord Silk kill them for success? Not without good reason, she responded. Things got interesting when asked if he would kill other teams, or his own if it gained him an edge. To that, all Sylvanna would say is that she wouldn’t discount the possibility. This led into a discussion about chess, as Lord Silk is an expert chess player on a global scale. He even made a point to scorn his competition (Croft, Sabel, Mysha, and Jarenmar) as they were merely thinking of a single move, not three moves ahead. He then listed some of his achievements in that area including:

So all options are on the table, if this one move (winning the tournament) will further his larger goals. He also mentioned the game of Thieves and Warriors. This reporter is hoping to do a follow-up interview later about this exciting game.

Initially, it was thought that he was making a play on the guilds in the Underworld, but no, this is just a game… for now. Ravon was able to join us at this point, and the same questions concerning the earlier rumors were asked of her. Her answers were a bit simpler, she kept coming back to “I never know what a God is thinking or would want to do”. At this point, Lord Silk got a bit coy though, he seemed to imply that he had already won (due to the fact that he could see the Tapestry of Fate), though he wouldn’t let this reporter see it to verify. When pressed as to whom he would field on his team to back up such a bold claim, he kept things very simple… but extremely interesting! Obviously, the Lords/Ladies of Twilight (Warlock Guildmaster, Past Barbarian Guildmaster, and the earlier God of Fire), but he also claimed to have the greatest Enchanter to have ever walked the world, Blades and past Blades, Assassins and Thieves, the arm of Naria, and… if you can believe it… Deori himself! When pressed about the possibly last two contestants and reminded of the rule of “No divine assistance”, he countered simply with the fact that “They can assist mortals, but that doesn’t mean they can’t compete.”

He left this reporter with two parting pieces of advice, “The Shadows have something in mind that no one sees coming.” And “If Giga likes his ravens, he should keep them fed.” It was, however, unclear, his feelings towards his own Ravon, as he didn’t answer as to whether he kept her fed or not.

Overall, it was an extremely interesting interview, and though it wasn’t the point of the interview, the thief Mormegil mentioned that he found the timing of this tournament VERY suspicious. He mentioned that with Lady Death moving the Warriors and the Thieves to the Underworld, as well as running freely over Frostfall, Devardec, Goldcroft, and Tranos, it was an interesting time to try to pit those cities against one another. When asked if there was anything to this claim, if perhaps Lord Silk and Lady Catseyes were teaming up to overrun the Overworld, he simply countered with the fact that it could be interesting, however why would he need it?

Tranos – Queen Mysha

We sent a person to interview Mysha, but all that came back was a beautiful platter of cheese with a note that said, “Mysha is unavailable for comment.”

Frostfall - Ice Mage Sabel

Frostfall, a land or heroes and villains, triumph and tragedy. Why not help shape its story? Would you rather get chafed from all the sand in your armor whilst getting sunburned because the Sun Child doesn’t know when to turn it down? Or try to fight with Mysha’s hand in your pocket? Even if you win anything, she’ll simply take it all and call it ‘trade’. Good luck even FINDING Twilight, I mean seriously… Also, let’s just be honest, there’s like an 80% chance that Silk will kill you any day of the week, so I can’t imagine being on THAT losing team and facing him afterwards. Alyce even offered to heal those Silk kills, so you KNOW it’s a foregone conclusion! Lunra? Not sure there’s a pets division, but I’m sure if there were, they’d get best in show! Honestly though, this isn’t a war of beverages. Goldcroft? I don’t even think they’ll field a team, I mean, they are already under the sad disillusion they’re the best at anything. As for the mercenary team… Zir can’t even read, I’d be surprised if he knew this thing was even happening!

The Other Kingdoms

King Jarenmar, Queen Shariel, Lord Croft all declined to comment at the time of this publication or could not be reached. Perhaps they are too busy plotting?

Who are Brad the Bard and Hamelin?

By Anonymous

Brad the Bard just seemed to appear out of nowhere! Very charming and with a good sense of humor, he tells us he is very excited about the upcoming competition. He is especially enjoying the banter among the Kings and Queens and the high level of competitiveness between the city folks. We will be watching Brad as he announces other competitions to come.

Hamelin appeared with his pipes and harp and other instruments of lulling. He appeared one day with a caravan of traveling folk and some pretty sketchy characters. This writer gets a strong sense of watch my gold pouch carefully around him and his cronies. Rumor is he will be starting construction on a betting house soon and will be accepting bets for or against your favorite teams.


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