July 2021


A Case of Angry Giants

Strelleg, angry at mortals for hunting fire giant mercilessly, decided as King it was his duty to show those mortals who is really in charge. He began with the Thieves Guild, scorching it while flushing out Mormegil, who had taunted Strelleg by killing many weaker Fire Giants. Strelleg then moved on to Frostfall, melting snow and trampling on the puny mortals. Other giants, seemed to think Strelleg may no longer be a fit King and have begun their search for a new King, as Strelleg continues to torment the adventurers in the North.

Will there be two Kings? A battle? How will the mortals fare in all of this, only time will tell. If you have a mind for Adventure, or fancy yourself the heroic kind head on up North and see if you can help out before it is too late.

The Siege of Tranos

While Hermes, Warriors Guildmaster, plotted what to do with the poison roses left around his guild, the Underworld had a plan of its own. Hermes and the forgers in the Warriors Guild, developed several weapons from the roses; these weapons would in turn poison what they touched.

Demons and several Temple of Death members sticking to the convenient shadows of Tranos, managed to poison the water supply. Thus, all the guards in the city after drinking the tainted water, turned on the citizens, leaving Tranos to fight two wars amongst the brave guilds. Shortly after the guards turned, demons from the Underworld flooded Tranos attacking with the turned guards. The citizens fought bravely and managed to beat the demons back and corral their guards until they returned to their senses.

However, the three Tranos Guilds were all missing items of importance! Catseyes had taken them back to her laboratory for an as yet unknown purpose. The guilds noted the missing items and searched for clues. The items have not been returned to this day.

The Stolen Guilds

Tired of waiting for Warriors and Thieves to come retrieve their items, Catseyes and the Temple of Death took matters into their own hands. Holding an intense and secret ritual, the templars of Death managed to whisk away the Warriors and Thieves Guilds to the Underworld. The guilds were also redecorated to more suit Catseyes personal taste. The instructions left stated that they would need to retrieve their stolen property in order for the guilds to be set right.

Alcestis decided to join Hermes in the search for the Warrior’s sacred Anvil. They are currently in the Underworld looking for answers. The thieves wander about also looking for their stolen poison stores, still not found.

Any adventurer who would like to assist these guilds may enter the Underworld south of the Warriors Guild in Tranos. Be warned the Underworld is not for the faint of heart or the weak willed; Death’s templars wander it frequently as do other denizens and sometimes, one may even have a run in with the Immortal of Death herself.


A newcomer appeared in Norland. A necromancer of great power stole Hero Giga’s white raven and terrorized Devardec. No one is sure what it is he wants other than power, but several adventurers rallied to assist Giga and fight back the undead armies that approached. Giga’s raven remains lost, but the necromancer has vowed to return to Terris and have his revenge, even if it is at the Hero of Light’s expense, or that of his Raven.

Can you lend your might and wit to help Giga retrieve his Raven from the Necromancer? Present yourself at the Temple of Light and offer your services to Giga. He will welcome the help!

Frostfall Gets a New Flag

Due to the long and storied history of both the Flag of Frostfall, and it’s abuse, Sabel decided it was time to create something more sturdy to represent a city full of the land’s sturdiest individuals. A competition was held, and below is a snippet about the creation of the new “Hellbore Flag”, which was created by Killraven.


June Update


PC Client

The PC Wizard Client current version is 558 and available at https://www.legendsofterris.com/client-downloads/

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