April 2021

At a Glance

The Throne of Death has been occupied once more as Lady Catseyes has returned as the Immortal of Death. Already, since her return, mortals have felt her presence (some more than others).

While some are flocking to the temple in an effort to join her ranks and become the next famous reaper, others are seek the light, in order to prevent more destruction or pain.

Catseyes has already reached out to Lord Silk, presumably to strike up only alliances. Which side will you choose?

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Howls from the Underworld

It happened as it often does, the Immortal of Death was bored. Being bored is never good for her or anyone else. In an attempt to test the current mettle of the lands she began with Frostfall, mostly Battlemages answered her challenge. After several days, she surprised the group by blocking the portals for their steeds. In order to free the guilds access to these portals, Killraven surrendered himself to the temple of Death where he was tortured for days until feeling merciful, the Lady of Light bargained the soul of her Priestess Alona for the return of Killraven. The bargain was accepted, Killraven returned and the battle continues.


Numerous persons have claim that Aras has been questioning Zirites and others close to the Temple of War about the mysterious material known as Zirinium. While not much is known about this red material, it is clear that something about it has Aras and possibly the Temple of Shadows wanting to know more.


October Update

September Update

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