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State of the Game 2021

See the post on the boards

As with most companies and organizations, we have gone through 2020 with open eyes and tried to adapt as best that we can. Each of us have experienced the pandemic’s …

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Freeplay/Sub Bonuses

As we’re all meant to be holed up in our caves keeping the goblins at bay, free play and subscriber bonuses are now activated to give us a better chance at defeating our foe.

  • All non-subscribed …
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Summer Perks 2018

Summer time is here again and so are our adventurer perks.

August 2018:
– All non-subscribed players will have access to all subscription-based perks
– All damage will be x1.5 of the normal average
– …

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State of the Game 2018

State of the Game post is available on the forums

Game Updates

July 2021

See the Update Forum Post for details

Mini update in today to fix some issues.

  • Teleport crystal fix so both parties must have the crystal
  • Monster room spells fixed - they were not affecting everyone. …
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June 2021

See the Update Forum Post for details

  • Shop keepers race / class check
  • Last item in shop fix
  • Option to hide luck messages (currently not persistent)
  • Revoke Citizenship Service
  • KL2 innocent will list …
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October 2020

See the Update Forum Post for details

  • Fix for Multi Attack when initated on creature other than first (e.g. ch 2)
  • Reading recipe will show cooldown
  • Orders introduced for Monks
  • Brotherhood and Monks …
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July 2020

Please see the forum post for details of July 2020 update.

June 2020

Please see the forum post for details