May 2017 Update

Small content fixes.

City / Temple tithing disabled
These have not traditionally been used, so have been disabled. All percentages reset to zero. The feature is still in game but will not let you set a value.
Temple titles have been changed to mirror the city system where the required level can be set

  • templetitlemale <rank> <title>
  • templetitlefemale <rank> <title>
  • templetitles

Temple leaders can modify the titles and the temple level of a templar:
templelevel <adventurer> <temple level>

City Who / shout added (cwho / cshout)

LastOn Guild, HH, Temple
LastOn takes a parameter of guild, hh (household) or temple to show which adventurers in your guild, hh, temple have been on

ResetDamage to reset the dps counter

GEmote for Guild leaders to emote in guildshout
these lines always start with (G) so you can tell it came from the guild leadership

Some technical changes for webportal support and future item changes