May 2014

Sending Messages:
   Message (Name) (Text): Same as the old message
   Messages Sent: Checks your sent messages
   Message Compose: Clears the message being written
   Message Clear: Clears the message being written
   Message Additem (Left/Right): Attaches the Item in your left/right hand to the message
   Message Gold (Amount): Attaches gold to the message
   Message Cod (Amount): Requests gold on acceptance for a message
   Message Requestgold (Amount): Requests gold on acceptance for a message
   Message Text (Text): Adds a line of text to the message
    • Multiple lines possible
    • Limit of 500 characters
   Message Preview: Previews the message being worked on
   Message Send (Person): Sends the message being worked on to the person
   Message Readsent (#): Shows the full sent message
   Delete Sent: Clears the list of sent messages

Receiving Messages:
   Messages: Checks your available messages
    • Shows the first line of the message
   Message Read (#): Shows the full message
   Message Return (Number): Sends the message back without paying or accepting the item attached
   Message Pay (Number): Pays the COD requested
   Message Take (Number): Takes the gold/item from the message
   Messages (Name): Filters messages based on a name
   Delete All: Deletes all messages, but checks for items/gold
   Delete All!: Deletes all messages without a warning for items/gold

General Note:
   1.: Gold comes from your hand (not the bank)
   2.: The composed message remains so it can be sent multiple times
    • Message Send Naria
    • Message Send Deori
   3.: Messages will change number as deleted (shuffles upwards)
   4.: Item restrictions are checked when attempting to send items
    • Unable to send items that are no drop, GL, GM, TL, HH, etc…
   5.: 25 Inbound message limit
   6.: 50 Outbound message limit
   7.: You will need to delete messages in order to free slots
   8.: These changes only impact new messages moving forward

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