March 2018 Update

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  • Bleeding and Poison are now standard game (de)buffs rather than a special case. This will allow us to do more with them.

  • RP Commands – commands that allow selected people to modify certain attributes (e.g. monsters, items) to aide in RP. This is given (and taken) at the discretion of staff. Commands are limited to cosmetic attributes.

  • Mail box extended to 100 items over 4 pages.

  • Game will send Group health info to the client so it will be easier to track group health. Client update to follow.

  • Outlaw Status – outlaw status now grows with each friendly kill and is reduced (but not erased) on death. At the moment each friendly has a fixed increase, but more changes will follow to this system.

  • Who list sorted in to alphabetical order

  • First signs of Crafting and Shop ownership as mentioned in another post

  • GuildMute command for GM as part of guild devolution

  • Additional changes to support the new html5 client

  • Currently off, but experiments with monster spawn rates to make them more reactive to areas.

  • Every 50,000 kills earns the right to name a weapon using NAMEWEAPON
    These names are attached to the weapon itself (unlike mounts) so use them wisely.

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