June 2013

Player Only Engine Changes:

  1. Questrank
    – Shows the top questers in the land
    – This has multiple lists and can be used with Questrank 2-10
  2. Killrank
    – Shows the top killers of unique monsters in the land
    – This has multiple lists and can be used with Killrank 2-10
  3. Spam Filter
    – Changes have been made to allow some commands to be used multiple times before the filter kicks in
  4. WhoTL
    – This shows the online players with TL powers
    – This will act like WhoGO and will show on “Who” if TLs are online
  5. Spell Damage
    – Changes have been made to better balance Spell damage and Melee damage
    – Order of Strength for Offensive Spells: Sorcerers, Shaman/Wizard, All Others (Retrained classes will have different bonuses)
    – Some monsters have different resistances that cut intensity down.
  6. Battlecry
    – This can be set by “Setbattlecry
    – ex. “Setbattlecry screams with crazed fury!
    – Vasari screams with a crazed fury!
    – This will be seen while charging (if not engaged) and when causing divine damage.
    – Toggled with “Battlecry <on/off>”
  7. Damage Overkill
    – When killing a monster you will see how much damage overkill you caused.
    – This will not be shown on an assassination.
    – This way if you kill a Goblin with 7 damage, you see how much you really did also.
  8. Grammar
    – Some gramatical changes have been made to include “his/her” instead of “the” and “a/an”.
  9. Guildtithe
    – You can now tithe towards your guild beyond the cap of Guildlevel 255.
    – You will remain Guildlevel 255, but your guild will earn tithe.
  10. Recall
    – This will now work from levels 1 through 9
  11. Stuckrecall
    – This will allow you to move up to three times a Terris day.
    – A log will be sent to the Coding Team to review if there is an issue with the room causing this command to be needed.
    !This may be removed if abused!
  12. Toprank
    – This will show all those at level 300.


  1. Help Files
    – Index Files
    – Heroes
    – Lost Heroes
    – Households
    – Household Commands
    – Guild Moves
    – Household City
    – Household General
    – Household Temple
    – Barbarian Charter (fixed this)
  2. Tranos
    – Bartar Square shops
  3. Devardec
    – Bar and Clothing Shop
  4. Rogue Innocents
    – Three innocent changes to RMT Tables
  5. Items
    – Warrior GL74, Elder, GO Added to the enchanter enchanting system
    – Warlock aura chagned to Elder rank
    – Random item fixes and additions.
  6. Monsters
    – “Death Dragon” changed to “Large Death Dragon” with new stats
    – Spectral Slayer has new stats
    – DEATH has new stats
    – Devardec Innocents should now advance outlaws

If there are issues or concerns please contact me at Code@legendsofterris.com.

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