July 2016 Update

Minor fixes to Goldcroft, Woodtop, Tranos, Trembill, Devardec, Kobold Lair, Temple of Magic, Monks Guild, Wyrm Spine Mountains, Umbra Chateau


Citizen command removed
Citizenship changes can be done for gold cost in city offices
Devardec, Tranos and Frostfall currently in place. Others to follow
No level restrictions on citizenship changes.

All adventurers will start in Devardec, instead of a 50/50 chance of starting in Tranos

Many items can now be dyed via a new skill of Dyer
Some types cannot and currently items with a colour in the name are excluded. These will be revisited to make them colourless and then part of the dyeing system.

Basic dyes are in shops. These can be mixed together to form others.
Currently 36 colours are available. Suggestions for new ones welcome.

Dyes that can be made by mixing cost proportionally more than buying the dyes yourself and mixing. At the moment only the basic ones are in shops.

Mixing dyes can result in one or both dyes being destroyed (like regularly mixing).
Applying a dye to an item does not result in destruction if you do not have sufficient skill.

Note a new syntax is used: Apply to
The TO is required for this to work.

Bounties (daily quests)
An experimental system of (Terris) daily quests.
Currently kill and item fetching. To be expanded over time with group challenges, multi step bounties etc

Rewards are currently low so we can see how it works.

You may do up to 5 per Terris day.

Bounties are first come first served — if two adventurers set off to slay a creature, the first person to return the bounty board collects the reward.

Kill List
Game now tracks total kills by species as well as kills since last offer. Kill List will show the total number you’ve killed your life time instead of resetting after offering a kill.

Shops will state if you cannot buy an item because of guild or land level restrictions
Group Teleport spell will not force a group unfollow after use
Monster Emoting – the random emotes from monsters has been limited to reduce the amount of scroll.

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