Jan 2017 Update

Minor fixes to the world.


Under the cover changes have been made to systems to support future content. For now you shouldn’t see any difference.

  • Loot Tables changed to be more flexible – drop rates and chaining tables together.
  • Examine system changed to be more flexible
  • Monsters can have a pickpocket loot table specifically to drop items via pickpocket (not currently used yet)
  • 5 second cooldown on guild luck buys to remove accidental sniping.
  • Kill list fix for species count

Guild / Temple / HH Notices
Some errors were found in the line endings in these which messed up the editing. The notes are now checked at start up and cleaned up. You may see line spacing differences in the notes following the updates.
Also expanded the editing system.
gline I will insert the text at specified line. The other lines will drop down.
gline D will delete the text at the specified lines — other lines will roll up
gline replaces the text as before – no roll up / down if the line is blank

gnotices any text after gnotices will display the note with line numbers to help editing. (e.g. gnotices a)

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