One Handed Weapons

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"Whitetooth", Stag Knife 'Battlemage Fury' War Sword 'Benjuk's Pride' War Axe 'Stormbringer' Warhammer Adamantine Short Sword Adamantine Tipped Lance Ancient Bronze Dagger Ancient Cursed Sabre Ancient War Hammer Aqua Dagger Ardent Defender Axe of Rending Baal Bone Dagger Barbed Dagger Barbed Whip Basic Rune Dagger Bastard Sword Battlemage Rune Dagger Black Bladebreaker Black Bladed Rapier Black Bladed Sword Black Bone Dagger Black Broad Sword Black Crystal Katar Black Curved Rapier Black Curved Short Sword Black Cutlass Black Dagger of Mastil Black Diamond Bladed Dagger Black Iron Crowbar Black Long Sword Black Razor Sharp Dagger Black Serrated Dagger Black Serrated Short Sword Black Sharp Short Sword Black Short Sword Black Steel Sword Black Thin Bladed Dagger Black Thorn Blackened Foil Blackened Iron Cavalry Sabre Blackened Sabre Blackened Stiletto Dagger Blackjack Blade of Destiny Blade of Severing Blade of the Lionheart Blade of the Round Bladed Steel Mace Blessed Avenger of Law Blessed Sword Bloodburner Bloodied Poniard Bloodletter War Sword Blue Banded Oak Wand Blue Broad Sword Blue Long Sword Blue Serrated Long Sword Blue Serrated Short Sword Blue Short Sword Blunt Dagger Bog Lash Bone Handled Dagger Bright Steel Flail Broad Sword Broken Spear Bronze Short Sword Burning Hell Blade Burning Hot Sword Butcher's Knife Byron's War Staff Carpenter's Axe Charged Electrical Wand Chiseled Battlehammer Cinder Wand Concealed Wrist-Dagger Copper Wand Corrupted Bastard Sword Corrupted Short Sword Crackling Apprentice Wand Curved Bastard Sword Curved Black Broad Sword Curved Black Dagger Curved Black Long Sword Curved Blue Broad Sword Curved Blue Dagger Curved Blue Long Sword Curved Blue Short Sword Curved Emerald Blade Curved Green Broad Sword Curved Green Long Sword Curved Green Short Sword Curved Long Sword Curved Red Broad Sword Curved Short Sword Cutlass Daemon Sword Dagger of Souls Dagger of the Assassins Dagger of the Keep Dagger of the Rogues Dagger of the Thieves Dark Ivory Dagger Dark Rapier, "Shadow's Touch" Dark Stained Rapier Dark Steel Dagger Demonic Sword Deorimas Ribbon Diamond Blade Diamond Dagger Diamond Skinning Knife Divine Magestaff Double-Edged Black Cutlass Double-Edged Long Sword Dread Staff, 'Tenebrae' Dread Trident of Doom Dream Duerger Hammer Dull Bladed Sword Dull Runesword Dull Scythe Durain's Dagger Ebon Kris Ebony Dagger of Fate Ebony-Hilted Scimitar Electric Elemental Wand Elemental Warblade Elven Dagger Elven Kopis Elven Wand Emerald Gem Sword Emerald Sabre Enchanter's Long Knife Enchanter's Wand Entangled Apprentice Wand Ethereal Entangled Staff Ethereal Flame Wand Ethereal Ice Wand Ethereal Lightning Wand Ethereal Poison Staff Ethereal Poison Wand Ethereal Vine Wand Evil Looking Axe Farming Scythe Fiery Apprentice Wand Flame Encased Wand Fog Giant Sword Frost Dagger Frost Sword Frostreaver Axe Frozen Battleblade Gem Hilted Sword Glittering Scimitar Glowing Bone-Mithril Handaxe Glowing Eagle Sword Glowing Long Sword Glowing Rope Knife Gnarled Greenheart Staff Gnarled Staff Gold Baronial Sceptre Gold-Tipped Pike Great Staff of Sorcery Greater Magestaff Green Banded Oak Wand Green Broad Sword Green Curved Dagger Green Long Sword Green Serrated Dagger Green Serrated Long Sword Green Serrated Short Sword Green Short Sword Griffin Sword Groflar's Wand of Pyro Hammer of the Warriors Hand Axe Heartbreaker Sword Helmer's Sword High Clansmans' Battleaxe Hollow Kildess Dagger Holy Dagger Huge Black Iron Mace Huge Club Iron Bastard Sword Iron Claw Hammer Iron Cleaver Iron Hook Iron Studded Wooden Club Iron Tipped Pike Ironwood Hunting Spear Ironwood Ranger Sword Jagged Dirk, "Soulsplitter" Jasper's Wand of Magic Jeweled Cinquedea Dagger Katar Kiss of Death Knight's Heart Knight's Schiavona Kris Dagger Kyria's Whip Large Blue Dagger Large Dagger Large Green Dagger Large Greenheart Spear Large Hatchet Large Red Dagger Large Spade Large Steel Longsword Large Wooden Club Lesser Morphic Staff Lightning Sword Long Bladed Saw Long Bronze Sword Long Fishing Spear Long Handled Shears Long Leather Whip Long Steel Sabre Long Steel Sword Long Sword Long Wooden Spear Lupius' War Pike Magical Staff of Power Malicious Onyx Scythe Mandala of Fate Maplewood Dagger Marsh Giant Spear Master Enchanter's Staff Mentor's Staff of Magic Mithril Bastard Sword Mithril Broad Sword Mithril Greatsword Mithril Short Sword Morning Star Mountain Giant Sword Nasty Battle Axe Nasty Black Dagger Oak-Handled Knife Obsidian Blade Obsidian Sai Ogre Bone Spear Old Rusty Blade Old Rusty Sword Onyx Blade Onyx-Hilted Stiletto Orange Banded Oak Wand Ornate Dress Sword Page's Gladius Paladin's Holy Light Pearl Handled Dagger Petrified Staff Phoenix Sword Platinum-Bladed Scythe Poisonous Apprentice Wand Polished Hunting Sword Pramer's Wand of Fire Rapier Razor Sharp Blue Dagger Razor Sharp Dagger Razor Sharp Green Dagger Razor Sharp Red Dagger Red Banded Oak Wand Red Broad Sword Red Cedar Staff Red Curved Dagger Red Curved Long Sword Red Curved Short Sword Red Long Sword Red Serrated Dagger Red Serrated Long Sword Red Serrated Short Sword Red Sharp Short Sword Red Short Sword Red Trimmed Sword Regal Sceptre Reinforced Mithril Sword Retribution Dagger Ruby Dirk Rune Etched Hammer Rune Etched Sword Rune Silvered Sword Rune-Gilded War Sword Runeforged Longsword Runesword Runic Crusader Blade Rusted Machete Rusty Switchblade Sabre Sword Sabre, "Prima Lux" Sailor's Dagger Sceptre of Essence Theft Scimitar Serrated Bastard Sword Serrated Black Broad Sword Serrated Black Long Sword Serrated Black Short Sword Serrated Blue Broad Sword Serrated Blue Dagger Serrated Dagger Serrated Green Broad Sword Serrated Long Sword Serrated Red Broad Sword Serrated Short Sword Serrated Steel Short Sword Shade Sword Shadow Dagger Shadow Dragon Fang Sharp Bastard Sword Sharp Black Broad Sword Sharp Black Long Sword Sharp Blue Broad Sword Sharp Blue Long Sword Sharp Blue Short Sword Sharp Bone Dagger Sharp Dagger Sharp Green Broad Sword Sharp Green Long Sword Sharp Green Short Sword Sharp Long Sword Sharp Mithril Dagger Sharp Red Broad Sword Sharp Red Long Sword Sharp Short Sword Sharpened Lockpick Shifting Shadow Shard Shillelagh Shimmering Blade of Dreams Shiny Sharp Scalpel Short Black Dagger Short Greenheart Spear Short Steel Mace Short Steel Spear Short Sword Short Wooden Dagger Sickly Green Glowing Wand Silver Oak Staff Silver Spoon Silver-Bladed Fencing Foil Simple Wooden Staff Skinning Knife Skull Capped Magestaff Slender Iron Rapier Sluagh Sword Small Bronze Dagger Small Club Small Crafting Hammer Small Hammer Small Iron Flail Small Onyx Dagger Snakeskin Staff Snow Staff Snow Sword Snowball Capped Wand Spectral Spike Spectral Walking Stick Spike-Headed Mace Spiked Wolf Bone Axe Spine of Kzelt Spiritual Hammer Splinter of 'Majestic Pax' Squire's Long Sword Staff of Deadly Light Staff of Faith Staff of Fate Staff of Fiery Burning Staff of Fiery Death Staff of Forboding Staff of Healing Staff of Icy Death Staff of Lightning Staff of Mortal Knowledge Staff of Necromancy Staff of Revenge Staff of Sorcery Staff of the Bat Staff of the Eagle Staff of the Spider Staff of the Warlocks Staff of Winter Frost Staff of Woven Vines Stag Knife Stained Iron Short Sword Static Apprentice Wand Steel Bastard Sword Steel Blade Steel Broad Sword Steel Flail Steel Infused Lance Steel Kris Steel Long Sword Steel Morning Star Steel War Scythe Stiletto Dagger Stolen Rogue's Rapier Stone Axe Sturdy Black Crowbar Summoned Magestaff Sword "Blood Letter" Sword 'Flame of Zir' Sword 'Lex Talionis' Sword 'Tempest!' Sword 'Zir's Glory' Sword of Elder Shadows Sword of Fire Sword of Frozen Death Sword of Inner Light Sword of Inner Sight Sword of Lightning Sword of Perpetual Sharpness Sword of Soothing Tones Sword of the Battlemages Sword of the Knights Sword of White Fire Swordfish Dagger The Blade 'Silent Death' The Shadowblade 'Iscariot' The Sword "Widow Maker" Thin Bastard Sword Thin Black Broad Sword Thin Black Long Sword Thin Black Short Sword Thin Blue Broad Sword Thin Blue Dagger Thin Blue Long Sword Thin Blue Short Sword Thin Dagger Thin Green Broad Sword Thin Green Dagger Thin Green Long Sword Thin Green Short Sword Thin Long Sword Thin Red Broad Sword Thin Red Dagger Thin Red Long Sword Thin Red Short Sword Thin Short Sword Three Tailed Aquamarine Whip Three-Chained Flail Three-Edged Dirk Titanium War Lance Tranceweaving Kris Tri Bladed Black Sword Tri-Bladed Steel Mace Troll Bone Dagger Tyriana's Sword Ukied's Long Sword Unblessed Sword Unfinished Staff Unfinished Sword Unforged Sword Unholy Dagger Unholy Ritual Knife Unholy Spectral Sword Vanguards' War Mallet Venom Dagger Vindicator Viper's Blade Wand of Antivenom Wand of Darkness Wand of Elemental Fire Wand of Fire Wand of Flight Wand of Healing Wand of Ice Wand of Ice Crystals Wand of Lightning Wand of the Leviathan War Hammer War Lance 'Dragon's Bane' War Lance of the Rose Knights War Staff 'Zir's Vengeance' Web Covered Staff Well-Sharpened Dirk Whispering Moon Sword Wicked Barbed Dagger Wicked Hand Axe Wolf Rib Hook Wolf-Fanged Long Spear Wooden Mallet Wooden Oar Wooden Sword Wooden Training Sword Woodman's Axe Wraithblade Crescent Sword Wyrm Tooth Dagger Yellow Banded Oak Wand Zereth's Dark Staff Zir's Silver Dagger