Heroes and Legends


In order that their presence would be maintained while they are in other realms, the Gods chose certain mortals and granted them great powers. These Heroes embody all that the Gods who chose them stand for. The following serve as Heroes within the lands:


Heroine of Life and Healing


Hero of Shadows

Born into high society in the City of Devardec, this Monk left it all to pursue the desire for Spiritual Enlightenment. Living most of his adult life in seclusion, he gained his status as a Hero from Lord Silk, for what purpose is yet unknown.


Hero of Fate


Hero of Peace and Nature


Hero of Light

The raven knight returns again to the lands to help lead the Knights and Temple of Light.


Hero of War

Born within the mountain city of Hellgost, Servius developed a love for forging from his kinfolk. As time passed Servius sought more knowledge of the craft. He found himself within the ranks of the Elite. Unwavering in his faith to Lord Zir, his deeds were noticed and after the war against the Khataran, Servius was awarded the blade, Bifrost. After serving several years as a Blade of Zir, Lord Zir deemed Servius worthy of serving as Hero.


Heroine of Dreams

Once she sat at Kyria’s side and served as the Soothsayer of Fate. It was her that brought word to the lands of Kyria’s departure and Silk’s taking over the Tapestry. Vanishing for many decades, she returned in a daze and stuck in a state of constant Nightmares.


Heroine of War

Love, Lore, War… all describe Zir’s Sunbeam, one of the most Legendary Warriors to ever walk the lands. Always a faithful of Zir, even without her knowing it, she approached Deori himself to resurrect Zir’s faithful steed. In the process of this great feat, she was returned to the heavens and once again took the role as Heroine of War.


Heroine of Magic

One of the oldest still in the heavens, she rose to the rank of Heroine and served the realm of Magic. Returning after many years, she once again serves as Raislin as his Heroine.


Heroine of History

Known as the wandering storyteller, she talks to everyone and collects what tales they have.

Legends of the Realm

Legends are the most powerful of mortals. Each has been given powers by the Heavens, though they rarely know where their power comes from. Often seen in leadership positions, they have the ability to shape the future of the lands.


Eccentric Inventor

Bilbert can often be found travelling the lands seeking out curios for his inventions, which will hopefully one day help him find his way home.


Lord of Goldcroft

A Tyrant. A Dictator. A Psychotic Slaveowner. All of this and more. Others have tried to rule his lands, but it always comes back to Lord Croft in his own city.


Khataran Warrior

Once an invader to Norland, this Khataran Warrior has since pledged himself to Lord Zir!


Elven Lord

Garali seeks the unification of all elves. Will his plans succeed?


Sun Child of Devardec

The descendant of the great Jasmar, this great Lord arrived like a storm and quickly found his destiny.