Warriors Guild

Patron: Zir
Hero: Servius, Shanna
Guild Master: Kill
Guild Officers: Stil, Gundax
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Warriors are more than fighters. They are Engagers of War, Lovers of Glory and Seekers of Combat.

The glory of the battle and the kill are what possesses a warrior from the moment he engages in combat until the last blow has been struck. Located in the town of Tranos, guild members learn the tactics and strategies needed to be victorious in battle. They can train in the ancient skills of one and two-handed weapons, and learn to fire missile weapons. The great craft of making weapons and armour can be learned here as well.

Upon completing the quest to join, you will receive a Warriors’ Guild Breastplate and the following skills:

One Handed Weapons, Weaponsmithing, Armourer, Toughness, Riding

The Vanguards

Overview and Goals

The Vanguard program exists to introduce young Warriors to the traditions and standards of the guild and to prepare them for the trials that they are likely to face while in the lands. While attention will be paid to their skills as a combatant, much of what makes a Warrior is character. The Vanguard program, then, will also heavily emphasize the development of leadership and RP skills of young Warriors.

Each young Warrior enrolling in the Vanguard program will be assigned to a specific Vanguard, who will assume primary responsibility for the success and general well-being of the enrollee. This Vanguard will ultimately be selected by the Chief Vanguard, though individual Vanguards may petition to take specific enrollees under their charge.

Five ranks comprise the core of the program, each corresponding to a different set of skills and expectations. With the promotion to each rank comes corresponding rewards, which may include new guild titles or items. The lowest ranks in the program focus on individual development. Each young Warrior will be expected to perform research and reconnaissance tasks in addition to any combat or character development tasks given by the Vanguard in charge. Promotion through the higher ranks, however, will require the successful completion of leadership tasks in place of research and reconnaissance tasks. This is to ensure that Vanguard graduates are prepared to assume the responsibilities that come with being a Warrior.

When the student has successfully completed the general requirements for promotion to the next rank, he should approach his Vanguard with a request for review. Upon favorable review, the Vanguard will assign the student a capstone mission that must be completed. This mission should reflect all of the skills and responsibilities expected of the student’s current rank. Successful completion of this mission will be followed by a short promotion ceremony. Students may immediately begin working towards completion of their new rank’s requirements upon conclusion of this ceremony.

Each rank has between five and seven core requirements that must be completed before requesting a review for promotion. Following each rank name are the rewards for promotion to that rank. All rewards include a GM-discretionary Tasks necessary for promotion out of that rank are enumerated below the rank title. Some of these tasks may be specific (e.g. “post an introduction on the boards”), while others may be more general or require input from the Vanguard (e.g. “kill 25 creatures determined by your Vanguard”). If at any point you are unsure of what is expected of you, do not hesitate to ask your Vanguard for clarification. If your Vanguard is not around, the other Vanguards, as well as the guild leadership, will be more than happy to help.


Title: None

Item: None


  1. Provide an introduction for all Warriors to see
    – Why you became a Warrior
    – What your ambitions are
  2. Demonstration understanding of your Warrior training
    – Discuss in detail which skills should be prioritized during training and why
  3. Slay 25 enemies in the presence of a Vanguard
    – Enemies to be chosen by your Vanguard
  4. Slay Sherabas, the Spider
    – You will be required to find her alone
    – Only your Vanguard may assist you
  5. Demonstration understanding of your weapons
    – Discuss in detail how weapons can be improved through Forging and Smithing
  6. Scount a New Enemy
    – Provide a full description of an enemy or class of enemies that are appropriate hunting targets for Warriors
    – Provide the weaknesses and strengths of the enemy
  7. Gain 10 Guild Levels (or up to Guild Level 300)


Title: Conscript
Item: Conscript’s Ring


  1. Compile a History
    – Choose a topic and provide a brief history for all Warriors to see
    – This can be general (History of the Guild) or specific (History of a Person)
    – The History should be presented to the Vanguard after the Warriors see it
  2. Compile a Reconnaissance Report
    – Identify an enemy occupying a distrinct region
    – Provide a full description of their speed, strengths, weaknesses, weapons, armor, hierarchy, health, and resistances
    – Provide a detailed plan on how you would attack this enemy
  3. Forge a Complete Set of Armor
    – A full set of colored mithril armor must be crafted
    – This task should be completed with a Vanguard present
    – This task should be completed in the Guild’s Forge
  4. Slay 50 enemies in the presence of a Vanguard
    – Enemies to be chosen by your Vanguard
  5. Slay 3 Giant Ambassadors
    – You must strike the killing blow to 3 Giant Ambassadors in the Ancestrial Giant Cave
    – Only the Vanguard and one other Warrior may assist
  6. Gain 10 Guild Levels (or up to Guild Level 300)


Title: Grunt

Item: None


  1. Study the Book of Zir
    – Demonstrate understanding of the information contained in the book
    – The Vanguard may ask you questions and your interpretations
  2. Map an Enemy’s Home
    – Create a map of an enemy’s home
    – The Enemy will be provided by the Vanguard
    – This should contain the layout as well as what enemies might be found there
    – Note: Quests and Secrets should not be listed
  3. Fight Alongside a Warrior
    – The Vanguard will select another Warrior for you to fight alongside with
  4. Slay 100 enemies in the presence of a Vanugard
    – Enemies to be chosen by your Vanguard
  5. Slay the Dragon Spawn of FLamebright
    – You will be required to find him alone
    – Only your Vanguard and two additional Warriors may assist you
  6. Gain 10 Guild Levels (or up to Guild Level 300)


Title: Armsman
Item: Bloodsoaked Battle Cleats


  1. Discuss a Historic Guild Event
    – While in the “Bunk Room” you should recount the historic event to all Warriors present
    – This should be done with your Vanguard present
    – This should be told in your own words
  2. Meeting with an Officer
    – Discuss your experiences as a Warrior
    – Discuss your experience in the Vanguard Program
    – Review the Warrior Policy
    – A full summary of the discuss will be provided to the Vanguard
  3. Attend a Guild Hunt
    – Attend and provide an active role in a hunt
    – All gold earned during this hunt should go to the guild
    – You should tithe 100% to the guild during this hunt
  4. Slay Relocov, the Dark Elf Archer
    – You will be required to find him alone
    – Only your Vanguard and two additional Warriors may assist you
  5. Gain 10 Guild Levels (or up to Guild Level 300)


Title: Soldier
Item: None


  1. Document an Adventure
    – Provide a thorough and creative account of a recent adventure for all Warriors to see
    – The adventure should fit the ideals and ethos of the Warriors
  2. Assist a Young Warrior
    – Serve as a guide to a new Warrior
    – This should include instructing the Warrior in Warrior policies
    – Provide advice on training and strategy
    – The Warrior should reach out to your Vanguard to provide verification of this discussion
  3. Slay Grun’thag the Orc King
    – You alone should organize a Warrior hunt to find and kill the King
    – Discussion on strategy and tactics during the fight should be lead by you
    – This should be a Warrior hunt only
  4. Meet with the Guild Master and Vanguard
    – Discuss future responsibilities and roles within the Warriors
    – Provide understanding of why the Vanguard Program is important
  5. Gain 20 Guild Levels (or up to Guild Level 300)


Following the completion of the final rank, a graduation ceremony will be held. At this ceremony, the Warrior’s Vanguard, the Head Vanguard, the Guild Lieutenant with whom the Warrior met, and the Guild Master will all speak, each relating their impressions of the Warrior during his time in the program. Following this, the Head Vanguard will announce the Warrior’s graduation from the program, at which point he is entitled to a Spiked Neckband, the Warrior title and a discretionary gold award. These rewards will be given to him during the ceremony by the Guild Master.