Warlocks Guild

Hero: Sethra
Guild Master: Ravon
Guild Officers: Pari
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To exist within the Warlocks' Guild is an endless struggle in which victory is simply to exist another day. To succeed or lead within the guild, is a great accomplishment. A position within the Warlocks’ Guild, be it of leadership or membership, is powerful enough to wear down even the hardiest of souls. The weak are destroyed in the great tide of power struggle within the guild. Some of the greatest individuals to ever grace the heavens, came from the Warlocks’ Guild. For those who surpass the struggle to achieve something beyond the guild, they are all the better for it.

Members of the Warlocks’ Guild are required to maintain a guild level equal to or greater than, one half of their land level.

Upon completing the quest to join, you will receive the following skills:

Sorcery spell use, Cabalistic ability, Magical dexterity, and Spell resistance