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Once situated in the south-western corner of Devardec, the Golden City of the Sun Child, upon a forgotten road within a disregarded part of town, laid the Guild of Rogues. Unlike its sister city, Tranos, Devardec is a city of high esteem and upholds its name through its guilds. A guild such as the Rogues, it has been fabled, holds within it the heroes of the people, the defenders of the common folk, and they are known for scattering honor and generosity throughout the realms.

This close knit community of like minded individuals is like a large family, with each member looking after their brothers and sisters from the guild. Skilled in multiple traits, rogues stalk the realms as hidden shadows keeping a watchful eye upon those who lavishly exploit others. To be a rogue it takes more than a dagger and being a hidden shadow; a rogue is built not bred.

The Rogues were the shadow-garbed, defenders of the Golden City. They are the alley-dwellers and the roof-walkers. Leaping across the spires of the palace, dwelling beneath the towers of the Mage’s Guild, they have held tight, the darker side of Devardec. The Rogues are the shadows you see, that dance and sing upon the edges of the Central Plaza.

Great mirth fills the halls of the Rogues as will it, until the realm should fall. Rogues enjoy the joviality of the guild, and a Rogue rests easy each night, knowing that what ever they do, is for the benefit of their exploited underclass friends… Well, either that or they sleep easy due to the copious amounts of alcohol drunk before retiring for the evening.

Rogues gain the skills of finding and disarming traps, opening locks, lacing weapons with toxic poisons and the ability to possibly inflict mortal blows with just one slice of their blade. A Rogue that proves themselves get various benefits including a Stealthy Weasel, especially, and individually trained for each Guild member.

During the war between the Shadows and Light the Rogues became unwelcome by the new Baron of Devardec. Because of this the guild began to move to one of their many outposts. They now reside in the City of Goldcroft.

Upon completing the quest to join, you will a Rogues’ Guild Key and receive the following skills:

Stealth, Pick Pockets, Pick locks, Remove Traps, and Riding



The purpose of this charter is to welcome the newer members to our family and to tell you a little about what it means to be a Rogue. Quite a few things will be explained below, such as:

– The current systems of the guild ranks

– The different positions that you may be able to occupy in the guild

– How to scamper about on the rooftops of Goldcroft and Devardec

In the following are some important rules and general guidelines. The Rogues’ Guild is full of all sorts, and so pretty much anything goes. However, if you use your common sense and try not to annoy too many people, you shall fit in well.

Rogues are the defenders of the common people. We are a carefree, hearty folk who live to help others while, in some cases, benefiting them as well. Furthermore, for the most part, Rogues are a happy-go-lucky kind of people who love a good adventure story, hunting parties, getting drunk, or a tall tale. We are the Masters and Mistresses of the rooftops, and the dwellers of the alleyways and dark places of Devardec. Rogues are masters of Stealth, Deception, and Silence. We are lovers of the land, their city, and are often seen as the underdogs of the realm.

Although we attract many Thieves, we have a great variety of other classes and races that walk these halls: Rangers, Battlemages, Fighters, Monks, Sorcerers, and even Berserkers. We cannot, at any time, forget the importance of the other classes like the hard-hitting Warriors, the kind Shamans, and the Mages of old. Just as they cannot forget the effectiveness of our surprise attacks from the shadows, stealthy movements throughout the land, our ability to coat weapons with poison, and pick the locks on doors and chests. We encourage the involvement of different classes in hunting and exploring parties.


Tithing benefits the guild an incredible amount. It allows Guild Officers to buy guild luck. These things, you will find, are quite nice, and in turn benefit you. Additionally, the Guild uses tithe for any changes or updates it ever wishes to have. You will also find a great deal of reward for yourself from guild tithing and gaining guild ranks within the land.

Guild Locker Usage

The guild locker holds awards and other things of value which you are free to inquire about with an Article I authority in the Guild. It is in no way your personal storage bin if your own locker is full. Once an item is lockered only the GM or a GL can remove it.

General Rules

  1. You are not to kill Guild Innocents for any reason.
  2. Items sold in guild shops are for Rogues only.
  3. Items earned through the point program are for you only.
  4. You must respect all Immortals, Heroes, Rogue Leaders, and other Rogues.
  5. The teaching of Assassination to any non-Rogue is forbidden.

Guild Punishments

  1. Placed on Guild Probation for 1 Month (IC)
  2. Placed on Guild Probation for 1 Year (IC)
  3. Removal of all Guild Items
  4. Removal from the Guild

Note: If caught or proven to be teaching Assassination to a non-Rogue your memory of the skill will be removed by Lady Vasari


General Titles

After reaching guild level 10, you can select any of the actual Guild Titles that you have reached within the guild. As you progress through the ranks you can ask that your Title match your guild rank.

Personalized Titles

After reaching guild level 10, you can ask a Guild Officer for a quest to obtain a personalized title. Once the task is complete you will be required to share your experiences during the task with the rest of the guild. Generally these tasks are difficult and will require you to do something similar to what title you would like to hold.

Retired Titles

The following titles have been retired, in honor of Rogues who have left us, or Rogues who have contributed in someway to our guild, either in the form of dedication as a Guild Officer, or long standing service as a Rogue.

Uncle: Artful_dodger

Grandma: Kheryn

Sheepkiller: Arabin

Mr.: Silk

Beer Fairy: Lypquinsi

Rogue Cartographer: D’kemp

Sherlock: Smagus

Rogue Jedi: Greta

The Showstopper: Stormknight

The Undertaker: Gunna-Kill-Ya

Inconsequential: Crun

Serpent of Eden: Mordorith

Prince of Darkness: Lusipher

Eyes without a Face: Ekkasia

Master of Sails: Shorn

Rogue Oracle: Julienne

Devil’s Advocate: Spindal

Guild Lush: Casee

Lady of the Rogues: Feya


Making a Request

A Rogue in good standing may request one (1) item from the award list provided their guild level satisfies the requirement of the tier assigned—listed in a later section—to that item. Petitions for a generic item award may be executed by contacting any Rogue Officer (do NOT bother Silk with the generic reward requests). All you need do is inform any Officer you wish to take advantage of this policy. The Rogue requesting need not be subscribed (paying) in the lands so long as their guild level meets the minimum requirement of the tier and they are in good standing.

The Trial and The Record

Once the Rogue of appropriate guild level and good standing petitions an Officer for a generic item award, the Rogue will then be tried in a method that suits the pleasure of the Rogue Officer whom is the recipient of the Rogue’s request. Guild needs and personal experience are all factored in so expect the worst and hope for the best. No matter how formidable a certain task may seem, know that no trial will be administered that cannot be eventually bested by you. You should not expect any strict template amongst the Officers. Similarly, you should not expect greater ease corresponding to lower tiered items.

On the other hand, what will be critical to note is that no trial is deemed passed or fulfilled until the Rogue whom made the request has posted a record of their adventure on either the public or private guild forums.

Whether the Rogue elects to record their dealings on the public or private board is a decision largely left to the discretion of that particular Rogue. Things to consider in choice of forum: nature of the trial given and personal willingness to publicize certain deeds. These posts need not be voluminous novels contemplating the philosophies of scholars past, nor are the posts anticipated to place any undue hardships on the Rogue desirous of the generic item awards. The posts are simply a recording of the Rogue’s adventure following the trial received by them. The only two requirements for these posts are: (1) the effort is the product of good faith and planning that displays the work was worth the reward, and (2) the post either mentions the Officer’s task explicitly or mentions the assigned task in a form equally indicative of the Officer’s trial.

The following are suggestions for the requesting Rogue’s forum record: the means the Rogue employed to accomplish their goal; character development; things the Rogue found personally interesting about the trial; things the Rogue disliked or found challenging about the trial; any other artistic, crafty idea that suits your whim (have fun with it!).

Award Proceedings

Once the tale of the Rogue’s adventure is complete and viewable on the Guild forums, they should be patient whilst it is in review. Though it is not necessary to do so, the Rogue is welcome to follow up with the assigning Officer as to respectfully inform them that they have finished the task. As one message by pigeon or in the realms is enough, Rogues having finished their records are asked not to exceed this number of follow ups.

The Guild’s Officers shall thereafter revisit the published adventure and make their reply to its author no later than three (3) days’ otherworldly (earth) time after the date it was posted. At the time all is deemed well, the event’s assigning officer will arrange pigeons (e-mail) sent to both Silk and the Rogue to be awarded. From there, Silk will contact the Rogue or schedule an opportune date for award.

Under absolutely no circumstances should any member of this Guild involved in the program attempt to communicate with any other immortal about receipt of the item involved in this program. Failure to follow this simple rule shall result in the item’s forfeiture with no foreseeable prospects of refund. By the same token, Rogues outside of office—-those who are not GL’s or the GM—-should never attempt to expedite their receipt of the award through our Patron Silk. All business Silk has with members of the Guild interested in this program will be first conducted by him, not us.

Frequency of Award Limitations – Two Weeks

Assuming a genuine record from the requesting Rogue is made on the forums, the date of their post (not the date of the award) will start an otherworldly clock to run for a period of two weeks. During that two week period following the Rogue’s adventure, no further requests for other generic item awards will be entertained by those in Office from that Rogue. For this reason, you are advised to carefully consider what it is you want when making the original request. There is no reversal of a request after a trial is administered, no “I changed my mind”, etc. Think; calculate. Once two full otherworldly weeks have elapsed, the Rogue is free to repeat this process.


Guild Level 9: Brilliant Golden Cloak, Knee-High Leather Boots, Fine Plaid kilt

Guild Level 19: Elemental Charm

Guild Level 39: Bow named “True Flight”, Robes of Protection, Glowing Gauntlets, Boots of Terror, Intricate Helm, Dark Dart of Death, Steel-Webbed Gloves

Guild Level 49: Black Ash Gloves, Black Ash Robe, Battle Gloves, Pounded Helm, Pounded Armor, Black Lined Gauntlets, Armored Cape, Woven Mail Boots, Shield of Bezels, Helm of the Ancients, Golden Leggings, Darchin’s Boots, Ancient Charm, Silver Heart Pendant (enchanted with a non-druid spell), Soul Cleaver, Blade of Severing, Whip Sling, Ancient Bow, Silver Armband, Satin Cape, Green Dress, Leather Coat, Willow Cape, Battle Dress, Thunder Sword, White Worm, Giant Turkey, Unseen Cloak, Comfy Old Robe, Ring of the Elements, Poison Hair Clip, Cloak of the Leopard, Dragon Scale Gauntlets, Griffin Sword, Blade of Destiny, Thin Coil of Wire

Guild Level 74: Rainier’s Boots of Agility

Special Rewards

Sly Weasel:

The fabled Sly Weasel of the Rogues’ Guild is no ordinary beast. There exists a certain breed of the most cunning weasel in Norland that only Rogues have been able capture and train as their faithful companions. Some say that this is because only a Rogue is cunning enough to catch it.

One thing is certain, however. A Rogue who is lucky enough to capture one of these Weasels in the wild will find it a faithful companion forever.

Once you have attained Guild Level 74 and Age 45, you are primed to seek out the Weasel’s Den by seeking out an Article I authority and stating your intention to brave the adventure. Additionally, seeing as a Rogue who joins the ranks of the Weasel riders has accomplished a great milestone in the Guild, you will be asked to share with us your tale on the message boards.

Special Black Mithril Items:

  1. Black Full Plate Armor: You may ask an Article I authority for a quest to receive this item at Guild Level 49 and Age 30.

  2. Tri-Bladed Black Sword: You may ask an Article I authority for a quest to receive this item at Guild Level 49 and Age 20.

Durain’s Dagger:

A special swashbuckling weapon which is grantable by the Article I authorities to a Rogue who has shown great dedication to the Guild.

Oak-Handled Knife:

An exceptionally rare Elder weapon which is grantable only by the Patron of the Guild.



Guild Master

The mortal leader of the guild in all matters. They have almost complete control of the guild and is entrusted with the responsibility to faithfully—and without bias—execute and uphold the rules, laws, and tenets of the Rogues’ Guild and the ideas expressed in the Charter of the organization.

The Guild Master is required to act in the best interest of the Guild, including making treaties with other guilds and securing positions in the cities and realms throughout the lands.

Guild Lieutenants

The officers are the go-between for the guild members and the Guild Master. They should seek to assist provide a direction for the guild and ensure that the guild follows that direction.

When the Guild Master is not available, the officer will serve as the leader for the guild in all matters.

Outpost Ambassadors

A paid office whereby the Guild Master at his or her discretion may employ a Rogue and reward them for their work in the Guild’s outposts.

– Keep updated log of all outpost activities

– Act as a liaison between the Guild and the City/Realm Leadership

Election Procedure

Elections will occur every 6 OOC months or when an open position exists.


  1. Self-Nomination should be submitted to the Patron and Guild Operations
  2. You must provide a plan of action for your potential term
  3. You must be in the Rogues’ Guild
  4. You must be able to complete a full term in office
  5. All OGC policies must be followed


  1. You must be in the Rogues’ Guild
  2. You cannot be on Guild Probation
  3. You must be at least 21 years old

Note: Voting will occur via the in-game Guildvote functionality