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Hero: Erawan
Guild Master: Sylvanna
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The Rangers are a family of self-sufficient individuals committed to wandering the realm, protecting the forests and forging their own paths. Rangers are the explorers and pioneers of the realm, striving to unlock and understand the mysteries that surround them. Rangers utilise their training in healing, fighting and awareness to master new situations, solve problems and survive in the harsh world of Terris.

The Rangers’ Guild welcomes members from all classes, races and backgrounds as the guild believes understanding those around us is paramount in the search for knowledge. Rangers form no judgements about others, realising we each have something to contribute to the whole of the land. Because most Rangers travel alone or in small groups, the guild offers many programs to empower Rangers with the information and skills they need to survive and protect the forests where they live.

One of the challenges of this guild is being able to find it. Upon completing the quest to join, you will receive the following skills:

Missile weapons, Called shot, Herbalism, Multiple attacks, Poisoning


The Rangers Code

Rangers share a special existence and must maintain a balance within themselves. The Forest accepts all classes of beings and encourages diversity in experience, skills and knowledge. Our quest for knowledge is so strong, we do not judge those who think or act differently. Like our ancestors we retreat to the forests to learn new ways, not condemn or judge those who may think differently. We all walk different paths and must respect that all paths may lead to the same destination of truth.

The community as a whole is neutral, which means we accept all philosophies within our ranks without judging. As long as one is committed to the protection of the forests and the pursuit of knowledge, commitment to evil or good is irrelevant. We are open-minded and seek to learn from all people so that we may grow in our own prowess.

Rangers are the shining example of resourcefulness and self-sufficiency. We work well with others but prefer solitude, for our power lies within us and the knowledge we obtain. We set the highest standards for all to follow and admire, for we ruthlessly face challenges without hesitation or cowardice. We believe there is nothing we cannot gain or achieve. We are a responsible and sensible group; we are conscientious and courteous. We defy tyranny and conquer our enemies with voracity and swiftness. We strive for balance in our many skills. Though we are compassionate, we do not suffer fools for we are industrious and ambitious. We are explorers and quick to learn other arts because we believe information is power.

Rangers must keep the exact entrance to the Guild a secret. Only those willing to protect the forest from those who would retake this land, the trolls, are to be given hints in finding our fabled tree. They must find it on their own; so that we can be sure they have the ability to survive the rigors that we nearly succumbed to so long ago.

Although we are usually solitary, it is necessary that we help each other as much as possible. The strong sense of individuality is tempered by the overriding loyalty to the community. One cannot protect the forest alone, the community working as a whole must be united against the enemies of the forest. Therefore for the community that defines what you are and teaches you the way you live and survive comes first.

Remember that since we are a community and we depend on each and every individual to make the community successful, we must help the fledgling Rangers to succeed. Individuality is important as one must be able to depend on their own council, but if you do not sponsor and assist the newer members to also be able to do this, in just a few generations, the Ranger community will have lost the battle. Keep in mind however, that assistance must be merited and earned. Teach the younger to fish, don’t fish for them. More importantly, cheating will not be tolerated, as cheating is not in character for the roleplay of a Ranger in any way.

The community is paramount to the survival of the forest, which is the reason the community was even created in the first place. Even though Rangers are autonomous in their individuality the leaders of the community still hold some authority. This is the authority over the community as a whole, and without some form of leadership the community would perish as each initiative taken would not be coordinated with any other, and things would be in conflict and eventually fall apart. In this light, the Ranger understands the importance of respecting authority of the community, and respecting the authority of the powers that be–the Immortals and Heroes of the land. Likewise, all those in positions of authority realize and accept their responsibility to the forest. They acknowledge that all voices are equally important and all opinions must be carefully weighed in the pursuit of balance and fairness. The lines of communication shall always remain open and every Ranger has the right to voice their opinions, thoughts or ideas to any Guild Officer or the Guild Heroes.

The original community of Rangers was not an official Guild, but with Roachmill’s acceptance as a Guildmaster the leaders of the community and Roachmill appealed to the council of Guilds and were soon accepted as an official Guild of Terris. The attitude of the Guild is still the attitude of the community, regardless of its official status.

Mission Statement

The Rangers are a family of self-sufficient individuals committed to exploring the realm, protecting the forests, and forging their own paths. Rangers are the pioneers of the realm, standing at the forefront of the battle for new frontiers. Rangers utilize their training in tactics both individual and community based to: master new situations, solve problems, and help the community survive in the harsh world of Terris.

The Community

The community is a conglomeration of Ranger ego, individuality, and self- reliance. This at times may seem to be a paradox, but the very existence of the community requires the solidarity and semi-autonomy of the individual Ranger. Every Ranger is equal in the eyes of the forest and all have a voice which needs to be heard. As a family, no one Ranger is better than any other. Any Ranger who wishes to become involved in the nourishing of the forest is invited to do so. Each Guild Officer organizes and maintains a program which is always in need of fresh faces and new ideas..


Guild Master/Mistress (GM)

The GM is the leader of the Guild and upholds the ideals, values, and codes of the Guild. The GM is viewed as the example for all to follow and maintains the highest standards. The GM is responsible, wary, understanding, objective and fair. Although the GM is a political figure, the GM will not possess the qualities that a traditional politician has for the GM is a Ranger in mind, spirit, and ideals like any other. The GM works closely with the GLs to ensure the smooth running of all programs.


  • The GM is responsible for making decisions concerning the physical maintenance and development of the Guild after consultation with the Guild Patrons
  • Is responsible for keeping track of the Guild locker and the treasury and tracking experience tithed by members.
  • Has the ability to settle disputes among members within the Guild and is expected to judge with fairness, objectivity, and discernment
  • Has the ability in settling disputes concerning the Guild and in its best interest, with full Guild power
  • Speaks for the Guild and all of its members and is directly responsible for addressing and resolving disputes or issues outside of the Guild
  • Is responsible for defending and protecting members to the best of his or her ability
  • Has a duty to provide guidance and advice to members when possible
  • Has the discretion to award or sell members items from the Guild locker
  • Has the discretion to set Guild titles and the requirements of earning them
  • Has the discretion to summon members into the Guild,
  • Has the obligation and duty not to use the position for personal gain
  • Has the responsibility and duty of setting the example for the whole Guild
  • Has the duty to keep members well informed of decisions in the name of the Guild through posts on the message boards, meetings, or announcements
  • Has the duty to hear comments, suggestions, and complaints of members to the best of the GM’s ability and has the power to make decisions if necessary

Guild Lieutenant(s) (GLs)

The Guild Lieutenants are held to the descriptions listed from #6-14 at all times and, conservatively, #1-5 in the absence of the GM. They provide additional leadership to the Guild and have some powers invested in them for the benefit of the Guild. These individuals must consult and report all actions taken on the behalf of the Guild to the Guildmaster/mistress immediately and consult with the GM on a regular basis.

All GLs are responsible to hold regularly scheduled or spontaneous events and hunts for the guild members on a regular basis. (minimum of 2 per month, per GL) The GLs are responsible for welcoming new Rangers and providing them an opportunity to receive a mentor if desired; helping uphold Ranger traditions and history; and aiding with guild activity.

Election Rules

Guild Officers (GO) include the Guild Master/Mistress (GM) and three Guild Lieutenant (GL) positions. Alternating GM and GL elections will be held every 6 RL months. A full GL election will always take place in March and September. The GM election will always take place in June and December. There are two exceptions to this:

  1. Vacancy. If a GL position is vacated mid-term, it will be filled by appointment to meet the needs of the Guild. GL vacancies will be filled by appointment as soon as possible after notice is given, or replacement directed.
    1. Appointees for GL will be selected by the GM.
    2. If the GM position is vacated, an emergency election will occur under all the rules of election.
    3. Any GO position filled midterm will be up for election at the next scheduled election for that office, regardless of duration held.
  2. Vote of Confidence: 5 subscribed members petition the Patron for a vote of no confidence because they are displeased with a particular officer. If the grievances are found to be valid, this will result in a mid-term election taking place for that position only. The officer being petitioned against may run in this election. In this case, the newly elected GO(s) (as per number 1 above) will retain office until the next scheduled election for that particular office, regardless of duration held.

During elections, a nomination period is initially held. Guild members will be given two weeks advance notice of the upcoming election. The nomination and voting periods will each last one week.

Any Ranger who wishes to run in any election, and meets all the eligibility requirements, may nominate themselves by posting their intent on the nomination thread. This post should be respectful, and during a GM election, include your plans and goals for the guild. No campaigning is permitted in guild shouts.


  1. You must be a subscribed Ranger in good standing, and at least 25 years of age.
  2. You must NOT share your account.
  3. You must commit to putting in the time to fulfill your officer responsibilities as outlined by the charter under “Leadership” and any additional projects pertinent to the position. Failure to keep up with these duties for a period of one two months will result in a verbal warning from the GM. If the issues are not resolved then the GM and the divinities may dismiss you at their discretion (the same applies for the GM, but at a higher level). An exception to this is if you are going on vacation or having computer difficulties and inform the GM of the situation, but even then if you are unable to meet your duties for more than 3 months you will need to be replaced, though are welcome to run again.
  4. You must be willing to work on any of the Guild programs and to be switched amongst the programs as needed to meet the goals and needs of the Guild.
  5. Ranger GLs may run for the office of GM without putting their own position up for election.


  • Minimum age requirement of 21
  • One vote per ranger.
  • For GLs: Each Ranger will vote for a number of candiates equal to the number of positions available.
  • For GM: Each Ranger will vote for 1 candidate of their choice.

Guildmaster Elections are held using the in-game Election voting system. (HELP GUILDVOTE).

Guild Lieutenant Elections are held using the email voting system.

Please note:

Only subscribed members are able to vote.

Candidates may vote for themselves.

Non-compliance with any of the above requirements will result in disqualification. Any valid dispute must be presented to the Guild Patron. All decisions regarding eligibility and/or disqualification will be made by majority vote from the Patron, Hero and the GOs that are not running for office.

Right to Petition

Rangers have the right to voice concerns regarding the administration of the Guild in an appropriate manner without threat, snide or degrading remarks, or repercussion from said administration. Along with this right comes the requirement to offer respectful solutions. Every effort must be made to remedy the situation by consulting with the Guild Officers and Hero/Patron.

Petitions may be filed by 5 subscribed members of the Guild in the event of discrepancies or violations in the administration of the Guild and this Charter – which cannot be resolved by the GO’s. The petition must state the problem, a discussion of the situation, and recommended solution(s). This petition must be sent to the Guild Hero, Patron, and Guildops for review and remedy.

Revision History


revised: Feb. 15, 2014

  • Number of GLs reduced from three (3) to two (2)
  • Updated GL definition (removed Role-specific designations)
  • Clarification of election processes- GM (guildvote) \ GL(email vote)

revised: Nov 6, 2013

  • changes noted here https://www.legendsofterris.com/archiveboards/dcboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=38&topic_id=10100&mesg_id=10100
  • Minimum requirements added to GL duties
  • Election/voting eligibility: in-game time requirements removed
  • Election/voting eligibility: items that required knowledge of alts removed
  • Age requirement for GM set to 25
  • Age requirement for voting set to 21
  • Switch to in-game guildvote election
  • Removed GM duty: #3.Has the duty to hold fair and impartial elections
  • GL position of Scribe removed
  • Vacancy rules adjusted slightly
  • Consolidated eligiblity rules and removed redundancies

revised: July 14, 2013

revised: Sept 7, 2006

  • changes noted here https://www.legendsofterris.com/archiveboards/dcboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=38&topic_id=7369&mesg_id=7369&page=42
  • Number of GLs reduced from five (5) to three (3)
  • Added the word “always” to stipulation of when elections are held
  • Clarified term of appointed officers
  • Removed: wording of “the current administration” from the No Confidence provision
  • Changed required nominations from five (5) to three (3)
  • Clarified GM process if only one (1) ranger receives the required nominations
  • Clarified GL process with regards to # of nominations received vs positions available
  • Clarified # of nominations that Rangers are allowed to nominate in GM & GL elections
  • Change in GL voting procedure – Rangers only cast one (1) vote for GL, candidates with top 3 vote counts win
  • Change in voting procedure – moved to one ranger/one vote system
  • Addition of Right to Petition

revised: Jan 25, 2002

  • changes noted here https://www.legendsofterris.com/archiveboards/dcboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=38&topic_id=2211&mesg_id=2211&page=122
  • Change in Guild Scribe description
  • Removed: Provision for 1st officer of newly created gl position to be appointed
  • Added: wording of “the current administration” to the No Confidence provision
  • Removed: You may run for only one GL position and must state your preference in the post.
  • Removed: GLs must serve one half of their current term prior to seeking a different GL position.
  • Removed: GLs eligible to run for a different GL position must first resign from their current position.
  • Age and glvl requirement removed from nomination eligibility
  • Game time requirement added to nominating/voting eligibility

revised: Jan 31, 2001

revised: August 1997

details unknown

historical reference here https://www.legendsofterris.com/archiveboards/dcboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=38&topic_id=11&mesg_id=11&page=150