Monks’ Guild

Patron: Omnicat
Guild Master: Fearecia
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The Monks' Guild is a peaceful place of worship. That is not to say that they never fight, alas the world is in such a state that even they have had to learn combat. Often a powerful force, monks have the ability to attack quickly using hands, feet, and even their heads. Some have even learned how to call upon the natural forces around them to aid in their work.

Located in Devardec they have often been seen as a force of good and light. Those that rise through the ranks can call upon a unicorn to assist them.

Those who successfully meet the challenge to join this guild will attain the following skills:

Dodging, Remove Traps, Martial Arts, Toughness, and Stealth


This charter contains the general guidelines for members of the Monks’ Guild. While these are only guidelines, members are expected to follow the spirit of the words, if not the words themselves. This charter is not all-inclusive, and you should respect the words of Guild Officers as well as Elders when determining what actions would and would not be acceptable within the Guild.

  1. Monks are required to have fun at all times. While we must first respect others beliefs, opinions, and feelings, we must also always remember that we are here to have fun.
  2. Monks are expected to be considerate of all Terrisians and seek, where possible, to avoid escalating conflicts that may arise with other citizens of the land. A Monk must consider not only the effect their actions may have on others but also the effect those actions may have on the guild.
  3. Our Guild Patron and Heroes should be welcomed when they come into the realm, and ALL divine beings are to be treated with your utmost respect at all times.
  4. Monks should be helpful to others when possible; however, it is forbidden by both the game’s policy and the guild’s policy for you to lead on quests, etc. Also consider that in your attempt to help the person, you are possibly hindering them with dependence.
  5. A Monk should hold tolerance dear to themselves, and be wary of passing judgment on any individual, guild, or race. A monk respects those that are different, and does not show prejudice to anyone. Remember that the Guild was built as a sanctuary where those of all races, creeds, and social standing are free to worship and study.
  6. No Monk should learn from or teach skills to others. The short-term benefits are outweighed by long-term hindrance. The exception may be Physical Training and Spiritual Karma, where the long-term goals are defined by the short-term gain. However, if later in your life you’ve attained skills that you find you may only become better at through teaching sessions with others, please feel free to pursue those avenues.
  7. While Monks can become some of the strongest combatants in Terris, no Monk should make this their sole primary focus. A Monk’s life should be about more than simple physical prowess and material gains. Always remember Balance.
  8. The killing of Guild Innocents is STRICTLY forbidden. While we will not dictate the life you lead should you choose to become an Outlaw, the innocents within our Guild will never attack you. To attack them is disrespectful to the Guild, and will not be tolerated. An attack on a Guild Innocent is an attack on the Guild itself.
  9. There is no set limit on guild tithing. However, when there is an official Guild event going on (which includes Pack Hunts, Dojo Events, or other deemed Events), it is fully expected and required that you tithe 100% to the guild if you are taking place in it.
  10. All Monks of the Brother/Sister rank are expected to actively welcome and greet new members of the Guild, as well as grant them the long flowing robes and faint spiritual light. Further, should you have it to spare, please spend time with them to explain some of the charter, GNotices, GuildStats (GS), and the boards.
  11. Out of respect for the others, it is requested that you dismount and put your weapons away during Guild Meetings, and when inside the Dojo (unless a Dojo Event that requires fighting is taking place). Also, please do not hide or go invisible during Guild Meetings.
  12. In the event that the Guild is attacked, ALL Monks are required to return to the Guild and defend it. The Guild is your home, and should be respected and defended as such. To not defend the guild is to show both indifference and disrespect for it.
  13. Guildshouts are not to be used for asking for raises, rezzes, colors, etc. If you need aid and cannot find it though other means, please use GWho and ask Monks directly. Keep in mind that the other Monks may have lives, and may not be able to help you, or even respond. Remember that you’re asking them for a favor, and to be respectful in doing so. While on Guildshouts, you should make it a habit to ‘tag’ your Guildshouts with your name, so that others can respond to you directly. Finally, should a Guild Officer or Elder mention that a topic in Guildshouts is inappropriate, change the subject immediately.
  14. The traditions of the Guild are essential to our identity. Many common practices and guidelines not written in stone here are part of our Guild. With that in mind, always give appropriate consideration to the words of a Guild Elder or Sensei, as they should be highly regarded for both their personal wisdom and their knowledge of the Guild’s ways. This charter was not written by any single Monk. It has been written over centuries, by every action, every belief held by every true Monk. We should always remember Guildmasters Keraptis, Mitchellx, and Liepo for finding the words to define the actions of all.

Elder Monks

Path to Becoming an Elder

  1. Time in Land: 25 days+
  2. Age: 35+
  3. Guild Level Requirement: At least 50% of your land level
  4. Trained as a Sensei
  5. Rank Requirement white.
  6. Pass a Task to test their weaknesses
  7. Pass an Elder test
  8. Post for the guild a brief personal history:
  • Brief History
  • Time in the Guild
  • View of the Way
  1. Members of a “Darker Alignment” must prove their loyalty to the Guild first.

Ranks Leading to Elder

Cyan: All brothers will start here

Violet: Those that help new members and are active in Guild affairs

Orange: Must be trained as a Sensei

White: Depends upon tasks and tests set for each specific person