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Patron: Omnicat
Guild Master: Anera
Guild Officers: Lamaenor
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This guild is the natural home to the tinkering spell caster. The enchanters like nothing more than mixing and matching items of arcana. Rods, staves and rings are all empowered by the many skills that the enchanters wield. Enchanters gain many tools to aid them in the creation of magical items.

Upon completing the quest to join, you will receive a Healing Potion Maker and the following skills: Discharge, Spell Resistance, Magical Dexterity, Cabalistic Ability, Lore , Arcana


In the guild locker lies the sacred pulsating multi-faceted Alterian’s Gem that holds the Enchanter’s destiny. Unbeknownst to our ancestors, one day the gem began to glow more brightly and began to quiver and shake. The next morning the oldest Enchanter awoke to find himself compelled to write this doctrine for all to live by and obey. It went something like this


Test of Worthiness (Entrance Quest): Every guild member will complete the test of worthiness of their own merit. Should any member be caught giving out or receiving the quest item for entry of the guild, it will result in the most severe of punishments and most likely expulsion from the guild. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Every Enchanter holds the pride of earning their way in the land of Terris.

Representation of the Guild

A. Role Playing – All such members will at all times stay in character both inside and outside the guild. This is most important outside the guild as you represent all the Enchanters in the guild in the overall land.

B. Quest Knowledge – At no time will any such member ask for or freely give quest information, nor shall they accept guild items from any other guild other than the Enchanters Guild.

Guild Orientation

All members are required to read and obey the charter and all its documents and contents. It is also suggested they select a Mentor. Mentors are distinguished by an tilde (~) in their title and will introduce themselves to all new members, the list can also be found gnotices. They will be on hand for guidance, questions and knowledge should anyone have need of their services. The GM and GLs, recognized by either titles and/or their name on guild status (GS) will also provide new members a formal greeting of welcome and will make sure that the charter has been read. These actions will insure that the guild follows our ancestors family-like atmosphere and of kindred spirits.

Guild Dues

It is recommended that you keep your guild level within five levels of your land level. Enchanters are proud of their guild and continuously strive to prepare themselves for the destiny of greatness as foretold by Alterian.


Guild members may receive a free guild resurrection from the GM or GLs if they are in good standing. Members striving towards higher guild levels or youngsters may receive a free guild resurrection upon the discretion of the GM or GL. Free resurrections will be limited to 1 resurrection per day not including guild hunts or any special events. Being resurrected shall be considered a privilege and not entitlement. Should any member abuse this, that member will have such privileges revoked. Should an Enchanter receive resurrections outside of the guild they are to offer payment (rune + labor). If the Enchanter has no gold or other form of payment for such a resurrection, then they are to forsake any offers and die. If the person performing the resurrection refuses payment then the Enchanter is to suggest the payment in a form of a donation; uses for future education or suggest a gift or an exchange of services. If, however, you do not have gold on hand immediately, yet it is available in the bank, you may request to be resurrected. You are to go to the bank immediately to pay for your services. No loans or going to gather gold pieces is permitted after the fact. No Enchanter shall receive a free resurrection from the same individual more than twice. You are to find another to resurrect you or you are to make some type of payment to the first individual. This is our way of life. Although we graciously and humbly accept these precious gifts, the Enchanter has pride and honor and prefers to earn his or her own way in the land.

Games and Contests

Any member may participate in games and contests, unless on probation.

Guild Mounts

The Enchanter’s guild mounts are the gargoyles, Runebeast and the leviathan. The Pearl White gargoyle is awarded to Guild Officers. The White Winged Gargoyle, the most sought after mount, will be awarded to members of the Enchanters of Honor (EOH) title rank or awarded for special circumstance. The Runebeast will be awarded to any member who has decided to pursue the guild title ranks. Following the success of the first title rank of Runedancer any member may request the Runebeast mount. Members who are guild level 20 and over may seek to earn the leviathan (Enchanter title rank not required). All members who receive such mounts must be in good standing in the guild. Mounts are a privilege and not entitlement.


A. Enchantments – It is suggested all members charge a minimum of 500 gold pieces per enchant level.

B. Rings/Runes – There is no set price for Rings/Runes, however it is suggested that you charge at least the price of the materials, plus a fee of 1k+ depending on the time and sps it takes.


Any such member in violation of any of these codes or any such offenses or crimes as determined by the GM or GLs may be put on probation. The GM or GLs shall determine the time and punishment of probation. If for any reason probation is violated or if the member proves unworthy they shall be immediately removed from the guild.


At any such time a fine may be imposed on members for crimes or offenses as determined by the GM or GLs. Fines are to be paid immediately to the GM or GLs.

Governing Body

Guild Master

The guild is headed by an Enchanter with the title of Guild Master (GM). He or She is the highest-ranking Enchanter in the realms of Terris and his or her laws control the guild and its members.

Guild Lieutenant

The Guild Master is assisted by guild lieutenants (GLs). The GLs rank just below the GM and are appointed responsibilities as the GM sees fit.

Rank Master

The head of the ranks, appointed by the Guild Master, their duties include interviewing for member ranks, planning events, assisting with the mentor program and assisting the Guild Officers.

Rank Masters are not in service at this time do to low active guild population.

Member Ranks


The first ranking of the guild involves itself with the learning of arcana skills and their application within the lands. They are also merchants of the guild. By selling the runes and rings they create, the runedancer helps to give back to the guild by way of gold and by strengthening our place in the lands as premier arcana users. To become a Runedancer, the member must have obtained sponsorship from a guild mentor, then complete an interview and quest from a guild officer.


The second ranking of the guild focuses on the creating and mastering of spell-casting. Spellweavers create new spells from items found in the lands and from within themselves. They often are found reading tomes or scrolls in search of undiscovered spells. To become a Spellweaver, the member must hold the title of Runedancer and completed an interview and quest from a guild officer.

Scholar of Enchants

The third ranking of the guild concentrates on helping new ones learn skills, refining their own skills and knowledge of the lands. To become a Scholar, an Enchanter must hold the title of Spellweaver and be referred by their mentor to interview and complete the quest from a guild officer.

Enchanter of Honor

This is the highest rank attainable in the guild. It is a rank of high esteem, gifted to only to those who have shown the most dedication to the guild. An Enchanter of Honour exemplifies what it is to be an Enchanter. They serve as role models and guides to the rest of the guild. To apply for EoH and have earned all previous ranks. You must also be an active participant in the guild and be, or have been at one point in time, a guild mentor. The rank of EoH is soely the Guild Master’s right to grant. To earn it, you will have to complete an interview and quest given by him or her. Ranks are judged mainly on participation and dedication to the guild, as well as roleplay, and knowledge of the guild, familiarity with our charter, CARTHS, etc.

Please note: there is a minimum two week ooc period between gaining one rank and applying for the next.


The Enchanters are a group of kindred spirits that have pledged their lives to studying the magical properties of the elements, metals and arcana items found in the realm. Enchanters excel in the arcane skills that make runes and rings and that of enchantment found in weapons, armor and rings. They are one of the clans of magic users in the land. Generally the Enchanter is very friendly and helpful to those in the land found outside of the guild family. The long journey to arrive in Terris and the seeing of death and destruction of our homeland has made the Enchanter a congenial people and guild. This does not, by any means, mean that we are easy to take advantage of nor are not shrewd. Always, in the back of our minds lies the warning from Alterian and what it may mean. This gives us the courage to face obstacles and to pursue our destiny. When meeting new friends or helping others within the realm the Enchanter should strive to measure the true intentions of the individual. Should the Enchanter find the outsider unworthy or unjust, the Enchanter, because of our ancestors having been exposed to Magillekos’ rule of the homeland, can be self-serving. They can charm an outsider into action/deed or out of gold, or will band together in defense of the guild, a guild brother or guild sister or close friend. Only fools who do not know our guild well will think that the Enchanter is easy prey and or can be easily persuaded.

The Enchanter’s heart is always brave and true. They have a passion for their guild and will always strive to put the guild first against any threatening forces. The history of our people makes as a strong family with a destiny of greatness. The Enchanter works hard for self and guild achievement to prepare themselves for any obstacles that may befall them in current times. Unity, pride, courage and honor are prevalent to all members and so the Enchanters strive to follow the teachings of CARTHS to the best of their ability.

The TEACHINGS OF CARTHS go like this:

C The letter C stands for courage, charm, curiosity and caring. Every Enchanter uses courage to explore the lands; is able to be charming; has a curiosity for new spell recipes and above all cares for and defends the well-being of the guild and their guild brothers and sisters.

A The letter A stands for the achievement of arts and crafts of arcana and enchants. The guild is magical in nature and most achieve high status in arcana and enchanting. Through these magical arts one uses these gifts to create runes, rings and enchanted items. Each member seeks to achieve and strive for a better way of life in the land.

R The letter R stands for respect and resourcefulness. Every Enchanter treats their guild brothers and sisters and each person within the realm with proper respect. This applies to all individuals including your elders, immortals and heroes. Being respectful also means that you are courteous and polite regardless of whither your nature is good or evil. Every Enchanter is resourceful and looks for ways to further the guild and their own personal achievements in the land and within the guild.

T The letter T stands for trustworthiness and tenacity. Enchanters learned that every member must prove and continue to be trustworthy and loyal to the guild. This would mean that they show their worthiness to the guild in upholding the rules and regulations and do not disgrace the guild in thought word or deed. Enchanters also believe in speaking their minds and following their hearts. They speak out against what they feel may be unjust or threatening to their family or friends. A true Enchanter will stand alone if necessary to fight for his or her beliefs.

H The letter H stands for honesty and helpfulness. All Enchanters conduct themselves in an honorable way regardless of your personality’s intent (good or evil). Being honorable means that you have conducted yourself using tools of respect, courtesy and anything that you have achieved/earned or accomplished was done on your own merit and knowledge. Enchanters will always help or assist any other guild members when in need in an honorable way.

S The letter S stands for sworn secrecy, skills and kindred spirits. Each Enchanter is sworn to secrecy relating to the inner workings, skills and magical recipes of the guild. Guild members will conduct themselves in a kindred spirit type manner. This means working together to survive, loyalty to the guild and its members and the overall spirit of friendship, fun and family.