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Guild Master: Killraven
Guild Officers: Aetheron
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The Battlemages' Guild is the home to the warrior/spell casters of the realm. While they wield some weapons, they are also able to call upon the general spells of magic.

Do not expect to be casting huge fireballs while wielding a mithril war axe in a berserk rage, this guild is a moderate middle ground for mortals who wish to be jack of most trades.

This guild is located in Frostfall. Tyriana, Warriorsorceress, will enroll you after you have won the item she seeks. You will receive the Battlemage Rune Dagger and the following skills: Magic Spell Use, Resilience, Cabalistic Ability, Dodging, Weaponsmithing


Notice: This charter was written using the scrolls that Benjuk, founder of the Battlemage guild, left to those who would follow in his path….the path of the Battlemage. Benjuk has taught that hard work, perseverance and dedication are  the keys to achieving true happiness in life. They are the principles upon which the guild has been founded and they are the principles that the guild’s members should live by.

The guild motto is Baek Weton Nota en Tui

Behaviour in Guild

All members of this guild are welcomed with open arms to the familyhood of the guild. All personal beliefs, as long as they are not forced upon another, are to be respected. Those who follow Dread and Death should be able to coexist peacefully with those who follow Light and Love. The Battlemage Guild is not a temple and shall place no restrictions on religious beliefs. Members are free to join any temple they choose. The principles the guild is based upon are principles that are vital to being a true Battlemage. Battlemages are to give respect to all Immortals and heros and show respect as well to their fellow mortals.

Fighting amongst guild members is frowned heavily upon and will be handled in a swift, firm manner. No guild member should be attacked for having different personal views. Respect is to be given to all members in guild shouts, whether the person is level 91 or a complete novice. All members are expected to follow the rules of Terris with no exceptions.

The GM recognises that they are a temporary authority within the Guild, and administer by consensus. In regard to this the GM will offer the Guild a chance to express its opinion in a vote using one member, one vote, should a petition for such be presented with names counting more than one half of the number of Guild Members awake at the more populous times.

The Guildmaster has final word on all things and the Guild Lieutenants speak the Guildmaster’s words. This, however, does not mean that personal opinions and views in this guild are not valued or respected. All thoughts and ideas will be heard if presented in a meaningful and respectful manner. Should communication between Guild Leadership and a guild member become entirely broken down, the guildmember has the right to seek mediation from the Guild Hero and/or Patron.


The guild policy on tithing shall be based on an honour system with each individual. It is encouraged for all guildmembers to maintain a guildlevel that is at least half of their level. The guild shall not enforce a mandatory set tithe but shall allow members to choose their own tithe percentage, as long as it is within reason. Those who choose not tithe in a reasonable manner will be given warning and a chance to bring their tithing up. If their tithing does not increase then they will answer to their Guildmaster or Guild Lieutenants, who will then decide what needs to be done. The portals in our guild are guildlevel portals.

Guild tithing helps our guild grow stronger…

Guildtithe = the amount from 0 to 75% of your experience gained

Guild Awards

Personalized Title

-Guild level 16 or higher.
-Post a short history or introduction on the boards.
-The title should make sense and not contain OOC references.

Elemental Steed
-Guild level 50 or higher.
-Post a short up to date history or introduction on the boards.
-Share a story from our guild scrolls with a group including at least two other Battlemages and guild officer.
-Complete a Quest assigned by a Guild Officer. This is to be completed alone, without support, assistance, or intervention of the guild. The Quest can vary wildly, from finding items, to killing monsters, to accessing hidden locations. Expect your weaknesses to be challenged. Success or failure, while important, is not as important as how the Battlemage deals with the situation in either event.

Mentor’s Rune
This item is given to all who serve as Runeguides. Requirements:
-Guild level 74 or higher.
-Post a short up to date history or introduction on the boards.
-Able and willing to help younger members of the guild.
-Pass the Runeguide test (this can be administered by the head Mentor, and will consist of several questions about our history)

Daelan’s gauntlets
-Guild level 74 or higher.
-Post a short history or introduction on the boards.
-Complete a task set forth by both GL’s
-Organize and run a special event for the guild. This will need to be approved by the Guildmaster. Any type of event will be considered, but it should be more involved than a guild hunt or game of hide and seek.

Benjuk’s Medallion
-This is awarded at the Guildmaster’s discretion to those who have shown longstanding dedication to
the guild, above and beyond the call of duty.