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Patron: Kilogoth
Guild Master: Satyana
Guild Officers: Tashmaal
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The Barbarians believe in large axes and battle. Their guild house is a huge feasting lodge where they exchange tall tales and skin the hides of beasts to wear as armor.

This guild is located in Frostfall. After proving your worth to Battlebane Kurgan, you will attain the following skills:

Two Handed Weapons, Dodging, Armourer, Riding and Toughness


In the beginning…

A long time ago, during the times of our ancestors Frostfall was a magnificent city, with exceptionally skilled weaponsmiths. They were the greatest weaponsmiths in the land, forging exceptionally well with metals. It was one day that Zir noticed that they rivaled even his perfection and so, some say, in a rage of jealousy, smote the town into burning rubble.

The smiths were forced to flee, those few who had survived the Divine onslaught fled into the Winter North Mountains and survived for many generations in the harsh winters that lasted year round. Many died during that time, but the savages that they came to be, one day walked out of the mountains, Barbarians. They had learned to forge with Bone and Pelts, and had forsaken all that was metal. Partly out of necessity, partly out of pride. If the Great Lord Zir had decreed they could no longer use metal, then they would not, they would become a once again Elite Fighting force without the use of metals. They were Barbarians and had learned to be tough, respect death, and fear nothing.

In the long process of rebuilding Frostfall, the Barbarians came to be a guild, and accepted all who would wish to follow their strict code of honor, ethics, and morals. The honour to self, others, ancestors, and Immortals. It was this code that led them to forsake metal, and respect death.

To Be a Barbarian

It was the time of greatest hardship to learn to forge with other than beaten metal. The great Barbarians emerged from the snow capped peaks with bone axes and hammers crafted of an evergreen tree and a hunk of unbeaten metal or rock, and other assorted and scavenged weapons. The only weapon they refused to use, despite its makeup, was that of a sword, for the faithfull of Zir used a sword. Today the Barbarians respect Zir as any other Immortal, but out of respect to both their ancestors, and to Lord Zir today, Barbarians only rarely wield the sword. However a few powerful, and eccentric Barbarians rose to the top of the elite, and found a few legendary swords, and other assorted weapons granted them by various Immortals. Although the Barbarians generally disdain the sword…these individuals had given enough back to the Ancestors, to be allowed this eccentricity.

During the time of hardship the healers of the Tribes of savages, that eventually became Barbarians, all died away, for the necessity of hunting men, and women to bear offspring. It was that they had no way to cheat death. And again, to honor our ancestors, as Barbarians, we face death as they did, and learn to fear it. But the bravest of souls learns to face his fears.

Death and Dying

Our rules show respect for death, so that it means something. It also should by necessity teach you how to avoid it, to teach you tactics. If you learn the right tactics, then you will learn how not to die, but if you know you are just going to get a resurrection, then you won’t care if you die or not. This finally teaches you to respect those that do resurrect you. By at least paying cost to the healer, you show them that you respect what they’ve done for you.

It was that without those that could heal, those that could cast powerful magic also faltered during the harshest seasons. Barbarians have little use for magic, trusting in their own craftsmanship and skills above all else.

Respect and Honor

It became that the Barbarians were all one tribe, they had become an extended family to one another, with a father figure at its head. The father of the tribe held ultimate law and the uncles (the GOs) and journeymen (Mentors) spoke that law for the father.

Bone Mithril

During their reinclusion back into the world of Terris, Barbarians discovered the secrets of bone mithril. Barbarians and Barbarians alone know this secret, and as such, they offer the items crafted of this wondrous material to no one outside the guild.


Here’s the Charter and WILL be followed by all members. Punishment for not following it can include loss of guild axe, loss of guild mount, higher guild level requirements to use purchased guild items, among
other things, including the possibility of being removed from the guild.

Ranking System

It was during the harsh times that men became beasts and ate like animals, devouring the raw meat of their prey. Even when they emerged from the darkness they remained beasts, keeping the title as an honor. It was then decided that you had to give much to the guild to get anything from it. Hence emerged the ranking system. This system is designed to assess and reward (rank) appropriate role-play, spirit and guild participation. It is highly recommended by all that enter the guild to participate in
this system.

There are many different ranks through the guild that you can attain. Some of these ranks are automatically gained and others are gained through special circumstances. The current ranks of the guild are as follows:

– Given at Guild Level 9
Beast Slayer
– Given at Guild Level 19
Beast Champion
– Given at Guild Level 29
Beast Master
– Given at Guild Level 39

The below ranks are not a requirement, but however encouraged as you can travel in the footsteps of those before you. Any who wish to start on progressing through the below ranks need only to seek out a Clan Teacher or a GO and they will be able to set you on the path. These ranks will allow you to follow a path similar to that of our ancestors. By doing so, you will learn of their sacrifice and their path, while finding your own. In this we become stronger from our past as we honor those who came before us, so we may forge ahead with our own path.

– Requires Guild Level 9
Troll Slayer
– Requires Guild Level 19
– Must already be a Slayer
Giant Slayer
– Requires Guild Level 29
– Must already be a Troll Slayer
Dragon Slayer
– Requires Guild Level 39
– Must already be a Giant Slayer
Demon Slayer
– Requires Guild Level 49
– Must already be a Dragon Slayer
Hydra Slayer
– Requires Guild Level 59
– Must already be a Demon Slayer
Champion Slayer
– Requires Guild Level 74
– Must already be a Hydra Slayer
Ancestor’s Legacy
– Requires Guild Level 89
– Must already be a Champion Slayer
High Clansman
– Requires Guild Level 100
– Must already be of Ancestor’s Legacy

Unique Titles

Unique titles will be given to those that have gone through the ranking system after completing the rank of Giant Slayer. This is part of the reward of going through the system. Those that do not go through the ranking system will be given titles ^RONLY^N if they show they deserve it through other means. Such a way may be by significant recognition. Showing you are a true Barbarian in your actions, seen by the Guild Officers and they recommend you receive the title for such actions.

When requesting a unique title, please ensure it is fitting for yourself and your roleplay, as well as adhering to Terris Policy. Your Guild Master has final say for your title.

Weapons and Metals

Barbarians, in honor to our ancestors and to Lord Zir, do not use or wear metal items. Metal armor is not needed. The bone armor of the guild is quite comparable to any metal armor. Many before you have managed successfully without the use of metal armor, so can you.

The primary weapon of the guild is that of the two handed axe. There are a few one handed axes available but they are few. At one time, the Barbarians did not use swords. With Lord Zir coming to us as Patron, He has seen, that we have honored Him and our ancestors greatly over the vast years. If you are able to craft a sword of bone as a weapon, you may use it. We take this sign from our Patron as a symbol of great trust. It shows that our honor and reverence to those before us, has proven us able to grow stronger from the deeds of the past.


Healing: The act of being restored by raises from death or just the return of your health is allowed without a limit on the number you may receive during any time.

Resurrections: The act of being fully restored to life with the use of magic and runes is allowed ONLY twice in a single OOC week. This goes for rezzes that you ask for or that are offered to you. There will still ONLY be two in a week. There are situations in which you may take these Rezzes, and they are:
– If you are hit by the Lag Demon lasting 30 seconds or longer that results in your death you are allowed to get a rezz, as long as it is within your two per week.
– If you are over 95% towards your level, you may use a rezz for this situation.
– If you have a special case you feel is worthy of exception, take it up with the GM or a GL that is there. If there is not one there to hear your case, DIE. You may bring it up to them later in case the same situation should occur again.

When using your two resurrections for the week, you must be able to pay for them. All rezzes MUST be paid for, regardless of who performs the service. If you are unable to pay for the rezz, DIE. The following should be followed for payment on rezzes:
– Bronze 200 gold
– Silver 6000 gold
– Gold 12000 gold
– Platinum 20000 gold
– Diamond 40000 gold
– Adamantine 60000 gold

Enchantments and Armor Hardening

When receiving enchantments from someone within the lands for assistance in your hunting, you should pay them for their knowledge and time. The going rate is 500 gold per level of enchant for weapon enchants. Armor hardening will be treated in the same fashion, 500 gold for each piece of armor that is magically hardened.

Honor and Respect

The whole system the smiths survived is that they instituted a rigorous system of honor and respect. Regardless of race, religion, creed, color, sex or persuasion, every individual was treated with respect until they proved themselves unworthy of a Barbarian’s respect. Honor is more important than death or killing to a Barbarian.

Honor and respect of your elders, no matter guild or immortal worship is mandatory. If it is deemed you break this rule by a meeting of the guild leadership then punishments as stated before can and will be put in use. This rule is very important, especially when towards a guild mate, and punishable by removal from the guild.


All Barbarians will tithe at least 10% to the guild at all times, unless unable to do so because guild level and land level are equal.

Guild Leadership

While the Barbarians were a tribe, they had become an extended family from one to the other. There was a father figure at the head of this family. The father had held ultimate law over the tribe with uncles and journeymen to help him rule by speaking his law and making sure it was followed.

When a problem arises within the guild, bring it to the attention of the Guild Leadership. The Guild Lieutenants know the word of the Guild Master and speak for him. What the GM says is law unless it is overruled by the heavens. Remember though, the guild is your family. Treat it as such, respect it as such, and it will reward you as such.


When this guild was first created in the lands of Terris, I found my calling, and it was my choice to move from the Warriors Guild to this grand and magnificent building. It was but a building at first. It was 3 days after the guild existed that Jupiter was named our patron and announced that an election would be held for the first GM of the Barbarians’ Guild. I ran against Varius and Cerberus, and a few others who are long gone. Narrowly I defeated my first two Guild Lieutenants, but I was not ready to be GM. I had never held a position of leadership before and was nearly overwhelmed. I had no idea where to begin or what to do and it was that which Jupiter told me, “This is yours, and the Barbarians’ Guild, I am here to guide you in whatever you choose to do. It is the First GM’s choice to choose a direction for the guild, and so you have been tasked with that job.” So it was that I took these words and found a vision of what I wanted the perfect guild to be. I held my first guild meeting that next weekend and put all of the tenants in this charter to vote. Each of the items above won unanimously, and so the way of life, this guild became a unique entity in the land of Terris. This guild has grown strong and proud, and I am honored to have been your First GM. “RBARBARIANS, FOREVER!”
– Mottled Beast-Lord Thaak