Assassins Guild

Patron: Shadow Lord, Silk
Guild Master: Blackfox
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Tis guild is for the people who wish to lurk in the shadows ready to pounce. While the other guilds may concentrate on helping people unlock doors or disarm traps, the Assassins only have one aim in life and that is to find and ultimately slay any creature through the art of the instant kill.

The Assassins’ Guild spends their time taking contracts and killing. Unlike the rest of the shadow walking guilds Assassins do not steal and have strict rules on who they kill. Located in the dark city of Twilight, the Assassins like to remain in the shadows.

Those who successfully meet the challenge to join this guild will attain the following skills:
Stealth, Assassination, Pick Locks, Remove Traps, and Jeweler


  1. The dictates of the Guild Master are paramount, his/her say is law in all matters.
  2. Show respect to all Immortals, Heroes and leaders of the guild. They exist to serve, but are still your superiors and should be treated as such.
  3. Never betray the guild or fellow Assassin in word or deed.
  4. No hiding in the guild, it is rude to your fellow Assassins. The only exception is when the guild is under attack.
  5. Do not teach guild specific skills to anyone outside of our guild. What is meant for the Assassins stays with Assassins.
  6. Do not steal. Assassins are not thieves, we only take lives.
  7. Each Guild Master will suggest his/her successor to patron upon resignation. The Patron will validate this choice before inducting the new GM. If a Guild Master is removed from position by the Patron, the Patron will get recommendations from the guild as a whole and will appoint a new Guild Master.
  8. Guild Officers will be appointed by the Guild Master.
  9. The term of a Guild Master will be determined by their ability to meet the requirements of the position.
  10. The term of a Guild Officers will be determined by their ability to meet the requirements of the position.
    – A. Patron Vote of Confidence: A vote of confidence will be held if the Patron(s) do not feel the Guild Master is performing his/her duties and may remove him/her upon receiving the results.
    – B. Petition to Patrons: Subscribed guild members may petition the Patron(s) if they feel a Guild Master is either not performing their duties, or not spending enough time in game. Subscribed guild members may
    also petition the Patron(s) to review an incident, decision, or event in which the Guild Master or Guild Officers were responsible for. Patron(s) will review all substantial petitions and report findings back to the guild member raising petition.


Starting a Contract

Contracts will be assigned by the Guild Officers to any member of the guild. If you hear of a lucrative business opportunity, please pass along the information to an officer to validate the contract. Be unique, be yourself and never leave a trail of evidence…unless it has purpose.

Contract Types

There will be two types of contracts offered, one straight-forward and the other to test the more seasoned Assassin.

First: Consists of a target or task you have to complete. This will need to be seen through until completion.
Second: Consists of having a simple kill, which will need to be verified.

Contract Earnings

These will be determined when completed and will be based upon the difficulty of the assignment, the originality of the member and how much risk was taken.

Incomplete Contracts

Any contracts that are left open shall be re-assigned to another member of the guild for completion, thus forfeiting any compensation you may have been allowed.