Guild Halls

The guild system of Terris helps to bring people of like-skills together. Each guild has a guild house, which is a spell location that only members can access. In them you will find tutors to send you on quests, teach you skills or spells, and sell you items.

While Immortals and Heroes patron the guilds, it is the mortals that run the guilds as Masters and Officers. These mortals make the decisions when it comes to how the guild is run and who it interacts with.

To join a guild you will normally need to complete a quest, though some require interviews to be given the quest to join.

The following guilds are available to join:

Assassins Guild
Barbarians Guild
Battlemage Guild
Brotherhood Guild
Druids Guild
Enchanters Guild
Knights Guild
Monks’ Guild
Rangers Guild
Rogues Guild
Thieves Guild
Warlocks Guild
Warriors Guild
Wizards Guild

Selecting which guild to join is one of the most important decisions you will make in the lands. Once you do choose to join a guild, you will be a member of that guild for life.

When making this choice, you should think about what your character will act like and believe in. Many find that taking a few notes or creating a biography of your past will help you considerably.

Though any class of character can freely join any guild, the farther you move away from your character’s natural abilities the harder your future might be. For instance, a Fighter in the Wizards’ Guild will find that many of the skills and spells are expensive to learn. The same would be true if a Shaman were to join the Warriors’ Guild.

You should also give some thought to how you intend to role-play your character. Many guilds offer similar skills within their walls, but have a very different outlook on life. Those that want to spend their time in crowded areas might not enjoy life as a Ranger. Just as those that want to steal from people should not join the Assassins’ Guild.

Before joining a guild it is always best to speak with a current member so that you can find out if your beliefs are the same as theirs.

For information on guild commands click here

Guild Rules

TERRIS is based on a guild system. This system allows for a basic archetypal character. We strongly recommend that you think long and hard before you choose your guild.

The guild structure is a design tool to aid the role-play aspects of TERRIS and as a result it is not to be treated with abuse or contempt. Leaving a guild will reset your skills and spells, along with a cost of gold.

Guild changes are available within the lands at specific service shops.