Gods and Immortals

There are many Immortals within Legends of Terris. They all stem from the great Creator Deori. He is the One. From Deori came the Immortals of the second circle. It is these Immortals that are most active in the land:


The One, The Creator

The first great Immortal, he walked from the void and created all that exists in the land. He is the true founding father of the world. We are all a part of him and one day will all return back to his form.

Deori is seldom seen within the world.


Immortal of Light

Abandoned by her biological family as an infant, she was raised by missionaries just outside of Devardec. Quickly adapting to life around the Desert City, she was adopted by one of the most powerful Sorcerers in the realm. Her pure heart made her a natural selection to serves as the Heroine of Light and later ascending to Immortal.


Immortal of Peace and Nature

Patron of the Druid’s Guild.


Immortal of Healing

This Elven healer has been a presence in the heavens since the beginning. Spending most of her time on the Planes of Rebirth, she often takes pity on those that fall to their death and allows them to regain their life. While mostly seen as a force of Good in the divine pantheon, she has not been above causing some trouble.


Immortal of Dreams

Patron of the Enchanters’ Guild.

She has a ready purr for all, although her paw can strike quickly if angered. But fear not, this kitty doesn’t anger often, most times she just gets carried away in play and forgets her own strength.


Immortal of Magic

Patron of the Wizards’ Guild

Easily one of the more famous mages to ever walk the lands. He was one of the early mortals that shaped the guild that has become one of the most populated to ever exist. Through his knowledge and power he gained ascendance to the heavens as the Hero of Thought before becoming an Immortal.


Shadows, Fate, & Dread

He served in almost all mortal roles possible, Guild Leadership, Temple Leadership, Household Leadership, and Baron of the largest city in existence. Able to out-drink the Immortals while still a mortal himself, this Elf has acted to save the lands even as he rules the realms of Shadows, Fate, and Dread. He has since been banished from the lands by Deori.


Immortal of Time & History

The beautiful Immortal Vasari is the keeper of the books of time for Deori. She chronicles all events, no matter how small, in her silver tomes. Vasari is all-knowing about past events and this gives her great insights into the future. She is also the Immortal of Arts and Literature and favors those who appreciate and honor the arts.


Immortal of War

Patron of Warriors’ Guild

Zir is the Immortal of War, Combat and Adventure. He likes to set tasks to individuals that help them improve themselves. He is a very volatile Immortal and prone to explosive temper outbursts. Zir has a fanatical following, often the cries of ZIR! ZIR! ZIR! ring out across the land.

Deciding which temple to join is one of the most important decisions you will make. As with choosing a Guild, selecting which temple best suits your character should be a lifetime commitment, and as such should not be rushed into. Making a hasty decision to follow one temple only to later change your mind can have very serious implication.

Each temple and the Immortals that run them stand for different aspects of the world. While there is some overlap, each has a different set of ideals.

You can find more information on each temple by looking at the Message Boards or by seeking out existing members of the temple.

You can see a list of online temple leaders online by typing WHOTL

Over the years, many have served in the heavens before vanishing to other lands:

• Aello – Immortal of Air
• Alhanna – Immortal of Music and Art
• Alvogyl – Immortal of Light and Shadows
• Anlin – Immortal of Lore
• Arkira – Immortal of Doubt and Despair
• Axx – Immortal of Chaos
• Caerwyn – Immortal of Light
• Cassandra – Immortal of Chivalry
• Catseyes – Immortal of Death
• Cleopatra – Immortal of Mystery and Illusion
• Corin – Immortal of Death
• Dagda – Immortal of Peace and Nature
• Davar – Immortal of Magic
• Deliena – Immortal of Dreams and Prophecy
• Dodger –
• Doug – Immortal of Knowledge
• Elaina – Immortal of Light
• Elantara – Immortal of Dread | Immortal of Opportunity and Ambition
• Eridanian – Immortal of Magic | Immortal of Thought
• Finargon – Immortal of Doubt
• Galaphile – Immortal of Nature
• Haddion – Immortal of Chaos
• Joya – Immortal of Humor
• Jupiter – Immortal of Justice
• Keira – Immortal of Light
• Keraptis – Immortal of Strength and Spirit
• Kestanan – Immortal of Shadows, Night, and Thievery
• Khan – Immortal of Change 

• Kilana – Immortal of Death
• Kilorria – Immortal of Chaos
• Kilogoth – Immortal of Death
• Kirala – Immortal of Thought and Inspiration
• Kyria – Immortal of Fate, Pain, and Pleasure
• Levitican – Immortal of Justice
• Lork – Immortal of Adventure
• Medea – Immortal of Dread | Immortal of Luck and Discord
• Mitchellx – Immortal of Humor and Mischief (returned as mortal)
• Mystikdreamer – Immortal of the Moons
• Regarth – Immortal of Iniquity
• Reknall – Immortal of Death
• Rexington- Immortal of Love

• Sayrina – Immortal of Humor and Mischief
• Sharqua – Immortal of Truth and Honor
• Sheba – Immortal of the Sea
• Shilana – Immortal of Love
• Sidney – Immortal of Hopes and Dreams
• Snazzle – Immortal of the Sea
• Stil – Immortal of Justice
• Tarelna – Immortal of Stealth and the Hunt
• Tazman – Immortal of Luck | Immortal of Trickery and Deception
• Themis – Immortal of Myths and Lore
• Thoth – Immortal of Humor
• Torretan – Immortal of Fire
• Vagma – Immortal of Dread
• Worcester – Immortal of Death
• Zinca – Immortal of Change

Temple Commands

The following commands are available to temple members:

TEMPLEWHO – This will show you who else from your temple is online. (TWHO for short)

TSHOUT  (message)- Shout to your Temple Members (TSH for short)

TEMPLELOCKER (item) – Places the item into the Temple Locker.

TEMPLEDEPOSIT (amount) – Place gold into Temple Treasury.

TEMPLESTATUS– Lists your standing in temple levels. (TS for short)

TEMPLETITHE <percentage> – Tithes experience to your Temple Account.

Temple Leader Commands

TEMPLESUFFIX (name) (title): Changes a templemember’s suffix.

TEMPLEITEMSUMMON (item name): This will summon items that are set for TLs to summon.

TEMPLEUNLOCKER (item): Removes an item from the Temple Locker.

TEMPLEWITHDRAW (amount): Removes gold from the Temple Bank (coming soon).

TWHO: Provides information on available temple members.

TEMPLEFOLLOWER (name): Adds a member to your temple.

TEMPLEUNFOLLOWER (name): This will allow leaders to remove a member from their temple.

TLINE (#) (text): Changes the tnotices for the temple (19 lines available)

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