Getting Started

Legends of Terris is a real time multi-user adventure. You play the part of a citizen of the continent of Norland in the realm of Terris. You choose a path of adventure, become a mighty warrior or a powerful wizard. You adventure within a land of dragons, fiends, caverns and dungeons.

While you play the game, you will find other real people playing as well. The great strength of Terris is its ability to let you interact with other real people.

Your aim in life is to complete quests and gain in power and standing.

Terris is a challenging world: monsters are constantly out to destroy you, while the Gods cause major developments in the lives of mortals.

You will find the game easy to learn and the players and Immortals quite friendly. To help you in your quest to play Terris as effectively as possible, write down the following help keywords and then issue the HELP <keyword> command for each of them in turn. This will give you a good overall view of Terris and give you the help you need to get started.

If you are stuck at any point, type WISH <message> like WISH Help me please! and any online Immortals (players that run the game) will assist you as soon as possible. When you issue the WISH command, you will be told how many Gods heard your request. If the number is 0 (meaning no Gods were online), use the SHOUT <message> command to ask for help from other players, like SHOUT Help me please.

Issue the following help commands in order for an overview of Terris:


Accept the challenge and adventure onwards!

As you begin your journey in Terris you will be given the choice of race and class for your new character. Each race and class is different, determining characteristics like their speed and strength as well as their natural skills and ability. Take the time to look through the options available and consider the options carefully.

List of races and classes

Once your character is created, four lines of description can be entered so that when people look at you they see a unique description.

You can change your character’s description (what players see when they Examine you). Use the following commands to set your description:

Description1 Silk has short, dark hair that has just one thin
Description2 streak of white hair above his left ear. A faded
Description3 scar stretches from one ear and down to his neck.
Description4 A dagger is in his belt for him to get to quickly.

In the world of Terris you start as a first level character. As you play, you will complete quests, slay creatures and perform other deeds which amass you experience points. When you achieve certain experience point thresholds, you will be promoted to the next rank (next level). You can use the EXP command to see where you currently are in your experience progression.

EXP screen

As you reach these levels, your character will gain additional hit points and spell points as well as build points. It is by finding a teacher and spending your saved build points that you learn skills or become better at existing skills. This is how your character grows in capability.

You spend build points either at a trainer or with another player. If you are at a location offering training, use the SHOW SKILLS command to see the list of skills being taught and their cost in build points and gold. To learn a skill at a trainer, type LEARN <skill number>. If you have enough gold and sufficient build points, you will learn the skill. The first time you learn a skill, it costs more build points than normal. As you progress in your skill, the build point costs remain the same but the gold piece costs go up.  To avoid paying gold pieces to learn skills, you can learn skills from other players. See HELP TEACH and HELP STUDY for more information.

Different classes pay different build point costs to learn skills. The closer the skill is to your core class skills, the cheaper it is for you to learn. Note however, that there is NO restriction on the types of skills a player can learn (provided these skills/spells could be found)! A half-ogre fighter could learn spell craft; it would just cost him more than an elven wizard!

Different skills will give you different abilities: the ability to slay creatures in combat, the ability to cast spells, the ability to pick locks or hide in shadows etc. As you gain in abilities, parts of the land once too challenging for you to enter will be within your skill sets. Thus, as you adventure and attain more skill, you will find the world opening up, allowing you to adventure further than ever before.

In addition to achieving rewards directly from the game (for example when you complete a quest or slay a creature), the Gods and even other players have an influence on your character.

As you adventure within the land, you can be awarded role playing points from other players. When you achieve a new level, your accumulated role-playing points for the prior level help determine how many new spell points, build points, and hit points your character earns. Thus, players who gain many role playing points will find their characters progressing at a faster rate than those who do not. Thus, you should always try to role play your character well. Other players will reward your role playing skills, which in turn will help your character progress (see HELP ROLEPLAY for more information on this concept)

The Gods can also have an impact on your character. They can send you on elaborate quests, reward you for heroic deeds or excellent role playing, or penalize you for harassing other players or acting out of character. Treat Heros and Immortals as important players, because they can have a dramatic effect on your character! (See HELP SYSOPS for more on the full role of Heros and Immortals.)

The real Goal in Terris is to attain such a high skill level and knowledge of the land that you are asked to join the ranks of the Gods. These are players who have grown so powerful that they are asked to help develop the game, guide newer players and take part in the planning of new quests and challenges. It is truly an honour to be asked to join this elite rank!

While you are attaining the skills necessary to become a God, you will be learning the lands of Terris, slaying foul beasts, completing complex quests, learning of forgotten magic’s and secret locations. You should talk with other players, remember everything told to you in a quest or written on a rumor scroll and generally be aware of what’s going on.

Beginning goals should be:

  • to learn the commands needed to view your character (EXP, STATS, SKILLS, SPELLS, GOLD, FLAGS)
  • learn the commands needed to move about the land (N,S,E,W,U,D,NE,NW,SE,SW)
  • learn the communication commands (SAY, TELL, SHOUT, WISH)
  • learn the item manipulation commands (PACK, UNPACK, I, EQUIP, WIELD, DROP, GET)
  • learn the combat commands (ADVANCE, ATTACK, RETREAT, CAST, TARGET, RECALL)
  • Help is available on all of the above mentioned commands.

Some basic commands to get you started:


Teleports you back to your city. You must be out of combat before the teleport beings. Available free until level 9, then you need to have a RING OF RECALL or pay.


Shows the list of people who died recently


Shows your kill list (creatures you’ve killed)


Shows awards you’ve earned


Lists your health, level and character information


Shows you how close you are to your next experience level


Lists your attribute scores


Shows who else is online


Lists what you are carrying


Shows various settings you can configure to your tastes


Shows you a quest if one is available in the location

OFFER <item name>

Offers an item to complete a quest

PACK <item>

Puts something in your backpack

UNPACK <item>

Gets something from your pack

SHOUT <text>

Shouts for help to other players!


Create your character’s description

There are two main waysto gain levels of experience within Terris.

The first method is through combat, and the second way to gain experience is to solve the many quests scattered throughout the land.

In gaining levels of experience, you can progress in power in each of four different classifications. They are as follows:


This is your main level and will be the one to gain you your hit points, spell points and build points. It represents your knowledge of the lands in general. All experience you gain will be placed here, unless you decide to tithe some of it to the other two level types.


This represents your knowledge of things pertaining to the guild you may choose to join. As you wander around the guild, you will find many shops and tutors, who will not sell their goods or skills to you unless you have gained a high enough rank within the guild. You must tithe experience to your guild in order to gain levels here. (see HELP GUILDTITHE for more information, GUILDSTATS or GS for your current rank and Guilds of Terris for information on individual guilds)


This represents your knowledge of things pertaining to the temple you may choose to join. You must tithe experience to your temple in order to gain levels here. (see HELP TEMPLETITHE for more information, TEMPLESTATS or TS for your current rank and Immortals of Terris for information on temples)

CITY LEVEL (currently unused)

This represents your knowledge of the city and it’s inner workings. (see HELP CITYTITHE for more information and CITYSTATS or CS for your current rank)

NOTE There are many places in the land of Legends Of Terris to hunt the beasts that plague the world. When you are just Starting Out, it is suggested that you stick to the beginner dungeons below the bar in the Adventurers guild.

Quests are very important to the game and very helpful to you in gaining levels within the land. It is important to say at this time, that quests are to be solved not begged, borrowed or bought from another person in the game. The giving out of quest answers as well as the taking of such can both be considered punishable offenses by the heroes and immortals. Just try to solve them yourselves. This is not to say that you can’t journey in groups and solve them. You can do this, in fact it is recommended, just don’t go around asking others for the answers or giving them out when you are asked for them yourself.

You may find that using written or typed notes and maps will make your task of solving quests a great deal easier. Making a note on where you found a certain item, or where a quest is located, will enable you to match the two together a lot easier than having to try and remember where the quest or item was located for you to try it out.

Combat plays an important part in Terris you will find that you have to engage in mortal combat with all manner of evil creatures.

The combat-oriented skills are broken down into four groups:

  • ONE HANDED WEAPONS – Use of weapons which require a single hand like broad swords, daggers, maces, etc.
  • TWO HANDED WEAPONS – Use of weapons which require two hands like two handed swords, great axes, etc.
  • MISSILE WEAPONS – Use of bows, crossbows and other ranged weapons.
  • MARTIAL ARTS – Use of special martial arts weapons like shurikens, nunchukus, etc. or the skill used for unarmed combat.

By using the EXAMINE command on a weapon your are holding, you will find out its type from the list above.

The higher the skill you have, the better your chance to hit and damage a creature in combat. Also, a higher skill allows you to swing your weapon in less time, allowing you to attack faster in combat.

When you decide to attack with a hand-to-hand weapon, you first have to ADVANCE towards it (missile weapons can be used without advancing). This involves you readying your weapon and squaring up to the monster. When you elect to advance the monster will attempt to hit you.

  • To advance on an enemy you use the following command: ADVANCE <Target name> or AD <creature name> for short If there is more than one of a creature type in a room (for example 3 Orc warriors) you can state which one you wish to advance on by placing a number after the advance command. Example (to attack the 3rd Orc in a room): ADVANCE 3 ORC ADVANCE or AD with no parameters advances you towards the first creature in a room
  • To attack a creature:  ATTACK <target> or A <Target> for short If you leave off a target, you will attack the first creature you are engaged with.

Your skill with your weapon and the creature’s defenses will determine whether or not you hit and how much damage you do. Don’t forget to WIELD a weapon prior to entering combat!

You can RETREAT from combat if things don’t go so well!

To protect another player, you can use the GUARD <player> command. A guarded player cannot be attacked physically by a creature.

Typing RECALL will teleport you away from combat and back to the start!


There are additional skills that will help in combat as you advance in your career, from the ability to do more damage by finding weak points in armour to landing multiple blows in one attack. Thiefly types can also benefit from the use of concealment skills and the deadly art of assassination.

Skills are often restricted to individual or like-minded guilds, allowing players to follow a career path to develop their abilities to the fullest potential.

As you progress you will find better armour and weapons become available, and even the use of mounts to ride in to battle.

If riding a mount (MOUNT command), you can CHARGE into battle. You do not need to ADVANCE on a creature to charge. The CHARGE command works just like the ATTACK or AIM command. A charge has a greater chance of hitting and will do more damage but will take longer to recover from. The additional damage and attack chance are dependent on your riding skill.

Magic plays a strong part within the land of Terris. All the classes are capable of using magic. Magic comes quicker to the wizards than to all other classes. You will find that you use potions and scrolls that you find all around the land.

There are three core magical classes. They are SHAMAN, WIZARD and SORCERER.

Each one learns from a different base school of magic. You are free to join any of the magical guilds. (The Warlocks accept Shamans, Wizards or Sorcerers as do the Wizards and the Druids guilds.)

To see the list of spells you have, type SPELLS or use the spells icon. To cast a spell, use CAST <spell name> or CAST <spell number> To target a spell, use TARGET <monster> or TARGET <player> or TARGET (will target the first monster in the room or you depending on the spell type). You can use the T command short for Target.

When casting a spell, it will use a certain number of your remaining spell points. You cannot cast a spell unless you have enough spell points remaining to do so.

You can also walk around with a spell readied, allowing you to cast an offensive spell and walk around ready to use it at the first sign of trouble!