Terris Policies

1. Terms of the User Agreement: Terris is provided to you by Online Games Company (“OGC”) as a chargeable game, the charges to be paid by calendar monthly subscription. This Agreement – made between you (as the user) and OGC when use the service – states the essential terms and conditions for accessing Terris and playing the Terris Game (collectively “Terris”). Each account created for Terris will be treated as a separate, billable user.

2. Charges: Currently the standard subscription for Terris is free. OGC reserve the right to charge a subscription at any time.

3. Disclaimer: Neither OGC nor their affiliates or agents, make any warranties as to the operation, quality, or functionality of Terris or assure it to be error-free. You may experience disconnects, or other restrictions or errors while accessing Terris.

4. Supplements and Changes to the Terris User Agreement: OGC may set specific rules and policies regarding Terris play, which will be posted in the Terris area on the website and will take effect immediately upon posting. OGC may also add to or change the provisions of this agreement from time to time. All additions will be notified to you by a posting in the Terris Info online area and will take effect 30 days after posting. It is your responsibility as a user to refer to these game rules and additions and changes to this Agreement. You will be deemed to have accepted them if you access Terris after they become effective. You are required to provide OGC with complete and accurate registration and billing information and to update your information if it changes.In addition to this Agreement, your use of Terris must adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy of OGC provided on OGC’s website.

5. Data Protection: All personal information you supply to OGC will be used by OGC and its appointed agents in order to carry out billing and other operational functions.In addition, unless you have indicated to the contrary (by opting out) on the User Registration Form, OGC, or its agents, may from time to time send you information on Terris or on other third party products or services that it thinks may interest you. (However, this information will not be provided to third party suppliers or vendors of products and services for this purpose). You are deemed to have given your permission to OGC to convey all or part of your registration information to third party auditors for the purpose of verifying usage and payments.

Chats were designed for asking and receiving answers to OOC questions within the scope of the game without the need to shout. We recognize that many players also use chats as a way to maintain OOC friendships with other players. As long as the chats do not get out of hand or are offensive to others, we will allow non Terris related discussions to continue within the chat channel; however, if players attempt to push the boundaries of what is acceptable or if too much staff time is taken redirecting chats then the original, stricter policy will return to the realm. In order to have the freedom to chat regarding non Terris related topics, it is up to the players to keep chats within reasonable bounds.

The following are unacceptable topics:

  1. It is unacceptable to use chats to harass people or to bring up negative issues regarding other players. As staff members cannot be expected to differentiate between jests and harassment, it is important to not make any negative comments regarding staff and players.

  2. Personal attacks or gossip about another player or staff member, including who their alts may or may not be.

  3. Criticism of roleplays taking place should not be expressed here. Additionally, if you believe you know the outcome of a certain roleplay (i.e. an ascension) it is not to be discussed during the roleplay.

  4. Discussions about ways and means to exploit the game.

  5. Any topics that degenerate to name calling or become hostile in nature.

  6. Discussions about sex acts, and overt use of innuendo are not allowed. Children as young as 9 years old have been known to play Terris.

  7. Debates about religion and politics are not allowed.

  8. Racist comments are not allowed.

  9. Negative comments based on Country of Origin.

  10. References or comments discussing involvement in illegal activity, including drug use.

  11. “Gangsta” or hacker speak.

  12. Chats about non-ogc muds.

  13. Discussions that only involve two people.

  14. Speaking in any language other than English.

Some examples of acceptable topics can be found here:

  1. Answering questions about Terris.

  2. Constructive discussions about things that could/should happen within the game.

  3. People complimenting or conferring about Roleplays that are going on.

  4. Ideas for the game as long as it doesn’t degenerate into a bashing session.

  5. Music, Sports, Current events, Movies, Books, Computer, Television, Food, Computers as long as they don’t touch on unacceptable topics.

  6. Small talk. The things going on in your life that you wish to share as long as they don’t involve unacceptable topics.

Chats do fall under Help Policy so it is possible that a staff member may attempt to redirect the conversation based on player complaints or the discussion at the time. If requested to stop, it is expected that you will stop. If you believe a staff member is acting unjustly, please contact Terris Manager. The goal is to allow the freedom to chat responsibly, without forcing staff members to babysit chats.

Penalties for failing to adhere to these guidelines will be the loss of chatting and shouting privileges. The length of time will vary between a couple of hours and indefinitely depending on the nature of the violation and previous violations. If chats are abused by a large number of people again then we will restrict them to Terris only related comments.

  1. The use of profanity is not permitted. Any use of profanity or any profane abuse will result in a warning to the player followed by a suspension of the player’s character if it continues. Note: “Profanity” includes words and phrases generally considered offensive and is not limited to specific words of profanity. It includes profanity disguised by the use of numbers or symbols, (e.g. H*llo.) Profanity could also include profane abuse involving out-of-character racial or ethnic slurs or language that is out-of-character hurtful or participates in hate propaganda or offensive stereotyping. Severe offenders could be suspended without warning.

  2. Harassment of other players will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to sexual harassment (lewd comments), abuse of emotion commands, targeting other players in message boards or in game for the purpose of harassment, etc. If asked by anyone to stop harassing or targeting another player, do so immediately. Failure to stop the behavior will result in the suspension of your character. What constitutes “harassment” is widely varied and comes from the state-of-mind of the person on the receiving end. Remember that in cases where players seem excessively sensitive, Terris Staff will determine whether the average person would feel “harassed” and take appropriate action. If you feel you are being harassed, never ever respond in any form (shouts, chats, emotes, tells, etc) but rather contact a Terris Staff member.

  3. Terris allows multiple characters to be created for a given account. We encourage players to explore the different character types available in Terris using this mechanism. Note: You may not run more than one character in the game at the same time. If you do either, your characters will be altered to rectify the abuse and a penalty will be imposed. If it continues, your characters will be suspended.

  4. Players may not use automation software, cheats, hacks, mods, plugins or any software designed to gain a competitive advantage over other players.Players may not use or exploit errors in design, features which have not been documented, and/or “program bugs” to gain access to the game that is otherwise not available.

  5. Terris is a land filled with quests and mysteries. The major enjoyment in Terris is the discovery of new areas and the solving of quests. Thus we ask that players not give out answers to quests or reveal the solutions to brainteasers. Clues and hints are fine, but supplying answers is prohibited. Persons revealing solutions will be heavily penalized.

  6. Disruptive behavior which may affect others’ enjoyment of Terris will not be tolerated. Disruptive behavior may include, but is not limited to, scrolling in shouts, chats, says, tells, wails, emotes, wishes, in-and-out of rooms, etc.; out-of-character shouts over the regular shout channel; or domination of shouts in both a contentious and tedious manner. Disruptive behavior might also include but not be limited to role-play that is antisocial rather than appropriately, enjoyably “dark” in a fantasy environment; or to out-of-character statements by players that they are permanently banned. All such behavior may result in your character’s loss of privileges for a time, and if continued may cause suspension.

  7. Role-play point “trading” is not permitted.
    1) Solicitation for role-play points from other players
    2) Agreeing to trade
    3) Trading
    These will result in a penalty adjustment to your character[s]. Continued abuse may result in suspension.

  8. Overt sexual actions are not permitted in Terris. NO area of Terris may be considered private. Terris caters to players of all ages, and behavior should be appropriate for everyone in the game. The person who walks into your room could be a young child. Any that are found to break this rule will have their character exiled without a chance to return.

  9. If groups of players collide while trying to hunt, quest, or socialize in an area, it would be wise for the players to solve the difficulty themselves in an adult manner. If Terris Staff is called in because no compromise can be reached among players, Terris Staff will review the situation, then mandate a compromise that is binding on all parties. Failure to follow the mandated solution might be considered disruptive behavior.

  10. Impersonating another player or Terris Staff member is not tolerated. Creating a character name in order to demean another person is not tolerated.

  11. Threatening another player that a Terris Staff member will retaliate or show favoritism on your behalf is not tolerated.

  12. Terris Staff have the right to impose other rules not specifically stated here. Please obey the Terris Staff if you are asked to cease certain actions.

  13. Terris requires its players to adhere to ALL conditions and terms of service put forth in both the game and message boards.

  14. If at any time you have a question regarding Terris policy or wish to report a policy violation, use the Wish (message) command in the game or send an email to Manager@legendsofterris.com.