Races: Sprite

Str -3
Mys +1
Acc 0
Spd +1
Dex +1
Con -2

Starting Skills
Base entangle resist 10
Spiritual karma

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Shy and reclusive fairy people, sprites mostly dwell in meadows and wooded areas. They have distinctly elven features and small semi transparent wings. Most sprites hate all evil and ugliness but are quite adept at defending themselves and their homes, despite their weaknesses. Averaging around two feet in height, one must watch where they tread in sprite territory.

A huge tome, written over the course of a lifetime, the ‘Guide to Norland’ has been created by human scholar Dahwyn to detail all aspects of life in the realms. The following extract may be of some interest to Catlines in the realm.

Excerpt from ‘The Guide to Norland’

Sprites occupy a strange niche within all the races of Terris, being the smallest creatures, with, perhaps, the biggest amount of flamboyance and attitude. Life for these tiny creatures has not always been easy, however, they have weathered war and pestilence with ease.

Thought to be related to Elves in some way, Sprites have several legends concerning the origins of their race. Comparatively young in the time scale of the realms, Sprites are fast writing themselves into the history books. Some sprites speak of the Champion Shariel taking the spirits of Elf children, slain by the cultists and warriors of Vagma, and raising them into a new race, whilst others believe that they came into being during the same heavenly cataclysm that saw the Moon Elves scattered across the realms. Whatever their origins, it is clear Sprites are a magical race, for the blood of wizards and sorcerers flow through this races veins.

Possessing semi transparent wings not unlike those of a dragonfly or hoverwing, Sprites seldom place a foot upon the ground, preferring to dart about in the air, with a speed that suits their short attention spans, and fast thoughts. A unique structure, of very light bird like bones, gives them an advantage in these acrobatics, as does their very fast, effervescent metabolism. Whilst the flight muscles on the shoulders and back of a sprite are comparatively well developed, elsewhere, muscle size has been jettisoned to reduce weight and strain on the delicate skeleton that supports the Sprite. This means that Sprites are rather weak, and delicate in combat, however, their quick minds and nimble fingers more than make up for this with an innate talent for magic.

Facially, sprites strongly resemble Elves, with the large, captivating eyes, smooth skin and arched brows of the elder race. Unlike Elves, male sprites are fully capable of growing facial hair, with thin ‘pencil’ moustaches being popular amongst many young adventurers. High cheekbones, balanced by firm jawbones creates a race that is considered more ‘handsome’ than ‘beautiful’ however, Sprite women have been known to be the most enchanting in the lands. Both sexes grow masses of thick, shiny hair which can quickly grow to be longer than they are. Sprite women freely ornament these locks, which often make the sprite look much bigger than they really are. Adventuring sprites usually keep their hair fairly short, or tied back, with the ‘pony tail and hat’ look being particularly popular with males.

Like Elves, Sprites also possess excellent hearing, with their highly pointed ears allowing them access to a hearing range that Humans and the like have no hope of achieving. They often use such high tones when talking, their tiny voice boxes producing high pitched and piercing tones. Sprites are often given to singing, and seem to have a good sense of melody. Keen eyesight is also an ability Sprites are very proud of, with colors being especially important to them. Sprite eye colour can range from blue to deep purple, to gold, sliver and very rarely red, whilst the folk of each Sprite bloodline are clearly marked out by their choice of coloured clothing.

Sprites have a comparatively weak immune system, when contrasted with the other races, a fact compensated for by the skill of their herbalists and healers. It seems that Sprites have an excellent visual memory, and this lends itself well to learning herb lore, rune works and magic. Skill with spells is also aided by the long fingered hands, and fast tongues that Sprites enjoy. Sprites seem to live life at a million miles an hour, as they have lots of nervous energy, and a very high metabolism. This means that Sprites must eat frequently if they wish to maintain good mood, and movement. Whilst Sprites enjoy sweet foods such as honey, they usually exist upon an omnivorous diet when living in the forest, eating fungi and berries, together with song birds, squirrels, bats and mice, which they hunt in large aerial packs, usually with daggers and bows.

Sprites, due to the many ills that can befall them whilst living in the forests of the realms, are very protective of their homes, and will defend them to the last breath, if they are disturbed. Some argue that this is the reason for them developing great magical abilities, as it is difficult to halt a scavenging bear with daggers alone. With more Sprites moving to the cities and towns of the land, misunderstandings can even blood feuds can arise when a family of Sprites decides that it ‘owns’ a street…

The sprites have a gentle language that sounds more like singing and giggling than talking. People will often learn a few phrases of ‘Spingle’ just to quote them when drinking. There are tiny sprite berries that non-sprites eat to help increase their vocal range and allow them to hit the high squeaky notes needed for a decent sprite discussion.

Race Champion Shariel

Shariel is the champion of the sprites. Her symbol is a silver tear drop.

Shariel is treated like royalty by the sprites and fairies. She is held in high regard by anyone who still looks for wonder and awe within the world. Shariel watches from the smallest twinkling stars keeping a careful eye out for all sprites and the work they are doing within the realms.

Sprite Clans


The most outgoing of all the sprite bloodlines, when common folk think of sprites it is the members of this clan that come to mind. Given to adventure, travel and the bizarre the faerie sprites are the shortest lived bloodline, yet they collect the best tales for a telling on a midsummer night. Of all their brethren, the faerie sprites are considered the best to invite to a party, for their sense of fun, and ability to drink with anyone and everyone. Faerie sprite prefer light forest colours, greens, yellows and tan.


The sprites of this bloodline come as a shock to those who consider sprites to always be fun loving and friendly. Rather insular and surly, these sprites are dab hands with daggers crossbows and blowpipes, and they are far from shy about using them on anyone who intrudes upon their territory. Mythmon sprites only emerge from the forest for good reason, and if you encounter one about the realms beware, this sprite almost certainly has a grudge to settle, and will be quite upset that it has been forced to leave the solitude of its forest home. Mythmon sprites dress in dark wood tones, greys and browns.


The Tighnie sprites are considered odd even by fellow sprites. Making their homes in the deepest forest, the Tighnie sprites have somewhat lost contact with current day affairs. It is only recently that their bloodline has reemerged, and they have returned even weirder than before. The greatest sprite wizards are often born of this bloodline, as they are considered the most magically able sprites around. Known for their curious sense of humour, and love for shiny materials, Tighnie sprites can often be spotted wearing reds, purples, blues and silver.