Races: Lizard Man

Str -1
Mys 0
Acc 0
Spd 0
Dex 0
Con -1

Starting Skills
Base fire resist 5
Swimming +5

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  • Can breathe underwater

The Lizard Man race comes from the uncharted depths of the Oceans. The Lizard Men, (or Saurians, as they preferred to be called) have existed separately from the land dwelling races for centuries, and have an entire tribal based society and language all their own. As a result of their separate evolution, the Saurians do not view the Pantheon of Immortals in quite the same way as land dwellers: Their Gods are all Lizard Men. Though somewhat technologically primitive, the Saurians are an intelligent and highly spiritual people, with water being their most holy substance. Their thick scaly hide and cold blood gives them a natural resistance to fire, and the Saurians are the best swimmers to be found anywhere. The Saurians also possess the uncanny ability to breathe both in an air atmosphere and a water atmosphere. The combination of their sharp teeth and claws with the extra attacking ability of their tails make them formidable opponents.

A huge tome, written over the course of a lifetime, the ‘Guide to Norland’ has been created by human scholar Dahwyn to detail all aspects of life in the realms. The following extract may be of some interest to Catlines in the realm.

Excerpt from ‘The Guide to Norland’

Born under the waves, or in the hearts of swamps, Saurians have always been reluctant to discuss their origin with land dwellers. They are a race that has grown up far from the eyes of the other peoples of the lands, and see no reason to share their secrets with the gill less ones. The generally accepted view is that the lizard people were the result of attempts by the sea goddess to populate her domain as the land is populated. The swamp dwelling lizard men, who seem to be far more violent and unthinking than their Saurians cousins, would look to be failed attempts at a sea dwelling race, driven from the sea by the more evolved Saurians that later came to populate the oceans of the realm. The existence of perfectly sociable Saurians arising from the swamp lands confuses this theory, but the lizard men nations refuse to comment.

With a curious anatomy, Lizard men are built on entirely different principles to land gaspers, with a light, yet complicated bone structure that resembles neither fish, nor lizard. With long limbs, of similar design to those of the other races, Saurians possess extremely complicated skulls and neck bones, adapted both to accommodate the gills that allow them to breath under water, but also the sensitive hearing bones, that allow them to detect the vibrations of the lizard men’s aquatic language. Curiously enough, these complex ears are rather ineffective in air, forcing lizard men to rely on lip reading and body language, as much as sound heard when dealing with the gill-less ones. When on land, Saurians are also forced to rely upon the vestigial lungs that sit deep within their barrel chests. As these are seldom used in everyday Saurians life, newcomers to the lands can often find these lungs difficult to control, leading to drawn out, hissing speech, and moments of forgetting to breath. Because of this, Saurians on land are often fond of taking daily baths and dips, to keep their gills wet, and their skins supple.

A Saurians hide is an important social marker, with good, unscarred skin being considered very desirable. Colouration may differ, a deep ocean Saurians, living without any light, may have very pale, translucent skin, and a swamp Saurians may have deep brown or muddy green skin, although because of cultural mingling, sometimes the opposite can be true. Further differences between ocean Saurians, and swamp Saurians can be noted, a swamp Saurians may have a strong, thick tail that is very effective in combat, and an ocean Saurians may have a wider tail made for swimming. Whatever their origin, all Saurians posses webbed toes and fingers, together with powerfully muscled lower limbs, to aid their swimming. Saurians have sharp claws on both their hands and feet, and combined with their sharp teeth, adapted for a diet of fish and crustaceans, gives the Saurians a considerable natural advantage in unarmed combat.

Saurians group themselves in loose shoals or ‘tribes’ for defense against the great beasts that roam the Oceans. These tribes define much about the customs and practices of the Saurians as a people, rather than tradition being passed down from parent to child , as with the land dwelling peoples. As most Saurians are hatched from eggs away from their mothers in many cases, the bond between mothers and children aren’t very strong. The main connection between parent and child is that a child will take up the trade of the parent. Instead of having a nurturing relationship, most Saurians are trained, apprenticed to their parents. A parent with many children then might offer her offspring to childless Saurians who have important trades, to keep the tribe running smoothly.

As a passage of age, many Saurians are fitted with a nose ring to mark one’s role in the tribe. Different colors, textures, and materials may signify various age groups or trades. Many times however, the nose ring remains simply a ceremonial piece of jewelry and is not worn in everyday life. There are some very important roles in many tribes which accordingly hinge on entertainment. Many tribes have an Eldest, an aged or exceedingly wise female who is counted on for both record keeping and frequent storytelling. She often wields some degree of magic, a thing seldom seen among the common Saurians. Fortunetelling, various strategy and adventure games, and song are all close to universal amongst the ocean dwelling race of Saurians Barter is the main form of currency among most Saurians tribes. The Land merchant, or go-between from a sea Saurians tribe to trade with the land walkers, will sometimes trade for the currency of the area however, as gold and silver, or “shine” as it is sometimes known as, is useful for jewelry making and as decorative trinkets.

Saurians tribes will sometimes gather together to trade and exchange tales of the great deeds of their blood lines. Although the Saurians do not make war amongst themselves, there is a marked coolness between the Saurians of the sea, and the Saurians of the Great Shoal. Those lizard men who arise from swamps are considered not to have bloodlines as such, having arisen from the savages that the ocean dwelling Saurians forced out many years ago. The character of each bloodline is quite distinct, and trace their ancestry back to the early times of the realm, when the Gods fought each other, and the armies of Vagma walked the land…

In truth the pronunciation for the Saurians language of Lissma can not really be spoken by land dwellers. The Saurians speak best underwater and dislike having to speak in the empty water. Their voice boxes struggle to make more than hissing sounds so they adjusted the language to work off scent and heat. It is almost impossible for a non Saurians to learn the language, those that do often have to carry bottles of different scents and work themselves up into a sweat when they want to make a real point.

Race Champion Heshlaa

Heshlaa is the champion of the saurians and native lizardmen. His symbol is a white shell on a blue sea background.

The great saurian champion Heshlaa, watches over all the different creeds of saurian and wild lizardman that roam the realms. He would dearly like the saurians to find a way to reclaim the underwater city of Shalfair. Heshlaa tries to guide the more brutish lizardmen of Moorwaine Marsh but they appear to be happy with their lot. The saurians of the shoal and the sea are his main concern.

Lizard Man Clans

Saurians of the Great Shoal

The saurians were the first race that walked from the ocean, it was their efforts that ensured Vagma’s hosts could not flee across the massive expanse of water that cloaks the coastline. Sadly part of the first saurians acted for the forces of evil, causing them, for a time to be hunted by the land gaspers. The Great Shoal Saurian’s once lived within a massive underwater city that is sadly now in ruins. The saurian’s are a lost people, misunderstood, angry and unwilling to forget. That said when a Saurian forms a bond of friendship it is unbreakable until the end.

Saurians of the Sea

The Saurians of the sea did not take part in the great battle, but rather watched it from the waves. As the water takes up over three quarters of the realm it was rightly assumed that the land war had little meaning to the constant movement beneath the waterline. When the battle had ended they ventured forth to do business with the gill-less ones and see for themselves why the land was viewed with such awe. Saurian’s of the sea are slightly taller that those from the great shoal and have blue crests upon their heads. They are jolly and enjoy the land dwellers odd fluid called BE-HERE and HALE. It makes their heads go all fluffy.