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Humans are the most common race in the lands of Terris. Humans adapt easily to their surroundings, and vary widely in coloring of hair and eyes. They range in height from 5 feet to well over 6 feet. Humans generally live to reach the maximum age of 100. Humans reside in most every city in Terris, and generally have medium sized families.

A huge tome, written over the course of a lifetime, the ‘Guide to Norland’ has been created by human scholar Dahwyn to detail all aspects of life in the realms. The following extract may be of some interest to Catlines in the realm.

Excerpt from ‘The Guide to Norland’

The humans who inhabit the realm of Terris can vary widely in appearance and custom. Over time spent in different environments, clear bloodlines of Humans have emerged, each one loosely affiliated with an area around the great cities and Towns of the land. Devardec, for example is said to be the ‘home’ of the Southern Hosts, whilst Tranos produces the folk of the Western Seas. The cold winters around Frostfall have shaped the people of the Northern Wastes, whilst a life of ease in the Barony of Goldcroft has shaped those of the Eastern reaches. Even those who live in the flat plains of the Wildlands have grown their own appearance, distinct from the ordered ways of City peoples…

….Unlike the other races of the realm, the Humans have no language of their own as such, having spread Kulan, which was once their own, to all the other races in the realms. Whilst this has made their lives relatively easy, some bards bemoan the lack of expression and loss of racial identity that this heralds. Meanwhile, merchants are quick to shout them down.

Similarly, Humans also lack the specific support of a Champion that the other races enjoy. Other races have various views on this, from regarding Humans as versatile enough not to need support, to considering them generally not important enough to need a helping hand from the heavens. Humans tend to follow their chosen Immortal all the more ardently than other races, as they have no other divine being to fall back on, although many claim the kindly eye of Deori the creator is all they need.

Human Clans

Wildlands (Northern Wildlands)

The humans who roam in the wildlands are grouped into a loose tribal structure. More often than not these humans are the rangers and horse riders of the realm. They take well to the survival instincts needed within the wild open spaces as well as the dark forests that offer no help unless you are of Elven stock. Wildlands blood carries within it a sense of life and a joy in being outdoors, most carry tanned skin pigmentation, males often grow heavy beards or strong moustaches while the females are slim of build with dark hair.

Northern Wastes (Frostfall)

The northern blood lines have the shortest life span but the heartiest soul of all the human races. The bitter climate up north breeds a liking for drink and the enjoyment of fires. North blood humans have strong hands and can kill will the simplest of weapons. Laughter is hard to come by from a northern soul but once prompted they are be quite gregarious.

Eastern Reaches (Goldcroft)

The eastern reaches holds the upper class and high educated humans, these are the ones that worked best with the fading Elven civilizations. The study of the heavens and science is almost as abundant here as it is within the High Elven courts. Most spell casters trace back some ancestors to this part of the realm as this is where the crossover between Elves and humans is at its strongest. Eastern reach people come in all shapes and sizes, though they favour the tall thin and well groomed looks that wealth, fashion and plentiful food encourage.

Western Seas (Tranos)

The people of the western seas are the merchants and sailors of the realm. Always ready to venture anywhere and more than capable of looking after themselves when in a fight. Westerners have dark to olive skinned complexions and almost all of them have dark hair. They are usually in the constant pursuit for coinage and love to save money. Westerners have waged more war on the other areas of the land than any other blood line from any other race, they seem to thrive upon the chance to grab booty or raise a town or village to the ground. Tranos is the main birthplace for westerners and it is a city that suits their outlook well.

Southern Hosts (Devardec)

The southern hosts are the most open minded of the human bloodlines, they are pale skinned and often have light coloured hair. Their eyes are green or blue with a few having two toned eyes. Southern hosts are often smaller in size than any of the other human bloodlines but that is no way reflects their status. Their city of Devardec is the capital of the realm, as befits the bloodline that helped bring all the main races together. Southern hosts are noted for their love of justice, honour, dignity and fair play. They started off the guild system that has since spread to almost every part of the realm.