Races: Halfling

Str -1
Mys -1
Acc +1
Spd 0
Dex +2
Con 0

Starting Skills
Base entangle resist 10
Missile weapon use
Called shot
Beer drinking

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Peaceful by nature, Halflings can be spotted easily in the realms by their brightly colored garments, which are colorful, yet practical. Skilled in the arts of assassination and thieving, Halflings are said to fight with great ferocity if they feel their homes, or the ideals of “good” are threatened. Halflings average three and one half feet in height and are covered in tufts of fur. Their complexion is generally ruddy and they usually have sandy or brown hair. Most have hazel or blue eyes. Halflings are also rumored to have excellent knowledge of most of the common tongues.

A huge tome, written over the course of a lifetime, the ‘Guide to Norland’ has been created by human scholar Dahwyn to detail all aspects of life in the realms. The following extract may be of some interest to Catlines in the realm.

Excerpt from ‘The Guide to Norland’

Whilst Halflings hold none of the grace of the Elven nation, none of the strength of a raging Minotaur bull and harbor none of the exotic ways of the Catlines or Lizard men, it cannot be denied that this sturdy little race can often produce the most surprising heros in the whole realm.

Of a similar build to Dwarves, Halflings are a squat race, with thick bone structure, solid muscles, and a large lung capacity. Whilst years of mining has shaped Dwarven physique, Halflings have instead been immersed in a world of communication, trade, and craftsmanship. Considered to be gracious hosts by all of the races, Halflings seem to be naturally disposed to pick up the language and customs of other peoples.

Halflings are a very aware race, possessing Dwarven style vision, but also extremely good senses of hearing, taste and smell. It is said that this is what leads them into the lives of gastronomy that they tend towards within their later years. The profuse hair that covers the hands, arms, feet, ears and legs of both sexes of Halflings is often remarked upon by other races, however, Halflings are justifiably proud of their ‘tufts’ often combing, conditioning or even occasionally coloring them to great effect. Whilst many laugh at a Halfling in a thunderstorm, it cannot be denied, for all the unfortunate effects of static electricity on thick body hair, Halflings acute senses have saved many an adventurer from traps and triggers in a labyrinthine dungeon…

Many speak of the stoutness of Halfling hearts in battle without realizing the truth of what they say, for Halflings have a very well developed heart and lung structure. Whilst a tendency towards tobacco pipes and indolence in their later years can alter this, Halflings are capable of surprising feats of endurance when the need is great. Though both male and female Halflings tend towards a reasonably thick layer of body fat, this in no way slows them when they wish to be active. Indeed, in times of siege or war, Halflings are often able to continue without rations far longer than Half Ogres or Minotaur can, often making them last defenders to give up in the face of stretched supplies and low morale.

The halfling tongue, named ‘Chutter’ by most experts, is more akin to common than all the other languages. It uses over three quarters of the same vowel sounds and all the same letters as Kulan. A halfling talks very quickly often clipping words or inventing new ones to speed up the process of communication, some claim that halfling is not really a language at all but a sort of short hand they invented after listening to humans for too long. Halflings, of course, are having none of this, often lapsing into unintelligible rantings when this theory is mentioned to them.

Race Champion Orily

Orily is the champion of the halflings. His symbol is a green leaf on a white background.

Orily is a jolly halfling, long of years and rosy of cheeks, He is almost always smoking his pipe and looking for something to eat or drink. Orily understands that halflings were never made for high adventure, he helps them realise they have a part to play albeit on a smaller stage.

He carries his walking stick which is capable of delivering death to any who underestimate the power in a bog dwellers soul. Orily is a lover of tall tales and a good mug of ale.

Halfling Clans


The great Bramble family is the bloodstock of most halflings within the realms. The curly hair red cheeks and love of pipe smoking all come from this large family. Almost all the basic ideas about halflings are founded within the lifestyle and habits of the Bramble clan. Brambles stand about four and a half feet in height and usually have brown or black hair. Most have hazel or green eyes.


The Buck bloodline would like to think itself the protectors of the halfling race. More warlike than the Brambles, Bucks come from the north and live the life of high adventure and battle. Most take well to the idea of clashing swords and standing up for themselves. Bucks have terrible tempers when roused causing them to get into far too many fights.


The beerwig halflings are the drinkers and thinkers of the halfling race. Most take to the art of spell casting or research. Beerwig halfings are the smallest of the halfling race, some failing to get above three foot six inches, they have sandy complexions with mouths that appear to have to many teeth. Beerwigs have long hair in general while males grow large beards.