Races: Half Orc

Str -1
Mys -1
Acc 0
Spd 0
Dex 0
Con +1

Starting Skills
Physical training
Beer drinking

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Orcs vary in appearance, as they are frequently known to cross breed with other species. By nature most Orcs live in a clan structure, and believe in order to survive, they must be expanding their territory constantly. Thus, Orcs are consistently engaged in some type of war. Averaging the same heights as Humans, Orcs generally are more stooped in posture and have a grey/green skin pigmentation. Their life spans are generally less than that of a Human, since orcs crave war, it doesn’t help them live long healthy lives.

A huge tome, written over the course of a lifetime, the ‘Guide to Norland’ has been created by human scholar Dahwyn to detail all aspects of life in the realms. The following extract may be of some interest to Catlines in the realm.

Excerpt from ‘The Guide to Norland’

Born from a tribe of Orcs that never settled with the other members of the Orcish nation, the nomadic half Orcs grew away from their green skinned, slope headed origins, into a breed that could no longer pass for pure Orc, yet still could not integrate with human society. Skulking on the our skirts of other civilizations, and learning the harsh lessons of life felt by all nomadic peoples, Half Orcs have grown to be a people full of natural cunning and dexterity, with all the reflexes of self preservation seen in a race that feels oppressed.

Half Orcs, due to gradual interbreeding with humans, elves, and other races, have lost much of the crouched stance of pure Orcs, standing a little shorter than the average human, yet still having a natural slouch which makes then seem shorter than they really are. With a rangy build, Half Orcs are best described as tough, rather than strong, with long, sinewy limbs and an immune system that can shake off almost anything the realm can throw at it. Half Orcs show a range of skin colour, and have been known to darken their skins with dies and lotions, to further mark themselves out from the crowd. This war paint is especially common amongst female half Orcs, who take great pride in their appearance, with battle scars and well defined muscles being a sought after feature of a fierce mother, and attractive wife.

The residual ‘tusks’ of Half Orcs, whilst little in comparison with those of full Orcs, are also a great source of pride amongst the Half Orc people, with large, curved or particularly yellow teeth being seen as a sign of a strong fighter and potential hero. Within the various tribes of the Half Orcs, those of big teeth often have a much easier time within the mixed packs of offspring that roam the camps of the Half Orcs. This rough and tumble upbringing toughens Half Orcs for a life of War and plotting that each one is expected to follow.

The short temper of Half Orcs is legendary in some circles, and is often ascribed to the dubious moral ground that the race stands upon, but in reality, Half Orcs constantly battle with a nervous system that naturally predisposes them towards fighting and mistrust. Half Orcs produce huge quantities of adrenaline at very little provocation, and tend towards a very fast metabolism that gives them plenty of excess energy. As a result of this, Half Orcs suffer from regular hunger pangs, which also contribute to their foul moods and short tempers. Half Orcs also tend to enjoy alcohol in much larger qualities than is sensible, and combined with their meat filled diet, this contributes to the smell of Half Orc encampments, which is said to be unique for each bloodline of Half Orc, what ever the numbers of tribes people present…

The orcish gutteral language of Durth is said to be not one to take on unless you have protruding tusks. The inflections relies a lot on liquid in the mouth and a long tongue clipping against teeth. Half Orcs have the easiest time with it, but even they struggle to remain clear to a pure blood orc. Druth is also a tribal language with each tribe adding or removing from it as they see fit. Durth is all but unreadable to anyone bar the Orc that wrote it down.

The Orcish Champion, Turag, is said to be very fond of his half bred children. Those that honor him with bloody sacrifice and suitable feats of warmaking are sure to gain his favour.

Race Champion Turag

Turag is the champion of the orcs and goblins. His symbol is a red eye dripping with blood.

Turag is a nasty orc with a dislike for just about anyone and anything that isn’t Orcish. He is a great supporter of Dread, aiding the dark one as often as he can. Turag believes that it is the destiny of the Orcs to rule over the other races, that or kill off the races to such a degree that they are unable to stand against him and his hordes.

Half Orc Clans

Kral Korat

The very violent bloodline of Kral Korat have produced the most half orcs within the realm. Most are thin with the sloping forehead and sharp teeth so common within the orc race. They have steel like eyes and hardly any hair on their heads. Kral Korat half orcs are dangerous opponents but can generally be trusted when they give their word.


The Barakesh bloodline are the clever ones within the half orc race, most go onto be leaders or indeed spell casters. They search out information and often managed to pass themselves off as human to many people. Barakesh half orcs can come in the same shapes, colours and sizes as humans.


This bloodline has produced the cunning half orcs, most make great thieves, rogues and assassins. Some take to the monk arts but only to increase their ability to skulk around and cause trouble. Kiser-Kisel half orcs are capable of great acts of malice, most go out of their way to settle long forgotten scores. Crossing a Kiser-Kisel is never a great idea.