Races: Half Ogre

Str 0
Mys -1
Acc 0
Spd -1
Dex -1
Con +2

Starting Skills
Base fire resist 5
Base cold resist 5
Base electric resist 5
Two handed weapon use
Physical training +2
Beer drinking

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Half Ogres range in height from 7 feet to well over 9 feet in height. They generally are little on the heavy side, though no one is quite sure if that’s muscle or the results of their consistent indulgence in eating and alcohol. Ogres are powerful hunters, though a bit slow, most can see a punch from an Ogre come from a mile away. Skin colors range from sallow to dull black/brown and their eyes are generally yellow or gold in color. There are rumors of a sickly violet coloring of the skin, but it is rare to see an Ogre with this coloring. Most tend to live in the area around White Rock Dungeon and mainly make their living being mercenaries.

A huge tome, written over the course of a lifetime, the ‘Guide to Norland’ has been created by human scholar Dahwyn to detail all aspects of life in the realms. The following extract may be of some interest to Catlines in the realm.

Excerpt from ‘The Guide to Norland’

The origins of the Half Ogre race are shrouded in much confusion, with as many theories on the beginnings of it all as there are stars in the sky. Most scholars believe that this race of beings was spawned by the Dark Lord Vagma to serve as hefty, yet controllable shock troops in his war against the other immortals, whilst the Half Ogres themselves say that they are all descended from the loins of their race God Gurunch, an Ogre of such ability that he was lifted to the heavens.

Half Ogres are of quite distinct stock to the wild, ‘pure bred’ Ogres that roam much of Terris. Whilst they are certainly not a sophisticated, or graceful race, Half Ogres posses much more placid temperaments and finer build than their bestial cousins. Built much larger than humans, Half Ogres do not have the compact bones of Dwarves, Gnomes, or Halflings, rather they rely on the massive muscles and layers of insulating fat that covers their bulky frames to protect them from harm. Generally five foot across at the shoulders, the arms and Torso of the average Half Ogre are massively developed compared to their smaller, yet still sturdy waists and legs. Longer arms, ending in thickly boned hands, gives Half Ogres a powerful swing in combat.

Whilst their eyesight is not as good as that of some races, Half Ogres have a wonderful sense of smell and direction, which aids their hunting abilities no end. In the rare instances of a Half Ogre reaching old age, an individual will come to rely almost exclusively on their nose, as their eyesight slowly fades with time. This does not appear to happen with ‘wild’ Ogres, and scholars seem to believe this deterioration is a direct result of Half Ogres thinking more, and grunting less.

Half Ogres possess very developed jaws and teeth, easily capable of cracking bones, or opening Brazil nuts at Deorimas. Thick neck muscles and sloping shoulders often gives them very large, solid seeming heads, covered in course, yet not overly profuse hair. Half Ogres tend towards facial hair, however it seems to be much softer and lighter on females than males, and is often decorated or styled by unmarried womenfolk. The slightly pointed ears of each bloodline are often covered with many earrings and trophies, and a Half Ogre trouble maker can often be spotted by the number of rings pulled out in fights.

The half ogres still use the ancient language of Blak-Burh when they speak. In truth it is not their language rather one granted to the large creatures by the Dark Lord Vagma in the dim past. Giants also speak this tongue but they have never taken it to the stage of development that the half ogres use. In these times the half ogre version of Blak-Burh is as similar to the original as old English writing is to modern English script.

Race Champion Gurunch

Gurunch is the champion of the half-ogres. His symbol is a sword through a skull.

While some believe that the half-ogres are stupid that is a myth that does not fit for Gurunch. He knows that those like him are better suited to bashing things than to writing great operas. Standing a solid twenty feet in height, he often dresses in armor and carries a mighty two handed sword.

Sharp with any other race, he spends his time trying to see that all half-ogres better themselves and gain positions of status within the realms.

Half Ogre Clans

Grunting Tooth

The grunting tooth ogres are lanky with large front teeth, they have scraggy hair and like to wield huge two handed weapons. Grunting tooth ogres are often warriors as they lack the polish to be knights. A few try the route of barbarians but most fail to understand why they can’t just heft a big metal weapon and slug it at people. Grunting tooth ogres are yellow to brown in colour with sloping shoulders and long arms.

Smashing Club

The smashing club blood line are the nearest thing to true ogres that you can get. They are massive standing a good ten feet when full grown. Most have big noses and huge ears. They love getting in trouble and can just as easily fight with a bucket as with a weapon. Oddly they are prone to lives as fist fighters, the monks guild and brotherhood have a few smashing club half ogres within their ranks.

Terak’s Pack

Names after the great battle group that fought under Lord Vagma, this is more a collection of half ogres rather than a bloodline as such. They are often in fighting guilds and have even managed to find service within the knights at times. There are more than a few half ogre spell casters who can trace back their blood line to Terak’s pack, after all Vagma only allowed the most gifted wit stand by him in battle.