Races: Half Giant

Str +2
Mys -1
Acc 0
Spd -2
Dex -1
Con 0

Starting Skills
Base entangle resist 20
Toughness +2
Physical training

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Giants range in height from fifteen to twenty-five feet in height. They are carnivorous, slow moving and generally not that bright. Skin coloring varies on what regions of the lands they hail from, and eye coloring is usually bright blues and greens. Rumored to be better at weapon combat, generally revolving around bashing or slashing. There have been a few giants known to try their hands at the magical arts, but they seem to find it less fulfilling than bashing. Giants hold their ancestral cave in Dirimloth to be a holy place and many of the clans have an ambassador there.

A huge tome, written over the course of a lifetime, the ‘Guide to Norland’ has been created by human scholar Dahwyn to detail all aspects of life in the realms. The following extract may be of some interest to Catlines in the realm.

Excerpt from ‘The Guide to Norland’

“The title of ‘Half Giant’ is perhaps a deceptive one to grant, as Half Giants are not so much a distinct race, as a group of Giants the others won’t talk to. Following in the deep footprints of the giant Hero Kell, Half Giants every where have been isolated by their kin, for the adventuring with the other races. Kell, the first of the ‘step over’ giants, elected to adventure and help the ‘smushies’ rather than smashing them to bits like his brothers and sisters. For that he was given the title Smushbreath or ‘half giant’ and all other giants who seek to work with the other races have likewise been labeled the same.

‘Wild’ Giants often label the phenomena of young giants going forth into the world as a phase, that they will hopefully grow out of, however, it seems that Half Giants are forming their own communities and families away from the tribal homes of their birth. Those ‘domestic’ giants, born in the towns and cities of Terris, away from Giant society often fail to reintegrate to the tribal life of ‘wild’ giants , being considered ‘posh’ and ‘effete’ by the clans they originated from.

Built solid, particularly around the knees, Half Giants represent the ultimate in brute force, with a higher strength, longer reach and above all a more basic outlook on life than any other creature in the realms. Half Giants are proud of their martial abilities, and justly so, for when a half giant lands a punch, the victim certainly knows about it. Due to the massive size of their bodies, and the ponderous nature of their thought processes, Half Giants are naturally slow to react to damage. This is not helped by the high pain threshold that is to be seen in many Giants.

This slow and metabolism and nervous system is reflected in other parts of Half Giant life, aside from combat and pain reflex. A half giant’s appetites are slow to rouse, but once hungry, Half Giants are capable of consuming huge quantities before feeling sated. Having and almost entirely carnivorous diet, Half Giants have sharp and pointed teeth, suited to tearing meat, combined with huge, flat molars for cracking bones, and chewing fat. There seems to be little distinction between cooked and uncooked meat in a Half Giant’s mind, although in general, food is roasted, at least in a cursory manner, so that there is an excuse to light a fire. The cow is considered a basic unit of Giant food, with anything smaller just representing a light snack, or simple ‘social eating’ Usually, when eating with other races, Half Giants seldom indulge themselves by eating to full capacity, as it can often scare others.

Half Giants can often offend the other races, often entirely unconsciously, with their direct actions, thoughts and speech. Because they are forced to always be looking down at the other races, they can sometimes find it hard to tell individuals apart, going on hair colour and relative tininess to work out who is who. In careless moments, Half Giants have been known to tread on others, but few have been killed in this manner, and Half Giants refuse to apologize for others being stupid enough to get in their way. Due to this, the other races usually give Half Giants plenty of room when they move around the lands and towns. Half Giants, of course, see this as their due.

Half giants use the language passed down by the great half giant hero Kell. Kell, a legend in his own time, expanded his vocabulary from standard Kells-common to include words like ‘think’, ‘maybe’, ‘share’ and all manner of other words that giants had never had to use before. Kells- common is hard to speak for non giants as it relies a lot of bellowing loudly while smashing things together and threatening others with large weapons, still it is fun to try out, just don’t try it on a real giant unless you are willing to smack heads.”

Race Champion Kell

Kell, the first of the ‘step over’ giants, elected to adventure and help the ‘smushies’ rather than smashing them to bits like his brothers and sisters. For that he was given the title Smushbreath or ‘half giant’ and all other giants who seek to work with the other races have likewise been labeled the same.

Kell is also known for expanding the giant vocabulary to include words and phrases from the common dialect that were not typically known to giants, such as ‘think’, ‘maybe’, ‘share’ and many other words and concepts. This expanded vocabulary was the basis of half giant language today.

Half Giant Clans


Kell giants are from the original bloodline of Kell, the first step over giant. It is Kell who started the giant integration with the other races. Kell giants are quite handsome for giant kin, loyalty counts to a Kell giant as well as a sense of justice. They stand about sixteen feet high with short hair. Most are tan in complexion with sparkling eyes. By far Kell giants look most like over large humans.


Highland giants are very large, some would say fat but you can be assured that the rotund nature of the highland giant is down to bone structure and sinew rather than blubber. They have massive necks upon which rest their rather flat heads. Highland giants have eyes that are quite close together and like to gnash upon things. Most sport tattoos showing the things they thump and the family they are from. Highland giants are fond of drinking and bashing stuff.


The bigfist clan of giants are the main spell casters within the giant bloodlines. They are noted for their massive hands which re surprisingly delicate and nimble, all the better for the prestidigitation that they have to carry out. Bigfist giants are noble yet often suffer from bouts of temper that shows their true giant origin. Bigfist giants are also prone to acts of wanton violence, they take orders badly and like to bash stuff when the mood takes them. Needless to say that Bigfist giants are by far the most dangerous and unpredictable of the giant bloodlines to fathom.