Races: Half Elf

Str 0
Mys +1
Acc 0
Spd 0
Dex 0
Con -1

Starting Skills
One Handed Weapons

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A mixture of the breeding between elves and humans, half elves enjoy full lives and dabble in both magic and combat training skills. Half Elves run an entire gauntlet of features, possessing the high arched brows of their elven ancestry and the varying coloring of their human side. Most Half Elves are proud of their heritage and put equal weight to both sides.

A huge tome, written over the course of a lifetime, the ‘Guide to Norland’ has been created by human scholar Dahwyn to detail all aspects of life in the realms. The following extract may be of some interest to Catlines in the realm.

Excerpt from ‘The Guide to Norland’

The half Elves are a curious grouping, in that they are not so much a race, as a group of outcasts from both human and Elven society. Many Half Elves argue that a mixture of grace and beauty from their Elven side, combined with the sturdy build, and inquiring minds of Humankind makes for an idea being. Both the Elven nation and the Humans of Terris are inclined to agree with the Half Elves, however, many half Elves find that their similarity to both races only highlights the differences, causing them to seek out their own kind to adventure with.

The Physiology of Half Elves can vary wildly, some can seem almost pure human or Elven, whilst other combine varying degrees of their parents appearance. Usually, male half Elves will be able to grow facial hair, how ever much they object, and usually they will have some trace of Elfishness about their ears. Female half Elves usually enjoy the large and captivating Elven eye structure, whilst retaining the cycles and changes of a Human female. Occasionally the mixture of Human and Elven blood will produce an albino, yet this is very rare indeed.

Half Elves are usually brought up predominantly in one parents culture, although recently there has been a decided shift towards ensuring ‘Half bloods’ feel at home in either culture. It is not considered too unusual to see a ‘half elf journeying to ‘find their roots’ in each side of their nature, and generally speaking, communities are only too willing to show attentive youngsters what is it like to be ‘truly’ human or Elven. In some places, Half elves are welcomed as a way of reinvigorating the local stock, bringing fresh blood to the racial pool….

Half elves are capable of expression in both common and Shalinar, the elven language. Full blooded Elves often describe their attempts as ‘clumsy’ and a little accented, however, it cannot be denied that Half Elves are far more capable at speaking Shalinar than their human cousins. In recent years, there have been a few attempts by Silver Lake half elves to develop their own language, however, all have been abandoned as impractical experiments, rather than viable stand alone languages.

Some Half Elves do indeed find their way into the service of Fariel, the Elven lady. Most however, prefer a more practical outlook on life, preferring the Gods of Adventure, magic and war to the passive and mysterious Goddess of the Elves.

Race Champion Fariel

Half Elf Clans

The half Elves do not have a blood line as such, more they are a gathering of collected souls. Joined by the simple common goal of blood. They belong neither to the noble elf houses or the more wide ranging human bloodlines. Half Elves have long since learned to trust their own kind, for it is from half blood that you get the truth and from true blood you get the judgement.

Crescent Moon

Of the three main houses for the Half Elves the crescent moon is the largest. Formed by three half elf brothers who had managed to save a small fortune from their adventuring days. The crescent moon stands for justice for the shared bloods and companionship through the tough times.

Silver Lake

The silver lake Half Elves are ones who have gathered at the silver lake to find others who share the same ideals. The dreamers, bards, painters and creative souls all flock to this standard.

Golden Arrow

Golden Arrow Half Elves are self reliant, they claim the name only as a token of their self worth. Most are determined souls who found themselves without the love of a family or a support network. Golden arrow half Elves often have terrible secrets that weight heavy on their minds.