Races: Gnome

Str -2
Mys +1
Acc 0
Spd +2
Dex 0
Con 0

Starting Skills
Base Entangle Resistance 10

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Smaller relatives of dwarves, gnomes are shy and rarely seen. They choose to keep themselves to the forests of the lands. Gnomes do not let their beards grow beyond a half a foot. Their noses are usually wider than that of a dwarf. Gnomish combat tactics generally are not blatently treacherous. Most stick to bows for hunting. Their coloring is usually wood brown with the occaisionaly grey tones. Their eyes are generally any shade of blue. Hair coloring is usually white. Clothing tends to lead towards leather and other earth toned armour.

A huge tome, written over the course of a lifetime, the ‘Guide to Norland’ has been created by human scholar Dahwyn to detail all aspects of life in the realms. The following extract may be of some interest to Catlines in the realm.

Excerpt from ‘The Guide to Norland’

Thought to have developed from a clan of Dwarves, and influenced by the blood of elves, Gnomes are a retiring race given to mining, slight of hand, and a little trickery.

Most Gnomes make their ways in the realm through becoming thieves, or spell casters. Build on much the same scale as their Dwarven cousins, Gnomes do not posses such a developed system of tendons, or compact bone structure. Generally speaking, Gnomes are much slimmer than dwarves, with a narrower rib cage, and proportionally longer legs. Gnome hands are large, and well developed, with fingers that are not especially long or dexterous, yet are very strong. Gnomes develop very strong grips quite early in life, and combined with a stubborn streak that seems to run through the whole race, this makes for fairly determined thieves.

Gnomes do not have the wonderful vision that Dwarves poses, rather , they have a highly developed sense of smell and hearing, which allows them to excel as scouts and spies. Gnomish ears and noses tend to be disproportionate to the size of their heads, however, Gnomes of both sexes are justly proud of this fact.

Gnomes tend to live in large groups where they can, as they are an intensely social race, enjoying, and craving interaction with others on a daily basis. They are quite shy about other races, and tend to prefer their own company, placing the lives of their family members far above their own in value. Gnomes will rarely admit to being social animals, and many outsiders do not see them as such, seeing little conversation, or laughter, assume that Gnomes are quite retiring. Gnomes are quite happy to simply be in the company of others, and the ones that venture forth to travel the realms are often ones who have been expelled from the family group from some reason.

Gnomes freely hunt the creatures that live underground with them, including many types of kobold in their omnivorous diet. They also raise and farm great banks of Mushrooms to feed upon, meaning that the strong flavors and varieties of foods available in the taverns of the realm are a source of constant wonder to them. If not restrained, Gnomes will happily stuff themselves with as many different tasting foods as possible. Gnomes have been observed consuming entire cellars of salt and bottle after bottle of wine, in a form of culture shock they are all warned about, but all still indulge in. Gnomes are very taken with the art of brewery, and many who have learnt the secrets retire to a life underground, to create ‘great Gnomish ales’ with their families. A small proportion of this makes its way to the surface, where it has become popular throughout Terris.

Gnomes have long memories, and tend to pass stories down the few generations that have occurred since the God wars and battles of old. In this way, Gnomes keep the memories of their two clans, the Bottle noses and the Glitterbones, alive. The two bloodlines are rather mixed, due to the custom of taking a mate from outside the local Gnome community, and therefore most Gnomes can claim to be from both clans, however, they usually choose just once side of their family to trace back, and use this as a basis for bloodline affiliation…

The gnomes use a soft language, more often than not mistaken for low muttering or mumbling. Its a subtle tone that is best suited to the delicate ears that gnomes possess. Speakers of Fullin are capable of talking about a subject even when they appear to be being drowned out by other noisier languages.

Race Champion Jar

Jar is the champion of gnomes. His symbol is four stars in a diamond pattern on a background of light blue.

He was picked out by Deori to serve as the watcher of the gnomes. He took to the role with relish showing a wise head and a calm soul. It was Jar Glitterbones that guided the gnomes to strike and build a settlement to call their own. Prior to the settlement the gnomes had effectively been guests with almost all the other races. Jar wears robes of magic that are slightly to big for him and wears a floppy wizards hat that appears to have a mind of its own.

Gnome Clans

Bottlenose Gnomes

The bottlenoses are the most common of the gnome clans, they have the obvious bulbous nose so common for their race. The Bottlenoses fought at the great battle and where instrumental in helping to turn the tide against the hordes led by Vagma. They ran into the kobold burrows and acted as spies. Because of this the bottlenoses are held in high regard by any who remember the old times.

Glitterbone Gnomes

The glitter bone gnomes are so called because of the great gnome hero Jar Glitterbones. He was the first and so far only Gnome to be elected to join the heavens. It was his guidance that lead the gnomes to establish a real home and finally find their place within the world. Glitterbone gnomes are proud, honest and capable adventurers. While not as war like as the bottlenoses they are certainly no slouches when it comes to defending what they have.