Races: Elf

Str +1
Mys +1
Acc 0
Spd +1
Dex 0
Con -1

Starting Skills
Magic Spell Use
Missile Weapons
Spell Resistance
Spiritual Karma

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Adept in the magical arts as well as the arts of missile weapons and some one handed weapons, elves are slight of build. It is extremely rare to see a heavy elf. Generally light in skin pigmentation, elves’ skin color runs from ivory to pale ash. Most have light colored eyes, that sparkle with knowledge. They are seen as beautiful among most of the other races. Elves are not strong and can not hold most weapons in their younger years, save the occaisonal dagger. Elves generally have long life spans living well into their four hundreds.

Race Champion Fariel

Fariel is the champion of the elves. Her symbol is a large oak tree with three gold stars above it.

Fariel is the elven mother, tall, elegant and above all the divine personification of the elven spirit. Elves are often heard saying ‘By the lady’ or ‘In the lady’s name’. Fariel was deeply upset and hurt when Takara left her home in Woodtop and wandered below ground. Ultimately the formation of the Dark Elves and the splinter clans has ensured the gradual demise of the elves as power within the realms.

She is bright, joyous, and kind, she seeks to enhance life for all elves be they followers of the light or ones who wander within the shadows. She offers her hand open to the dark elves but they have found new champions to follow and shun her attempts at peace.

Elf Clans

High Elves

The high Elves lived among the mountains just below the gateway to Theras, in the early years of the land they benefited from hours of conversations with the Immortals. It was through this period that the high Elves become the most dominant force on the planet. Sadly it was not to last for the high Elves discovered art and high culture, working on those skills while others took to the more brutal skills of survival and battle. Now the high Elves are the last of the noble ones, built for a different time and walking towards extinction.

Wood Elves

The wood Elves sprang up when a messenger party of High Elves was cut off within the grasp of Nirimloth, back in the early days the forest was still wild and the stars had yet to be placed in the sky to act as map markers. The small group stayed within the forest and prospered. They gave up the higher arts and took to learning nature and its ways. The wood Elves thrived, so much so that they are the most common of the Elves you can encounter in the realms.

Moon Elves

The moon Elves started off as astrologers from the high elf courts, they constructed large telescopes to view the massive heavenly bodies. During the great wars they called upon the immortals for aid, before finding themselves placed upon one of the great moons in the sky while the battles raged far below. Distraught they asked to be returned to the land where they could stand with their kinsmen, the immortals heard them but in pushing the moon closer it broke apart, scattering the Elves across the realm and coating their skin in moon dust. So it is that Moon elves have a silver grey complexion and seek knowledge of the heavens.

Tah-Shei Elves

The Tah-shei are the Elves that walked from the high elf houses, they saw the danger that was building within the realms. When their pleas for weapon building where ignored they cut all ties from the high Elves and headed off into the wilderness to prepare. If not for the Tah-shei then all of the Elven races would have been destroyed. At one point there was no mortal fighter who could best a Tah-shei in combat, sadly the old ways were lost when a rogue Tah-shei called ‘ Kulistar’ stole the ancient manuscripts of war. Now they search the lands for any of the old ways and seek once more to bring back their former glory.

Sea Elves

The sea Elves were originally the fishermen and women, they took to the seas and lived on floating villages, Raft Town is the only modern equivalent yet is not a tenth of the grandeur or spectacle. When the great battles raged the sea welcomed them offering shelter beneath its waves. Now sea Elves carry the blue ocean in their skin pigmentation, they love to swim and carry still part of the noble upbringing that marks them as first born.