Races: Dwarf

Str +1
Mys 0
Acc 0
Spd -1
Dex -1
Con +1

Starting Skills
Base poison resist 10
Two handed weapon use
Resistance skill
Physical training skill
Beer drinking

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Short in stature, it is unusual to see a dwarf reach over 5 feet. Dwarves generally spend a lot of their time mining when they are not in defending their homes from invaders. Most are native to Hellegost. Their complexions range from tan to ruddy and they favor dark hair and eyes. Dwarves adore facial hair and it is seen as the sign of a long wealth-filled life for a mature male dwarf to possess a beard. Skilled in the arts of assassination and one handed weapons, dwarves are sometimes very wise thieves and thrifty in their sales of stolen merchandise. It is not unusual to meet a dwarf well over 500 years in age.

A huge tome, written over the course of a lifetime, the ‘Guide to Norland’ has been created by human scholar Dahwyn to detail all aspects of life in the realms. The following extract may be of some interest to Catlines in the realm.

Excerpt from ‘The Guide to Norland’

Short, compact and cunning sums up the Dwarven race very well. Dwarves, in some ways, are perhaps the most sturdy race in the realm. Incredibly dense bone structure, and overly developed tendons and ligamenture ensure that Dwarves can survive cave ins and falls that no other race could. If Dwarves were sheathed in the thick layers of muscle that cover Half Giants, Ogres and Minotaurs, pound for pound, they would be the toughest race in the lands.

Dwarves, however, are not built for mindless combat, instead they possess fantastic eye sight and manual dexterity, aiding them not only in their underground pursuits, but also in the arts of thievery that so many Dwarves practice. Dwarves also benefit from a comparatively large lung structure, allowing them to get the best out of the thin air in so many mines. This also aids their singing, allowing many a drunken note to be held long after humans are left gasping for breath.

Dwarven minds seem to differ from those of many other races, in that they can be extremely single minded. They excel when given a single task to perform, and it is this attribute that sees then hard at the mine face when other races have picked up their shovels and left. Dwarves carry this mentality though to all things in their life, from their devoted home life, extended courtships, to their thorough engineering and craftsmanship.

A simple seeming language at first, Dwarven tongue has evolved to work around the hazards and difficulties of mining. The great vocal tones of the dwarf race are suited to the low range used in their own language, Grunth. Booming vocals and gritted teeth provide the subtle changes needed when talking in mines. The higher notes are left out, they waste air and do not travel so well underground. Occasionally, when working at a particularly gritty seam, Dwarves will use their long beards as a form of ‘air filter’ rendering speech impossible, and in these cases they will freely resort to using simple sign language to get their point across.

Dwarves are very reluctant to speak of their Lord, Kahradom. It is know that they make offerings of gold and finely wrought metal goods to him. Darker stories tell of pilgrimages to Black Fang, made to slaughter Orcs for the Glory of the Master Smith.”

Race Champion Kahradom

Kahradom is the champion of the Dwarves. His symbol is a pick axe against a golden mountain.

He is the dwarf father, massive, clever, and boisterous. Kahradom saw to it that the dwarfs found [[Hellegost]] and with it secured for them the survival of his race. He is a mighty dwarf to view, taller than a house with a silver beard that twinkles as though golden nuggets have been lightly dusted upon it. He wields his mighty pick axe and offers any dwarf advice and aid.

A champion to his people, devotion to Kahradom is different than what dwarves would show to their own immortals.

Dwarven Clans

Hill Dwarves

The hardy hill dwarves originally used open face mining to reclaim gems and minerals from the ground. But they never shared the same lust for treasure as the other Dwarf clans. Instead hill dwarves are the adventuring lot, they like to explore, stay in the open and find new things. Hill dwarves are lead by a council elected from there own membership every 10 years. They embrace other races and enjoy the company of anyone who thirsts for adventure.

Mountain Dwarves

Mountain dwarves live as high up a mountain as they can get away with. They like gold in all forms. Mountain dwarves can keep grudges like no other clan in the realm. A mountain dwarf is judged not by what he has killed but by how much gold he has and how honourable they have been through their life. Mountain Dwarves are ruled by Orn, the great Dwarf king. They are the true people of BlackFang, thrown out so long ago by the Orc filth.

Clan Stone Hammer

The stone hammer clan is the last of the great northern dwarf clans. They carry the red hair, fiery temper and ability to drink of their forefathers. Clan Stone Hammer are the fastest miners in the realm save for the tunnel hulks. All the members of the Stone Hammer clan speak with a northern twang, they often OCH and AYE a lot. The stone hammer clan is ruled by the dwarf who commands the most respect around his peers, this is usually in a state of flux as they constantly argue among themselves.

Clan Fire Forge

The Dwarves of fire forge are the last of the great smiths of the realm, while not a clan or dwarf house as such they accept any who are of dwarf blood and can forge decent items of worth. The fire forge dwarves love to adventure into the bowels of the earth, looking for minerals or weapons of wonder.