Races: Dragon Kin

Str 0
Mys 0
Acc 0
Spd 0
Dex 0
Con 0

Starting Skills
Martial Arts

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  • Cannot mount
  • Have natural Charge ability
  • Can only wear rings
  • Armor stat increases with age
  • Can use FLY & LAND to trigger flight
  • Have unique room entry and exit

These huge creatures are said to be the last remnant of a long lived race of Dragon Peoples. Dragon kin legend speaks of flight over the Winter North mountains, into the peaceful realm of Norland, however, it gives no clue as to their previous home. Vague stories of plague, death and war are all that remain of that place.

A huge tome, written over the course of a lifetime, the ‘Guide to Norland’ has been created by human scholar Dahwyn to detail all aspects of life in the realms. The following extract may be of some interest to Catlines in the realm.

Excerpt from ‘The Guide to Norland’

Size is the first impression Dragon Kin leave behind them, for even the smallest tower over most other races. Impressive wing spans also help to make Dragon kin seem huge, their leathery, bat like wings often spanning as much as twice their height. For all this size however, the Dragon kin are not invulnerable. The hollow, crystalline structure of their bones often mean that Dragon kin suffer from broken limbs and smashed wing struts. Thankfully, these are quick to heal. Without these brittle bones, the Dragon Kin would be unable to fly, and their structural weakness is more than made up for by the solid sheathing of muscle and hide that all Dragon Kin possess.

Dragon kin hide is much smoother than that of their wild counter parts, however, it possess a tough flexibility and strength that easily compares. Much like cured leather, Dragon kin hide needs much attention to remain at its best. The Dragon Peoples use various oil and lotions to keep themselves supple and gleaming, young males in particular, pay close attention to their hides, with good sheen and coloring being seen as very desirable. Sections of hide are constantly shedding and sloughing off, however spring time heralds the largest molting season, with many Dragon kin going mildly mad at the itching and uncomfortableness of this. With age, the molting dies off, and the eldest of the Dragon peoples hardly shed a scale at this time.

Opposable thumbs have done much to ease the Dragon kin’s discomfort when the moult comes on, many scratching devises have been made over the centuries. The Dragon Kin’s hands explain much about their civilized ways. Though still possessing fierce talons, tome has seen these shrink down in size, allowing the Dragon kin to manipulate tools, both for arts as diverse as weapon forging, writing, art and magic. Whilst the Dragon People will never be as dexterous as the elves, they do possess keen hand to eye co-ordination. Their predatory ancestry also aids this awareness, gifting the Dragon kin with fast reflexes. For all this, however, they disdain to use missile weapons, for these are seen as the last resort of an old dragon, who’s fire has gone out. For most kin it seems far easier to lash out with tail, claw or flame than to use delicate, fiddly crossbows and so on. Their size and strength also affects their choice of weapon, as most are not made to stand up to the stresses and strains of their attentions.

These benefits of speed, size and strength are frustrating to some ‘kin. Born of hunting creatures, Dragon Kin do not take to frustration well, being very vocal in their anger. Shrieks, howls and hisses are a common part of every Dragon Kin’s day, as they do not take to waiting to achieve their goals. That said, once a ‘kin decides to achieve something, they can possess a dogged and vicious patience once their anger is truly roused. Dragon Kin have been known to lay siege for years at a time, with an unblinking, unswerving hatred for their enemies. The other races often describe the Dragon People as being reptilian in their attitude, they are however warm blooded, and nurse their passions for a long time.

Dragon-Kin claim they have no language, and have freely adopted common as their birth tongue. As yet, no one has proven them liars.”

Dragon Kin Clans


The great crested dragonkin are from the bloodline of Pax-Majorith, the great dragon of magic. They are the tallest of the Dragonkin with long arms and elegant features. They breathe a blue flame that crackles in the air. The wings of the Pax-Majorith are slender, appearing to the untrained as through they could not support them in flight. More often than not the Dragon Kin from this bloodline prefer to weave magical arts rather than wielding weapons.


The Dragonkin of Pax-luna are all pale blue in colour with long tails that end in triple spikes. They are the great questers of the realm, born to find new places to poke their long scaled snouts into. Pax-luna Dragon Kin are the smallest of the dragon kind, standing only seven feet at the shoulder. Most have taken to a life of high adventure, they like sneaking about and the lure of gold, a hang over from their blood parent, the ever quizzical Thundrax the finder.


The dragonkin of Pax-Helitus are the brutes, they stand a solid twenty feet at the shoulder when fully grown. Most are capable of huge torrents of fire and they look more like full blooded dragons than any of the other Dragon Kin. Pax-Helitus have a temper to match their flames and one that sits well with their red scale colouring, most find the way of the claw, tooth and weapon rather than the delicate art of spell casting. Some assume this is due to the massive claws while others put it down to the dragonkin’s basic affinity with weapons of destruction.