Races: Dark Elf

Str -1
Mys +1
Acc 0
Spd +1
Dex 0
Con -1

Starting Skills
Magic Spell Use
Missile Weapon
Spell Resistance
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The origins of the Dark Elf race are both quite clear, and quite unclear. Formed when a scouting expedition of High Elf nobility disappeared into the depths of the tangled dungeon of Dandyloe’s despair, the actual events that turned the royal family to the black skinned followers of Vagma are not recorded. It was many years before the first outcasts of this newly formed race made their way out of the deep tunnels and cities that the Dark Elves had carved for themselves.

A huge tome, written over the course of a lifetime, the ‘Guide to Norland’ has been created by human scholar Dahwyn to detail all aspects of life in the realms. The following extract may be of some interest to Catlines in the realm.

Excerpt from ‘The Guide to Norland’

Retaining most of the features of their cousins, Dark Elves are tall, thin, slight of build with pointed ears, and refined features. However, where surface elves are pale, Dark Elves have grown dark and twisted by their life underground. Carrying slightly more muscle mass than surface elves, Dark Elves are generally regarded as being somewhat stronger, yet cruder than their cousins. Many generations spent underground has dulled the empathy that many Elves feel with the world of forests and plains, giving Dark Elves less skill, and desire, for wandering the wild places of the surface of the realm.

Dark Elves generally have long, glossy black hair, although occasionally one may be born with the lighter brown colouration of the High Elves that were their ancestors. Eye colour tends to be dark as well, making the whites of the eyes all the more striking for their contrast to the darkness around them. Dark Elves have emerged with dull, red eyes, yet these seem to fare badly on the ‘sunside’ of the realm, and often retreat beneath the earth, to escape the glare of the sun.

Dark Elves who make their way to the surface are those who have either lost all their power in the realms of the Dark Cities, or those who seek to lead a life apart from the cruelty of their race. Whilst rejecting Dark Elf culture, these adventurers still favor the refined styles developed by their race. Generally, Dark Elves prefer thin bladed weapons, as they are an excellent way of honing and developing the keen eyes and fast reflexes that the Dark Elf nation are so famous for. The ‘sunside’ dark elves often carry tokens of the Elven race Goddess, Farial, as a sign of their renewed allegiance to her…

Dark Elves, be they ‘sunside’ or ‘earthside’ still suffer from some of the restrictions laid upon them by the Elf Goddess. It is impossible for Dark Elves to breed with surface elves, for Farial has decreed that the blood shall never mingle again. They are often regarded with suspicion by other elves, and generally have to work harder to gain acceptance from other peoples. House Rul-Mak generally avoid such treatment upon first impressions, but the accented speech of the three Dark Elf ‘sunside houses’ soon gives them away.

Dark Elves speak a version of the elven tongue, Shalinar, which is much debased and changed from the original language of their Elven ancestors. It combines oddly formal grammar of the ruling classes with many new, harsh and sibilant words born of the Dark Elves long sojourn underground. The visual element of the language has much decayed, due, probably, to poor visibility underground. The Dark Elven tongue is still understood by surface Elves, at least to an extent, but they find it unpleasant to hear their language spoken in such a way.”

Race Champion Oligar

Lord Oligar, Dark Elf Sovereign, was born deep within the confines of the Dark Elf Temple. His parents were Takashka and Klaw and he is the grandson of Takara, the Dark Elf Queen, and nephew to Ringdancer and Madbaron. Trained in hardcore fighting and swordplay, assassination, stealth, and the dark magiks, this tall dark haired former Head General of Takara’s army has terrorized the overlands since venturing from the Dark Elf Temple.

Also known as the Greatness, Lord Oligar laid siege to many cities and guilds, crippling their defenses and looting their treasures and artifacts. His battles over the towns of Wintertown, Windell, Frostfall, Devardec, and Woodtop are legendary. He opposes all forms of light and those that follow it, as well as any that would seek to harm or disparage the dark elf people. Oligar rides swiftly into battle covered in dark spiked armour and riding either his DeathWind, a tornado made of necromanced body parts and sharp blades, or the Dark Wolverine, a silent but powerful killer.

Lord Oligar has made a vow that one day he will unite the dark elves under his rule and become an indestructible force for all the world to fear. To this day, he has made many enemies of mortals as well as divines, and it has proven costly to him at times. He has butted heads and fought to the death with the likes of Torretan, Thaak, Rexington, Stil, Axx, Wildthyme, Zir and even his own grandmother, Takara.

Lord Oligar’s fortress has been completed and lies deep within Dirimloth forest just off of the North road. It houses his troops and faithful followers who have been invaluable to him over the years. It is a stunning monument to a great leader and formidable foe.

Oligar became Immortal by hoodwinking and using Zir. Oligar had taken over the Temple of War and moved it to his fortress. He carefully manipulated the temple members and stirred them into a frenzy. When Zir returned to confront Oligar, they had an epic and violent battle. Oligar coaxed Zir into killing him. When Zir landed the death blow, Oligar took Zir’s power with dark magik and used it to gain Immortality!

The great Immortal Oligar has since formed an army of dark elves and the like who share the same vision and goals. They are a powerful force to behold and Lord Oligar is stronger than ever.

As Lord Oligar is fond of saying “Until next time…”

Dark Elf Clans

House Arizth

Of the three sun side houses it is house Arizth that walked among the sun races first. lead in part by the Elder guild house leader Atur and his long standing blood feud with Clan Und. House Arizth where banished from the under realms and hunted for sport by the other Dark Elf clans and houses. When at last they got to the sun side of the realm they took to living in Dirimloth, until Zagrat saw to it that they were pushed out by the trolls and giants. At last they sought sanctuary within Devardec, the knights originally objected until at last the Sun Child brokered a peace. From that day forth House Arizth is an example to all how you can walk from the darkness and still have your dignity.

House Zentl

House Zentl claim ownership of Woodtop and have done so from the first moment they left the under realms. They see themselves as direct descendants from the royal bloodline of Woodtop. They have no real home of their own now after the failed coup almost 75 years ago. The Wood Elves where merciless in hunting down and destroying any gathering of House Zentl that they could find. Now the last few remaining bloodline souls keep a low profile, perhaps still plotting and perhaps waiting for a new chance to claim back what they see as theirs.

House Rul-Mak

House Rul-Mak are the strangest of the sun side Dark Elves, they do not carry the black skin pigmentation nor do they have the haughty side to their nature. House Rul-mak are deep olive skinned and often have light golden hair. They love the sun laying around in direct sunlight for hours at a time. They also share a love for the sea, indeed laying on a beach is most Rul-Mak dark Elves idea of a great time. They love laughter and are happy to adventure as long as they don’t have to spend to much time under ground.